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Little Secrets of the big oil Oligarchy

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posted on Aug, 20 2008 @ 10:42 AM
More then two weeks have passed since the big military excercise in the atlantic ocean with coalition forces
of the US,Great Britain and France.The excersice was called "operation Brimstone" and the goal was to
execute the preparations for a possible complete blockade of Iran,which can escalate to a full out war of
enormeus proportions which would directly and indirectly include Russia and China.Both countries have
strategic interests in Iran.China is suplied with gas and oil from Iran,and Russia is a strategic partner in that transaction
which would provide the transportation.

Most likely is that the option is that after the execrise this whole armada would go to the middle east
and there has been speculations and disinformations.So recently the nuclear powerd aircraft carrier "Theodore Roosevelt"
has been dispatched to iran which goes in the company of two (CCSG-2) while at the same time out of japan is the aircraft carrier
"Ronald Reagan" with the armada of seven (CCSG-7)

They would elegedly be joining the allready present arsenal in the gulf which consists of the aircraft carrier
(Abraham Lincoln) and the amphebian carrier Peleliu (LHA-5)

The first option would be a total naval blockade of iran which would disable all inports of benzol
and other recources from raw materials.Iran doesn't have the refinary capacities and
gets only 40% of benzol for its uses,so they have to import the rest.It is belived that this
would enflict great economic damage to Iran.The blockade would have an efect only
if it would last a couple of years,so thats how we can interpet some reports from israeli analysts in which they claim
that the armed conflict would not start in at least 2 more years.How consolidating of them.

Of course the problem for the US and allies Great Britain and France would be the Russian and Chinese naval fleet
which would follow the iranian transport tankers.

the Russian fleet can resuply in the syrian harbor Tartus.

Having said this it is worth mentioning the armed Iranians which have in their possesions over 100 fighter jets.
The F-14,which it got from the americans during the rule of Reza Pahlavi.Standing out is also the deadly weapon
of recombined viruses which the russians scinetists developed for them after the break up of the Svoiet Union,and which they worked on it for 15
years in Iran.With this weapon it is easy to manipulate troughout whole Europe and US.The reprocutions can be catastrophic becouse there
is no cure other then quarantine in which 10's of millions civilians would be put.Norway allready posseses such a plan,but only for 2 million people.

Iranian brigade general Ahmad Mikani is all talking with pride that iran today is fully capable of sustainig itself and remounts its weaponary,
and the F-14's in only 40 days.They also have a large number of unmaned drone planes and submarines,but their most dangerous projectals
are the rockets Sahab that can reach Israel in only 11 minutes.

Judging by the storys from Iran ,Israel would be their main target,and that is something that the Iranian president Ahmedinejad
has openly said.For every rocket that hits iran,The arabs would drown their anegr at Israel.And not only will it be the iranians but
also Syria and maybe Saudi Arabia as well.Saudi arabia is the main ally of the US today,and Kuwait has allready raised its fighting
capebbillity to the almost

Why is israel a thorn in their eyes,and why does israel provoke its arabian neighbours?
Isn't it logical that their reletions with them would be good because they depend on their Oil?
the question is logical but only for those that read false history,excatly the same reason why
we could ask ourselfs-if the US have threatend Iran because of their Nuclear program some 3 years ago
and anounced war,why did they wait for iran to arm itself-while they struggled and spent in Iraq?

If the americans do all that because of the oil,then again we could ask ourselfs why they didn't invest in the oil holes
in Alasca and the mexican gulf-they practicly exsist,but are not being exploited.Iran has venezuela as an ally which is
a huge supplier of Oil to the US and at the same time their biggest enemy that sits behind their backs.Which also in
the last recent years has armed itself with russian weaponery.So,the US goes to war against those countries which it depends
the most fom oil,but also the value of the dollar,which is tied to the oil stock exchange.Very stupid isn't it?

Do the americans even know what they are doing when they go about their war campaings from which they don't profit,and with that recieve heavy cassualties
and go into enormeus debt?

The one that knows the real mechanism of ruling a country in which "democracy" rules is not capable of knowing that it doesnt rule for itself like that.
Simple People do not have the knwolidge requred of leading good politics.

Te real game are playing those mighty global oligarhy.Everywhere in the world.

Todays rulers see the world simply as a chess board ,micronized in as many fields.The fields are shaped in the manner of the need that
a military which the need is allways found somewhere.Like a security force if you will.In the close range of strategic waypoints and findings of minerals and oil.
The Oil oligarchy has only one goal-to ensure security its oil findings and its waypoints.

