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Chupacabra proof?..

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posted on Aug, 20 2008 @ 10:06 PM

I dont know if this has been posted here or not..
but ive never seen this video and came across
it recently.. Does anyone know if its real, fake,
hoax, viral video?..
what are yalls ideas?..
i figure it would've made major news if
real.. but thats just me.

posted on Aug, 20 2008 @ 11:30 PM
reply to post by joshhh

I wish they would zoom out and show the whole creature at once... otherwise it looks like a dog with over-sized "cajones"

posted on Aug, 20 2008 @ 11:37 PM

Honey Badger

ha-nnneee baaa jjerrrr


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posted on Aug, 20 2008 @ 11:46 PM
I'm unsure if that video has ever been posted here or not, so I will leave that to some of the more knowledgeable folks here.
In my opinion: I don't think it is fake... I mean in it being a rubber dog-thing, or some Hollywood style special effects creation. Live animal, well... it probably was. That's my take. I don't think it is a viral video, or it would have had more dramatics involved... to pump the viewer up. The thing dramatic I noticed was... well... it's a male. Hard to make an educated guess as to what species due to the video quality, but a few big things come to mind: (the light is on, so hear me out here)

A. According to the video, this guy (and you can easily tell it is a male from the vid :lol
was shot... (in Saudi Arabia)
That in itself brings two questions up:

1.) The author of the vid states that the voice from the narrator was removed from the audio track. For me, that takes away from the fact that it could have even came from Saudi Arabia, and lends no help to where this was even filmed. Apparently you can contact the creator and he will send you a better version including the audio.
(any takers here?)

2.) This thing was shot? Where? By what?
I saw no noticeable wounds on the corpse... hard to tell time and means of death. The camera man seemed to be focused on the head for the better half of the clip. Not much to see in that department. Not necessarily strike two in my book, but it would back up the claims IMHO.


posted on Aug, 21 2008 @ 01:24 AM
Never heard of a honey badger... I know the badgers in my parts are 'onry little buggers not to be fooled with.

Maybe the creature in the vid is some crossbreed between wolverine and canine? The sizing of it is odd.... but then again it could just be a coyote with a serious case of mange.

any thoughts?


posted on Aug, 21 2008 @ 04:13 AM
I also like how he says that the other two flew away, yet the creature has no wings.. -.-

Its such a fantastic and detailed story, that I call fake on it just be reading it. It is made to make the viewer interested. The story it self doesn't seem to have anything in common with the footage. And the 'incredible' footage looks like all the other Chupa movies out there. A dead being, that looks like every other dead animal...

posted on Aug, 24 2008 @ 11:05 PM
and how the heck for one instance could
the dude have mistook the for human?

posted on Aug, 25 2008 @ 10:15 PM
It couldn't be anything canine. Where is the penis and the prepuce (sheath)? It would be visible on a canine, not just the testicles. I'm siding with those who said it was a badger. It has the same huge claws, anyway.

posted on Aug, 25 2008 @ 11:15 PM
it does look like the badger.
skip to the end of the video
and its practically the same thing.
im gonna call this one officially debunked.

posted on Aug, 25 2008 @ 11:24 PM
Are you kidding me?
WOW the guy must have been drinking heavily and had an eye infection, aswell as heat exaustion and possible retardation...

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