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Obama's "lost" Brother Found In Kenya!

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posted on Aug, 21 2008 @ 10:50 AM
Sorry my writing, and spelling arent that great...
I know this... I suck at spelling, i used to have that in my sig... But i put more important things there...

I write what i think, and i let it out unfiltered...

Its feel flowing... Definatly would be better if spoken... but, type will have to do...

Obviously, Barrak Wasn't named after THAT Hussain...

But i still want to know where it comes from, and what the signifigance is... If thats racist, then we are living in a sad world...

I know, personaly, when talking with friends, EVERYONE has a story on where thier middle name came from, and WHAT it means...

I was curious before this new info came out... Not, i am HIGHLY intrested...

If seeking knowledge and answers is racist... Then, we are going to be in some serious trouble soon...

"You sound like an ignorant racist. "

And coming up with a statement like that? What does that make you?

Im getting SO tired of this... Ask one question about Obama, and your a biggot... I never even HEARD of the word Biggot until coming to these fourms...

From my experiences, it is ussaly the most racist people, who Cry Racism at every oppurtunity...

posted on Aug, 21 2008 @ 10:58 AM

Originally posted by Benevolent Heretic
He's not a "Lost brother"!
When Obama met him in 1987, he told him that he would help him.

This is really scary.
So Obama has met his bro?
Good thing Obama offered to help with a big whole buck.
If he can do this to his bro what will he do to us?
If this is his idea of help, I don't want it.

posted on Aug, 21 2008 @ 11:10 AM

Originally posted by Nikolas

Being the President for the United States of America is just a job, like any other.

[edit on 20-8-2008 by Nikolas]

At first i thought this was sarcasm, like your avatar, but....your serious? hahaha! oh man that statement is as almost as funny AS your avatar. Now I'm thinking that's serious as well. Pure comedy gold

I swear, there should be warnings before such comedic posts, I mean , alot of times I am sipping a very hot cup of coffee while reading these boards. Now I'm nearly wearing it.

Seriously though....., as far as Obamas brother in law goes, it sounded to me in context that he is embarrassed at HIS OWN situation, and being basically a poor person without a job. I'm fairly sure that's what he meant.

But as Greeneyedleo pointed out, family relationships can be very dicey. I have a full brother that i haven't seen nor spoken too in over 10 years, and we live in the same county. Does that make either of us a bad person? No.

They are half brothers, and live in 100% different worlds. What's Obama gonna do, offer to buy the man a home in America? First off that'd be insulting. People like Obama's half brother are not like your average middle class american, willing to take a handout wherever they can get one.

I mean for all we know Obama offered to help him out, maybe all his distant relatives out, and they said thanks, but no thanks.

Really it's all speculation at this point as to the relationship he has with his extended family. Since they barely comment about it.

Really though this shouldn't change anyones opinion about Obama, but of course it will, unfortunately.

posted on Aug, 21 2008 @ 01:17 PM
reply to post by nyk537

The fact is though, that if you are going to run for the most important job in the world, that people should know everything there is to know about you. For god’s sake, one of these men will take the reigns of this country.

One of them just learned how to google a few weeks ago and has barely for the first time ever in his life tried to use the internet. The question then becomes do we want this person who can't do what most 15 year olds across this country have already been doing for several years and who come with more skills than that running this country?

posted on Aug, 21 2008 @ 02:19 PM

Originally posted by TruthTellist
reply to post by Sheeper

OMFG!!! You are a jhon Mcain supporter1

don't you know you'r guy is retarded. OMFG!

suonds like sum1 dpoesn't belive in change or hope for america okay?

Icant believe these republicans, they think there so great and so is macain. wth! YOU guys!

*(my impression of a person who has fully bought into the fake political system in Amerika - likely getting most of their 'information' from CNN and FOX)

Where did I say I was a John McCain supporter? Because I can't stand Obama, I'm a republican? I believe in change and hope, but dude, their just words untill their not and right now, it's just hot air, your a little lamb. I don't much like McCain, but I would sooner vote for him than a racist communist like Obama. Don't be such a fool, words can not buy me, give me some substance, something I can see.