If you have a transactional buiseness,and today thats excatly the oil buiseness ,then you need also a military that can go everywhere
and those are the so called "international coalition forces"

The outbreaks of civil wars,elementary disasters or organisations of terrorist actions on the chess fields ,there where you need to put
your international forces have become a usuall praxis in politics which is pleasently organized by the global oil oligarchy.
The one who has not figerd this out yet will hardly understand american politics and the coming conflict about Iran,but also South osetia or Sudan.


Israel is a state oficially created in 1948.Thanks to the vatican and the Pije the 12th.Hitler(who extterminated and chased away from Europe
Rosevelt who didn't allow them to run to the US.Churchill which oversaw this whole plan,and of course the family Rotshield (red shield in german) who financed the whole ordeal.
This project started long before all this,practicly with the discovery of the oil in the middle east in (1908) and has flowed with a number of preperation fazes,which all was controled by baron Edmond de Rotshield.before the discovery of oil in persia this allegedly jewish dinasty for the investment in Ancient palestine and the resolving of the
The first world war had the goal to weaken Turkey ,so thats how in 1919 with the versaies Contract persia,which at that time was held by Turkey ,was retailored and split in to Iraq,Iran and Kuwait.Today they are three rival nations.Divide at impera!

Today isarel is a main military base from where the global oil olgarchy controls oil raw materials troughout the whole middle east.
There lies the strongest military in the near distance of the "chess fields" which is today in the most profitable game.In it
was put about 5 milion russians and poles of the hazar ancestory.,which is capeble of recruiting itself in to a milion man army in just 48 hours.
The regular army has about 15 000 soldiers.There is also a milion of arabs ,who are on a temporary work asaigment.Also moved in were a couple of thousends ancient judeists from Iraq,which lived there hounderts of yars as a special ethnic comunity.They also were banished with the treacherously and coordinated actions of the first Israeli premier ben Gurion and the Hashemite Kingdom.before they enterd israel they were completly robed ,Judes and jews are two simular words,so because of the mixture of these two people under practical reasons they were given the name Jews.In that manner the Judeists were purpossly "converted" ,which after that the Jews became the"biblical people" or the people of god.The sefard judeists from europe who became rich allready in the middle ages."trange-frange" trades and bank buseness under the protection of the vatikan and on behalf and espanse of the vatikan,they never returned to their "ancient home"

the story about the conclusive resolving of the jewsh question how the naive Theodor Herzl has envisiond it and who in reallity meant the judeists,is only a fary tale created for the lexicons for the lying history.Herzl had a sudden death in his 44toh year,1904.It is possible that he was poissoned.Historical glory for the purpose of a jewish state creation so belongs to Herzl.And the main control over Israel-the owners and the oil oligarchy.

Palestinian desert 1919.In the beginig of its settlement and the first jewish settlers on one of the former turkish allys.This land wasn't even desireble for life
and no one wanted to live there-or even could settle in to.The setteling of the jews went on very dificult with painfull work and preparations of irigating the dry land.
the irrigation was provided by the Rothshileds ,and the process of imigration (settlment) was conclusivly sped up by Hitler who the Banking oligarchy from Wall street financed and brought to power.

Over 80% of todays Israeli citizens (new jews) are born there and practicly have nowhere to go,while the head of the mighty zionist oligarchy which manuvers over Israel trough their generals-politicians,and forces their politics of constant ensarement with the Arabs is located in London and the USA.From there it is orchestrated over the Israeli state with politics over their outstanding institutions and the zionist net troughout the whole world.The mightiest of them all is the American.The idea of fear and brimstone is the supreme court which has absolute power,even to overule laws.The supreme justices are being chosen among themselfs,thats how they became a force over all other state institutions.They have a power like the ancient advisory of the wise man can order its police force inpeachment or inditement of anyone and to organize a lawfull process on any general,any minister or diplomat.The last victim of this councill curently is premier Ehud Olmert,which follows his exterdatation from the power.The israeli democracy is only going as far as their supreme court.

Todays Israelis are like the born Yugoslavs.Yugoslavia was also a project of the same Oligarchy with the hedquarters in London
Jugoslavs and Yugoslavia today does not exist.And Israel?Is israel going to be eternal? That mostly depends on the Oil.

