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India places two-billion-dollar order for Russian missiles

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posted on Aug, 20 2008 @ 04:48 PM
WoW...India is now in the fast lane trying to ketchup with China.

Why is India so obsessed in high profile weapons, instead of investing this massive amount of money in building and improving the country's infrastructure and improving the living standards of it's people. Who is pulling the wool over their eyes to spend this huge amount of money on weapons, that will later develop into staging an atmosphere of War, which obviously in not very good for India.

Extreme Poverty is India's biggest Enemy !!!

Designers of the Indo-Russian supersonic cruise missile BrahMos hope to receive an order for the production of missiles for submarines of the Indian Navy, the chairman of board of directors of the joint-venture, Alexander Dergachev said.

“The missiles will be made for submarines of the Indian Navy. The nearest order is seven submarines. We do not know yet when exactly it is going to happen. I hope soon,” the official said at a press conference devoted to ten years since the establishment of the joint venture BrahMos.

India’s order to the joint enterprise is evaluate at $2 billion, Pilai said. BrahMos makes land and sea-based supersonic cruise missiles for the Indian Armed Forces. Read Article

posted on Aug, 20 2008 @ 05:25 PM
This makes me sick, thoughout my life since I was a kid I have constantly been bombarded by media coverage of disasters, famine, flood, monsoons earhquakes etc in India pleading for money to help these poor people.

How many F**** barrells of fresh drinking water will $2billion buy ?

How many bowls of rice?

How many cataract operations?

How many polio vaccines?

How many prefabricated huts?

How many incubators?

How many tins of baby powder?

The next time some twatting rock star or out of fashion TV presenter asks my kids to collect postage stamps or bottle tops, to get this stuff for this country.
I'll be shouting

Oi Geldof NOOOOOOOOOOO! get your boomtown arse on a plane to the Indian Gvmt and tell them " part ex your nukes for some food you crazy selfish f***ers"

posted on Aug, 20 2008 @ 05:52 PM
This IS an investment in Indian workers and Indian infrastructure.

The BrahMos missile is - per the article the OP linked to, as well as the Global Security link above - a joint Indian/Russian venture. The missile uses a Russian propulsion system and an Indian computer and guidance system. The countries share manufacturing responsibilities. The Defense Research and Development Organization - the Indian half of the joint venture - employs Indian scientists, engineers, and workers to build the computer and guidance systems for BrahMos. These scientists, engineers, and workers then take their paychecks and buy food, go to the doctor (maybe for polio vaccines, I don't really know), pay their taxes, etc.

The Indians teamed with the Russians because not only do the Russians make excellent propulsion systems for supersonic cruise missiles, they do it for a relative bargain and are willing to share their technology. India gets a top-of-the-line weapons system and builds infrastructure at the same time. It would have taken years longer to field an operational weapons system had India tried to "go it alone" on a project like this.

The Pravda link set off my personal BS meter - they're hardly a reputable source. However, Yahoo! (among others) seems to have picked up the story from Interfax - it seems like this is on the level after all.

posted on Aug, 21 2008 @ 05:31 AM
reply to post by PhloydPhan

A wondeful explanation thank you, yes it all make sense to me now. So we will no longer be subject to the barrage of images depicting starvation and such

Perhaps the next round of high profile begging will come from the likes of U2 telling us, how desperately India needs our money in order to build an anthrax factory. All the workers at the factory will then be able to afford a bowl of rice with their hard earned slave pay.

Yes indeed, what a responsible sensible species we humans are, we thought up a great idea.

In order to save our innocent children starving to death or dying of diseas etc, we'll build weapons and sell them so that other peoples innocent children will die instead.

Perhaps Charlton Heston should be postumously declared patron saint of India .

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