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Star/plane/secret project???

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posted on Aug, 20 2008 @ 05:06 PM
Okay, a couple of weeks ago at a sleepover in his back garden I saw a star which seemed much brighter than all the others. It also seemed to glow orange so I pointed it out to him and he agreed it was weird but we left it to continue cooking on a Barbeque.

About 10 minutes later we were doing nothing and I looked again, only to see this star RISING up in the air, now I'm thinking "this isn't the star, it can't be. But what the hell is it." I tell my friend who alos sees it, as does his siter and her friend. We are all incredibly scared by whatever it is and as stupid as it sounds now, I was prepared for it to suddenly explode and for me to die. (FOund out alot about myself in those few seconds).

After about 10 seconds of this thing rising in the air, it almost seems to instantly turn into a plane and the light is just the nose light. I think that was incredibly weird, but look to see where the 'star' was only to see it really was gone, the plane had the light.

No plane I know of has a light that is visible for 10 minutes before it arrives with it already much brighter than anything else in the sky. The planes I know also don't rise directly up in the sky.

It was a passenger jet in appearence and the town I live in is FInedon in England.

(In no way connectyed to my other thread)

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