First president of Israel was Chaim Weizmann,a close friend of a extremly wealthy woman,Lola Hahn-Warburg.
Dinasty Warburg like the dinasty Shif.beside dinasty Rothshild and Rockefeller are the largest Financiers in
the creation of Israel.

israel was suplied over the years with weapons and helped mostly from the US so that today it would be
the 3rd mightiest military force in the world.

iranian shah Reza Pahlavi has supplied Israel over the long period of his secretly with Oil
almost costfree simultanisaly robing his own folk.The first of the arab nations to reckognize the israeli state.
Over the years the iraqi oil was secretly being stolen as well,which were being transported by the tankers of Aristotel Onazis
but aperentlysome large uncleared debts(bilions of dollars) have never been paid to him.Which after his deathhis daughter Kristina tried to collect
(from israel or some other authority) The result of that was her 'suicide" in Argentina
The CIA later financed and organised the islamic revolution and the arrival of the religious leader
Khomeini.Who shortly thereafter put iran in a war against iraq.The big hidden Business in the affair Iran-kontra has left numerous uncleared debts
amonsgt the acters.Pahlavis people,which all of a sudden were not needed,beaose the politics have changed were hanged high on the posts of Teheran.

In the Iraqi-Iranian war in between 1980-88 biological weapons were tested which killed many arabs,and later on american soldiers antrax-vacines were probed.
the reaction on these vacenes wass officialy called (the gulf war syndrom)American Chemical and pharmacuticall companys made a Business selling these poisons
and vacines to the army.And the american people (sheeple) payed for all of it.

Of course the poeple are allways simple sheep in comapresment to the brains and the buseness - the World Elite.

Arming of israel was also partly helpd by the former Yugoslav president Josip Broz Tito
While officialy Yugoslavia didnt have any diplomatic relations with Israel
Thats why the palestinian movement of resistance (PLO) was so loudly financed and suported
which as their head chieff had the israeli pawn and mercenary and a war monger Jaser Arafat
his role was to spread fear amnogst the israeli settlers and to show them how they have to be
allways militarily armed and awake,even the woman ,becouse the "palestinian terrorists"
are allways ready for a conflict.

dead Civilians ,victims of numerous terrorist atacks and hijackins of plains and ships.
jews like the palestinians were only the tiny pawns in a bih chess game on the oil board of the mighty oligarchy.


thats how the first israeli premier David Ben Gurion (a Pole) came to the big idea that out of newly formed Israel must evolve
a Biger Israel.Thats how Erec Jirzael would practicly conquer the teritory of old babylon,acording to the bible
the promissed land to the jews.Jehovah didnt mention Oil ,but given the circumstances that region is the bigest in oil recources.
Naturaly he who would control the raw oil troughout the whole reigon of the middle east (including the findings in the iranian teritory Zargos) and
the kaspein region,would practicly rule over the World.

Gurion in his visions was a real Globalizer.he dreamt of a unique and better more beautifull world in which there would be no army
but instead there would be the International Police.In jerusalem there would be the centar of the United nations,And in the reall sense of those words
how he said it just like that. Western and Eastern Europe would be united in a big coalition of the autonomos countries where evry of them would be democratic
and socialistic.Simply said,Gurion elaborated the vision of of the New World Order-which is curently being realised.In this vision gurion saw Russia
(which the creators of zionism and komunism conquerd in 1917) like a big Soviet Union or like a big Euroasian federal Country.
excatly that which today Vladmiri Putin is dreaming of.Gurion in his "visions" didnt see the USA as an empire,becouse this empire will probably
not exist after the World War 3 ,acording to Gurion US would be transformed into a wealthy country with a planed economy (meaning Comunist.)

But to say that Gurions globalistic dream ,wealthy families like the Warburgs,Rothshilds and Rockerfelles today allready realising is not entirely real.
It seems to be the other way arround.Gurion only publicly uncoverd their hiden intentions.

So,zionists had a clear mission to work on behalf of the interests of the Oil oligarchy in the Middle east.
The Komunists did the same thing in the Svoet Union,and the american zionists(the neocons) in the USA.
The network is of course spread troughout Southamerica,who are the bigest enemys of the US.

Thats how the zionistic and komunistic network is spread out to engulf all the strategic positions in the countries where Oil is
and in those countries where there is a military potential which would make the oil waypoints possible and secure.
For the main Military force of the 20 century which would go in to wars the United States of America has been chosen.

Thats why the US had to become the empire which would defend "their" interests troughout the world
and the oil on its own teritory it would not exploit.That is planed for later.The US would even be at war when they are at a clear defecit
like the war in Vietnam,Korea and the Persian Gulf,Lybia,Afghanistan,Yugoslavia-Iraq....

The iraqi oil todays goes trough the Israeli Port in Haifa.