Hope and change. You people sound like zombies. You don't think we all have hope and we all want change? Obama can't give us what we want, he can only give us what he wants, and I don't want that.

[edit on 21-8-2008 by Sheeper]

posted on Aug, 21 2008 @ 03:11 PM
reply to post by nyk537

You can disagree with Obama AND NOT BE A RACIST

Sure you can.

Just leave out the parts about his name, ethnic make-up, and religion that are lies or irrelevant. Then maybe,......just won't sound like one.

Problem is.......that's all you got. Sad really.

posted on Aug, 21 2008 @ 03:17 PM
reply to post by Grafilthy

Actually, that's not "all I got." I don't know whether or not you have been paying attention, but I have never made such references. If anything, I've been right there defending using such tactics to put down the man. I do find his associations and the like to be an issue, but never have I taken issue with his race or religion.

My gripes with Obama lie in policy alone. Nothing more.

Thus the agitation for the broad generalizations about racism.

It's not fair, accurate, or necessary.

posted on Aug, 22 2008 @ 03:09 PM
I just want to add my two cents to this argument. All of you put yourself in his shoes. Would you support a half brother you never really knew when your father was married and had kids with another woman when me was with your mom? So i guess with this logic if Edwards daughter every becomes rich she should have a connection to her fathers love child from an affair.

posted on Aug, 22 2008 @ 03:27 PM
I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about this issue and have reached a decision that may surprise some. From the beginning, I never considered this an issue that should be held against Obama; especially with as little information as we have on the subject. However, I don’t feel that any topic should off-limits to discuss when dealing with someone who wants to run the country.

I started thinking, what would I do in this situation? I’ve reached a point where I realize that if that were my brother, I wouldn’t be giving him handouts or anything either. What I would do though, is maybe help him find a job, or a better place to live; but not handouts. The reason I can see Obama getting criticism for this is because of his liberal views and stances on things like universal health care and redistribution of wealth. It seems that not helping one of this own would be contradictory to those positions.

What Obama’s brother really needs is a good kick in the pants and a little help doing things for himself. He doesn’t need his brother to come along and save him.

I’ve reached this decision because that is what I believe America as a whole needs. It doesn’t need someone like Obama to come along and provide everything for them. It needs a leader who is strong enough to do what a President really needs to do. Step out of our way.

America as a country does not need handouts to survive. We don’t need everything provided for us so that we all can be equal. We only need the tools necessary to do things for ourselves.

Therefore, since I believe in this, why should I judge Obama for doing what I think should be done for the whole country?

Don’t get me wrong, I disagree with Obama on virtually every issue and he will never get my vote or approval. However, I can’t hold this issue against him, no matter what the facts may be.

posted on Aug, 23 2008 @ 01:31 AM

Originally posted by lee anoma
I have a family member that chooses to be homeless. He literally will not accept help or talk to any of us. I am not alone either. This sort of thing happens to many families. Perhaps you are the lucky one and a bit naive to this reality but sometimes an adult makes a self destructive decision in life that is solely there own.
- Lee

Don't you think it is a bit harsh to call this a self-destructive decision? It may make for certain difficulties, but self-destructive seems to imply that one is killing themselves by choosing to live without a permanent residence, full-time employment, a family, a car, etc.

So what if someone decides to live "outside the system" or at least on the fringes? I'm talking about those who aren't looking to anyone else for a handout either. These people have seen through the futility of the visions peddles to us by corporate america and a corrupt big brother government. Most of these "self-destructive" so-called bums would have more credibility posting on a so-called "conspiracy" site than those of us who are posting this from the comfort of our homes that we have only been able to afford most likely by cooperating with the same "evils" we are trying to uncover here.

Maybe this Obama brother doesn't want Barrack's help because he's experienced first hand what life is like for those who don't happen to be born as middle class Americans. Or maybe he knows from his own family experience just how awful the political whole thing is and he wants nothing to do with it or any of them. Or maybe he is either collaborator or victim in a even wider conspiracy involving the Obama family and perhaps even the entirety of the Muslim people! My point is, you can make anything out of this you want to...unless you really know the whole story.

[edit on 23-8-2008 by shipovfools]

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