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posted on Aug, 21 2008 @ 07:53 AM
It has been a long while now since I have had a glimmer of hope from ATS, so I thought I would start one.


Or deny lack of knowledge.

So many threads on ATS of late have blurred into one big doom and gloom thread for me. I see people arguing about what way the world will end, and I think to myself, these people agree? They obviously see their similarities, yet they still feel the need to argue their point?

As far as I know (which I DO NOT proclaim to be a lot) nobody can be 100% right 100% of the time. So why can't people admit they could be wrong? I see patriots bashing 'patriots'. What is the point of all this? I don't care if you love a country or hate a country, but for gods sake will you please accept that where you come from is the WORLD and that there are bigger things at stake here than whether you can make some dude on the internet change his mind (near impossible from what I have seen).

Every person has both good and evil in them, whether they know it or not.

For example the person who I am going to call Citizen X, they are a good law abiding citizen, pays their taxes, goes to (insert preferred method of communicating with the higher self) every sunday, but buys x brand of clothes. X company manufactures these clothes in a sweat shop in Malaysia. So whether Citizen X knows it or not, they are helping evil.

I told that little story to illustrate just how easy it is for somebody to think they have nothing to worry about when in fact they have a lot to worry about, in terms of Good and Evil within the self.

If everybody here cleaned up their own back yard, the rest of the world would sort itself out.

If everybody here moved to a more sustainable way of life, would you not agree that, that in itself would be the best way to honor those that have died in countless tragedies around the globe. Evil breads more evil, and hate more hate. Wanting to wipe all the terrorists off the earth because they did x or y, is the wrong strategy, and would only lower you to their level IMHO. Without even getting into how it could open up the ability to be taken advantage of by x government.


Stop searching for reasons or signs to start change, and act now.

We have the technology to live a far better life as a whole planet and we have had it all along, people have just forgotten how it works. Try remind yourself. Get out and grow a garden. Try to be fully self sufficient.

Knowing that nobody is fighting and dieing for my way of life is reason enough for me to try sustainability. I don't blame those that serve though, I have served too, we are all victims of 2000+ years of control.

How is going to fight in somebody else's home, for some perverted reason, or a wealthy man you will never meet, worth while? I would argue that the life of excess we all lead be changed to one of enough to get by. And thus not requiring war for oil, or any other reason.

Good luck and god speed in these troubled times.

The Pale Blue Dot

Smile everybody its contagious.


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