The zionist clan(Neocons) who today sit in strategic positions in the White House and in the Pentagon and in the State Department and the Congress
is practicly in both political partys in the US.

it was much harder for the oil oligrophs to figure out how to fight with the mighty arab dinastys.
Thats why the idea was its best to steal their raw oils.

The robery of the iraqi oil,and its movement trough the harbor in Haifa is a project
that the zionists practicly allready have realised.The Americans have gone in to the war with iraq
with a imagened story about weapons of mass destruction which only Saddam hussein had.
besides the large number of dead ,cripled and deserted soldiers,Americans have payed for this war
with a minimum of 3 trillion dollars.Thats why their gasoline is every day expensive and the value
of the dollar plumits.

if someone didnt notice,american tanks "Abrams" had the whole time in iraq discret symbols from the israeli flag the so called david's stars
instead of their White Star.of course those two triangels have ben dismounted and unfinished so the stupids wouldn't get the idea.
But the 'filled in" ones reckognize their sign.

Those american generals that found out about the treacherous game and for who they fought in iraq were imidetly replaced.
The elite admiral Wlilliam Fellon has experianced this first hand,a longserving maincomanding general of the coalition forces
In Afghanistan and Iraq.and who was forced some couple of months ago to resign his position.

America today is nothing but a zionist slave ,Nothing more.The media pointing to the US because of all the authrocities done in the 20th century is nothing more
but a trecherous campaign that the zionist lobysts and their media and the popular "intelectuals' do by which they critisize their own country.
Like Naom Chomsky for example.Today all the serbain media is under the control of the zionists.Like the politicians.crytical tones aimed to the US that you will hear in thesee "objective" public leaders are only a farse.Critique of the zionism is non-existant.Which is also logical.


Is the ordeal of the war in georgia only a part of the plan to temporary take away the attention about that which is to follow in Iran?
The story so says that the zionists envisiond for the oil from Baku being transported trough the pipeline to Izmir,but after the erthquake
that plan fell in the water.Thats how the re-oriented to georgia trough which it would lead to the Turkish harbor Cheihan in the black sea.
All that elegedly to avoid the pipelines that russia controls.

"The hapening of the people" to power has ben brought a charismattic Michail Sakasvili,a panden of the serbain President Boris tadic.who knows about the politics
and about oil and global "chess board " just like his colegue in serbia.

naive and politicly unskilled ,but with much hate towards anything which is part of the Soviet Union.
Sakasvili has started big talks about big storys of democracy and the turnig of Georgia towards the West and its joining the NATO.
Zionistic media has opend all the doors for him and he was speaking to the world in the english language,which he just like any pawn learned very well
He was ready to do everything that would turn Georgia to the West,where everything is prityer,richer,more democratic...
In the reorganisation of the georgian military right away came the israeli and American Planners ,treiners and advisors.
The georgians were happy becouse after the Soviet terror they didnt want to share nothing with Russia.

But,the russian oil oligarchy with Putin on top ,which today elegedly defends russian interests(which the regular folk doesnt even feel)
doesn't want georgia to have control over the pipelines.

Thats how in the middle of the projected road towards the harbor Poti and Supsa in the black sea ,found itself (just coincidently) a seperated
ethnic comunity in South Osetia which is not fond of the goverment in georgia and who wants to be joined with brothers in North Osetia in Russia.
The road towards the harbors goes also trough Abhasia.And so Putin found himself there to "Help them".Regardless of him being on another
political function.Putin is still the number one man in Russia .Above him is the FSB (Former KGB) which after the takin down of the tzar Nikolai Romanov
killed 20 milion orthodox christian russians.Did anything change there? You can conclude for yourselfs how in russia you can come to power from nowhere
or how a small people selforginize and requests some sort of autonomy.

The consiquence of this pipeline is a heavy russian intervention and about 2 000 dead civilians in the "brotherly" South Osetia
And a small city Skivali.Western media says that russian soldiers did that ,and independent journalists say its the georgians.
Is it even Imortant? What is the basis in killing civilians anyways,but to make a big tension and to create a media labyrinth.
And the russians allways somehow kill unintended a lot of their own civilians ,be that in war ,liberating from terorists in the schools in beslan or in The theater.How all that will be lossfull for the georgians doesnt even need to be talked about.becose Russia can not loose this conflict.A strong millitary which was needed to be there ,present where the pipeline goes,now has got the opertunity for the justifications of" Humanitarian reasons" to be placed there in the first place.
Georgia and south ositea have goten the rolles of only Trojan horses.

