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posted on Aug, 20 2008 @ 09:18 PM
I suppose I could of entered this in a few of the sections in mysterious but this seams to be the one where they all combine into just “Freaky #” for a lack of better words.

I have been studying necromancery for a while now… ( please unless you understand it properly don’t scream heathen…)
In a short summery and for people to get there head around the idea of necromancery, ill put it like this…

If you believe in ghost, spirits, other worldly bodies and believing in that they can interact with this realm, reality, plane of existence bla bla… so isn’t it possible to contact and interact with them?
That’s the main usage of necromancery… sure there’s a lot more but that’s not important right now,

Like I said I have been studying this for a while but haven’t practiced it (not knowing how much of it is real or fallacy I wanted to know what I was getting my self into)
But I recently started practicing it. It starts off as mainly mediation that enables you to disconnect your spirit or soul from your physical body ( your body can live fine with out your soul inside it, biologically it just keeps running )
I had honed this to a fair point of precision through practice and last night I decided to finally disconnect from my self and reach out to any spirits that I could… after a while of being in deep meditation my body fell away heart rate slowed completely down breathing extremely shallow and sparse. I basically went into a deep physical state of rest but I was fully conscious and aware mentally.

As I was trying to hone my scenery perception to the level of that of any spirits… I slowly began to hear numerous voices all at once… all talking to as if to them selves… they all seemed very confused.. and dazed,, I don’t think they knew what had happened to them.
( but this isn’t what I am meaning to tell about this is just adding the idea of altered perception in a dethatched state from your physical body)
After trying to communicate for a while I got tired, so I decided to go to sleep and openly invited any spirit to join me in that state ( and as anyone who knows about necromancery there is a method that uses an alter state of sleep to connect with spirits easier because your body as at full rest and if you mentally go through the stages you can remain fully aware and conscious)
So I did so… lying down on my stomach facing the right about 4 inches away from a brick wall..

( this is where things got… as the French say #en freaky…)

I went through each step and felt my limbs slowly go numb as if they where dead, and then slowly my torso.
During all this I was using my mind thinking ( to be honest about a chick I think is hot…. But also trying to search for this plane of existence that is written about as the “netherworld” I was laying with my eyes open but body fully asleep mind and spirit working away.
I eventually was able to dethatch from my self and see my self in bed and looked about my room, ( I assure you this was not a dream )
As I was pondering how to get to thus said “netherworld” or if I even wanted to… or if I should go see if that chicks in the shower

I noticed something odd about the wall I was sleeping next to… the wall was showing a reflection…. As most people know… brick isn’t usually that reflective… so it was curious… I moved myself “ spirit state” towards the wall…

Soon as I got to the wall, something changed… my physical body felt something next to it on the bed… it was as if… I was sucked back into my body.. as if a natural reaction to my physical body being disturbed… I could sense something next to me but I couldn’t see anything because my face was turned to the wall….
I tried to look over to see what it was but as soon as I moved I was slammed into the bed, as if half a tone was forcing me down and at that same time, I don’t know how to explain … but there was this burst of voice or sound that was immensely deep it sounded like a huge dog growling but so much louder

posted on Aug, 20 2008 @ 09:19 PM
Part 2

louder and deeper the pitch and tone of the sounds changed as it got closer….… as you could expect I freaked trying to re connect with my body as fast as possible to wake it up…
This… thing… got louder and louder and deeper and deeper, deeper then any kind of death metal voice… it was barbaric..
It felt like the back of my neck was being torn off the pain was immense… I was freaking out so much it took me a while to wake my self up and soon as I did I flipped around to face it…

And it was gone…. I assume because I wasn’t connected to that level or plane of existence anymore I wasn’t sensing or reaching out at all at this point I was just sitting on my bed shaking….
Every time after that I tried to go to sleep after calming down, and realizing unless I reach out, it cant reach me…
But every time I got close to sleep… my body went dead and I felt the pressure pushing me down. I’d instantly pull my self away and wake my self up.
This happened all night, so as you could expect I received very little sleep … and when I did I forced myself to dream deaden my mind.. so nothing could reach me… but the dream I had was (typical of being threw a traumatic experience dreaming about it)
I was in my room possessed by this thing with hundreds of symbols drawn all around me on the wall roof and floor… what seemed to be in blood… and I woke up… got up and got ready for tafe…
Researching today about necromancery more, I came across symbols that I recognized from my dream that I have never seen before…

The pain from my neck is still with me atm from last night … and its nothing like a muscular pain… it stings it feels like being cut with a knife.. its affecting my shoulder as well…

I know its my fault for inviting anyone or anything to come to me while I was in the sleep trance…

One of my friends urged me to share this on this site… never posted her before and wasn’t ever going to write about it…
I’ve told a few friends… but that was going to be the end of it,,,

So that is my story… but I assure you all it wont stop me from trying and furthering my self in this field…

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