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Proof of the existance of Atlantis in vsions of Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich

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posted on Aug, 21 2008 @ 09:14 AM
This is a translation (done by me) from a foreign language of a short most impotrant in my opinion piece of one of her visions :

And I saw the old monastic temple rising from underneath the ground, rising higher and higher, it was like a saint church, but it didn't have a tower. It was very huge but the angels pushed it away so that it stood askew. I saw a huge shell showed trying to get into the old temple but the agels pushed the temple away once again so that the shell couldn't get inside. I saw a huge flat tower representing Egyptian captivity of Jews ( I guess she's seeing pyramids) and I saw the angels pushing it away just as they pushed the third one similar to the Egyptian but looking like stairs representing the knowledge about the stars and divination.

I think that the shell she was seeing could be this:

a sculpture of a turtle in the underwater ancient complex near the south shore of Okinawa, for the time being I can't imagine what other ancient civlisation she's refering to besides the one that built this when the map of the world looked differently

posted on Aug, 21 2008 @ 11:18 AM
reply to post by Math(s)ew

If there was an Atlantis, it would probably be Crete. The ancient Cretan and Minoan civilization was destroyed by a cataclysmic explosion thousands of years ago. Some of the sophisticated finds are flush toilets and artwork.
Plato just got the location wrong.

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