And that is logical ,If you have a transitiional buseness in which you will have the energy control over the whole EU,you rather have the strong russian army
protectnig your Oil then the punny georgian one .Why did you invest so much in the Oktober revolution 1917.And brought over London Trocki
and lenin and their Bolseviks who for 50 years have clensed with komunisam russian intelegence and the old aristocracy with the help of one Moskow Coffe Drinker
Stalin, and his succesors ,all village and half-literate children (Hruschov,Breznjev,Gorbachov, Jeljcin,Shevarandze), and under the formula
put in to big politics.How can the village workers children pary the manycenturies old ruling dynasties? They cant.
They only can be revealed as monkeys and to play their role on the chess board,where the real governators organizes the chess game
where they would make the chess-mate move on the designtated field.A chess-mate in this case has been made with the help of Georgia
South osetia,Abhasia, Russia and Israel.kosovo was used as a joker card.

it's interesting that many western "independent" analystis who justify the russian intervention blame Usa for everything and Blame Dick Chany who
is elegedly the main monger that has introduced the georgians and the naive Sakiasvili to the war with Russia.The zionists and his masters those
crtitizisers they are not mentioning of course.This is of course the old bandit tactic "of deverting the attention to the other side.

All in all the human victims will be the most with White Russians,Whenever the Russian bear awakes
the slavic people are the ones who suffer the most.

The Russian professianl army is a member of the organisation "partnership for peace" so on the same asingment
with the NATO " Peacekeepers"

All the global media's that act from the west are now pointed their attention towards South Osetia and critiques towards Putin
In that they are being helped with the leaders from the former soviet block countries: Gorgia,Lithuania.Letonia.Estonia and Poland.
All pro-nato countries today who demand from NATO an emergency intervention

God how these people love war and international army! who implimented this in to their brains?Can you guess?


the actions in South osetia will nevertheless put the US in a big temptation.
if the russians can intervine just like that-why couldn't the americans in iran.
is that the message for the american "sheeple" and a redirection towards the american president?
becouse the American Administration knows that -that is about the conflict becouse of the control of the Pipelines.
And given the circumstances all Bush,Cheny and Rice are in the Oil Buiseness.
The matter that the US will come out of the conflict with Iran heavely damaged and cripled ,which as an empire is not going to exist enymore
no one of the public figuers cant potentiate heavely.because the private buiseness ,transitional is in front every national interest.
This Buseness is allways Biger.

But the fears in the pentagon exist and the leading generals and independent analystis still understand what is requerd from them.

From the day when the highcomanding officer of the american military ,admiral Mike Mullen(who suceded admiral Fellon) came in to place
reckognized that the military actions against iran could be especialy stressfull for an allready strechd out US military ." I am allready fighting two wars,
and i do not need a third one" said Mullen.

there is a real danger ,that any action could create more unstabileties in the region then there is now" said one older officer of the US.By that a negative efect would be produced
from the one that is elegedly wished for.

The secretary of defense Robert gates also said publicy that the conflict would create "a catastrophie on many levels"

Virtually every scenaio of the atack that has been developed in the Pentagon has shown very heavy reprocoutions for the US.Especialy against the war in Iran are the generals of the US Air Forces,which would be the first in the lines.Its interesting that the Zionist media in the US doesn't even publish these reports from these people.Just like the information about the big study ehich they done and which clearly shows catastrophic consiquences for the USA in the case of the agression.

The worst posibility is the land ocupation of Iran,For that acording to some military strategists ,america would need at least
4 years to mobilize more then a milion poeple.Which would mean that they count on 10's of thousend dead every year of course.
Who needs that ? America doesn't for sure.Thats evident.

But you can be an american generalwith three or four stars and go in to war
or that yur longserving military serving just gets deleted ,and that you spend your old days selling
Pop_corn on the strets.That is your option when over america rules a mighty goverment trough its zionist network.

If everything goes to plan like the global elite has put to paper,and the Us go in to a big war trap
that could escolate in to a global war,the main victim would be the US,just like Israel
(Colateral Damage),which maybe is not even going to exist .But there will be jerusalem and the
temple of the Prophets which would serve to the federal Union of all the continents .
And there would be the supreme court of all mankind from the vision of ben Gurion.
becouse Jerusalem is eternal, (Vatican counts on that )which allready discretly works
on anouncing Jerusaelm an Ex-Israeli teritory .Question is how they would explain that to the jewish people.

And the Arabs?What will hapen to them? That is a real question becouse acording to Gurion
with them there could never be any peacfull resolving .or it would somehow exist in the new World Order
and the Eternal City of Jerusalem.


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