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FTL is time travel, but in which direction?

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posted on Aug, 21 2008 @ 08:45 AM
Here we go, plunging into the deepest waters of speculation without so much as a lifebelt.

If any method were found of getting from A to B faster than light - never mind for the moment that the chances for this seem pretty close to zero - then time travel would be a reality.

Imagine our doughty interstellar colonists setting down on an Earthlike planet in orbit around a star 10 light-years from the Sun. Using their Atropomimetic Hyperbrane Panglossian Convergence Drive, it has taken them one year to get there. One year by Earth reckoning, not by ship time: there'll be no Einsteinian trickery here.

Up in the sky shines their New Sun, infinitesimaly smaller and redder than Earth's but correspondingly nearer. As the colonists enjoy their first sunset on that alien shore, they marvel that the light falling upon them will not be seen on Earth for another decade.

'We've travelled in time,' says Britney, one of the colonists. 'Like, wow. We're in their future.'

'Yeah,' says her friend Whitney. 'How cool is that? We've travelled in time as well as space.'

Night falls, a soft velvet moonlight soundtracked by the sound of unknown creatures in the forest behind them. It's time for dinner. Later, through an atmosphere unhazed by the smoke and dust of human agriculture and industry, the colonists gaze up at the stars.

'There,' says Whitney. 'Over there, about five degrees northwest of the smaller moon - the peach-coloured one. That's our real Sun. Earth's Sun.'

'Yeah, wow, just imagine,' says Britney, leaning closer to follow the line of Britney's pointing finger and putting her dark frizzy head next to her friend's blonde one. 'That light has taken has taken nine years to reach us. We're seeing their past.'

'I don't get it,' says Whitney. 'If we're in their future, how can we see their past? Shouldn't we be seeing their future instead?'

Have Britney and Whitney travelled forward in time, or backward? Or have they not travelled in time at all?

posted on Aug, 21 2008 @ 08:51 AM
Hard to see how you can avoid Einstein "trickery"
Your colonists are looking at the past -- the light being emitted from their home-planet sun. In a relatavistic way, their home planet is doing the same -- looking where the colonists have travelled -- light being emitted from a distant sun, whose light was emitted far in their past.

If they've undergone travel several factorials beyond "c", then they've basically manifested themselves into Earth's past, while simeultaneously, Earth is in theirs.

Good thought experiment...... I want to ponder this a little more, see if my off-the-cuff answer holds water.


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