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Has the CERN accelerator already altered time?

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posted on Feb, 2 2010 @ 05:57 PM

Karen Carpenter died on 4th February, 1983 of heart failure due to complications related to anorexia nervosa.

If someone 'remembers' that they knew she was 'dead' in 1981 during their marriage ceremony, there is something wrong here....

Unless they just 'heard it on the news' that she had died in 1978. Sometimes celebrities check into hospitals and the news agencies rush the story claiming the person has 'died' often with no retraction whatsoever.

I often wonder if news agencies really investigate their stories (cross checking their sources) before blasting nonsense over the airwaves.

Any ideas as to how/why Karen 'died twice' in at least one poster's mind?

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posted on Mar, 17 2010 @ 02:38 PM
reply to post by pstrron

I have posted a number of such time phenomena explanations on ATS regarding the time space phenomena you describe. I ask that you consider what I have to say to better understand the subject matter called “Time Travel.”

What I have to say has to be understood by first taking in some important technical background data that will allow you to better understand “why” I would even state what I am about to discuss.

While I could post all the links and make it easy for you as in some methodical posting with all kinds of links and pictures and quotes from the original sources, but I don’t feel anyone has to hold your hand in seeking out information, videos or online sources that will expand this topic into a big picture that you will need to understand in order to grasp what may be going on and why it is happening in the first place.

You will need to Google and get familiar with two key players -witnesses: Dr. Dan Burisch, and Andrew D. Basiago, Attorney at Law. These two federal witnesses will refer to secret technology called “The Cube” and “Looking Glass Technology”. Spend some time getting familiar with Project Pegasus and with Looking Glass because it is the basis for what is causing phenomenal time anomalies in our present time line.

I have my own governmental background and experiences to refer to regarding the “Looking Glass technology“ but it is important for you or anyone else to begin where the conspiracy begins. Since it is the technology that allows for the crimes that follow, then it should be the basis for understanding any time travel subject matter.

If you begin your Google search with Andrew D. Basiago you will find a series of You-Tube videos that will help you become familiar with who this man is and what he has been disclosing in a series of lengthy interviews and online web pages discussing time travel and Star-gates.

Take some time and view the videos. Pay attention to his discussions and remarks about Looking Glass being abused by those that currently possess or control the technology to commit time crimes. It will be key to why I believe time appears to be malfunctioning.

While I can not force you or anyone to do the research necessary to broaden thoughts on the subject of Time Travel and its implications for a society kept ignorant and technologically backwards, I can emphasize that if you do not do proper research then you will be exposed to many false and deceptive disinformation agents telling you such things can not possibly exist. In fact there are those that cannot even think how it could be done without assuming it requires some type of ship or actually traveling to the future and enduring the affects of space and time.

In fact, they still think that light speed has to be achieved and then I always hear the killing the grandfather paradox that has nothing, I repeat, it has nothing to do with how real time travel technology works. Well, don’t bother to think this way. It is archaic thinking and only draws upon what you have been shown in Hollywood movies or what has been written in books.

Thinking this way is so far removed from reality that you and others must re-educate yourself to how it can be done and how once you believe it can be done, you then can move on conceptually with how it would be used or abused to achieve things many have never ever considered regarding time line anomalies. I am about to take you into uncharted waters and to get passage you have to dump your current science fiction time travel machine concept because it will only hinder you in grasping how it actually works.

Mr. Basiago will with his own words remarks that the Looking Glass technology has been abused repeatedly by those that have used it to see future time-lines and then use that knowledge of the future to alter the present. Yes, I know it gets a bit confusing at times but do try to keep up. It will be worth it to begin grasping what may be going on and why, because the misuse of Time Travel technologies is currently out of control and is being abused in ways that many would have difficulty in comprehending or understanding the motivation behind such time travel abuse. None the less, I ask for your patience.

The Looking Glass technology has according to Mr. Basiago has been used to select the past presidents of the USA beginning with Carter, George H. Bush Sr., then Clinton, then Bush Jr. and now with Obama. Bear in mind that these presidents were never supposed to be president of the USA but because the controllers of the secret technology began using it to cheat in affect to place their own candidates in the presidency time line of the future, they began changing our initial time line in the present to affect the changes needed to support a future time line that has been selected by those that abuse such technology. This time line abuse has been occurring in ever increasing frequency beginning as far back as 1971 where I personally can remember being first introduced to this concept.

Obama is at present a hand selected and chosen puppet of the elite, prepped by the CIA since late 1979 to sit in the presidency. Obama’s whole mysterious past is due in part because the CIA has been grooming Obama since the late 70’s if not the early 80‘s to begin creating all the infrastructure and political support groups necessary to win the presidency of the future we just experienced. The difficulty that Obama is experiencing is the lack of attention given by those that began altering the time line way back when and were only concerned with what it would take to place Obama in the presidency in order to pursue agendas not known to the public. Since they cheated to get him elected, they did not create the complete and whole world man necessary in Obama to affect the final changes desired.

As such, Obama is a failed presidency and probably knows he only has this one chance to affect the changes desired by his CIA handlers necessary to lock in the future time line being pursued. You see, once you alter a time line it of course alters the future. If you know that is going to happen in 20 yrs or so, you must let it happen. If you get involved to make it happen or to ensure it happens, you are in affect altering the present which is the past to the future event and upon altering or meddling with the time line, you create a new one. Albeit small in time line differences, but different just the same.

His preparation for the presidency began further in the past than most realize and the only way that could have been accomplished is with secret technology that allowed those within the hierarchy of the CIA to create the Obama puppet we have come to know. His secrecy with all his personal records and school records must be kept hidden as long as possible, because it would begin to prove that Obama has been an agent of the CIA for quite some time as an agent of the CIA.

The immigration issue is known to the CIA and as usual, the CIA uses agents that are not citizens because only in such a way could the CIA claim or state that Obama is not an agent of the CIA because to be an official agent of the CIA requires citizenship. While his marriage to Michelle gives him citizenship, it is his CIA connections that are being kept hidden. This is how the CIA wants it and it is how it is for purposes that cover a large number of time travel abuse reasons.

Anyway, all of the time alterations have affected our current time line and the time slips you and other experience are in part caused by this time manipulation of our past. There are also serious rumors that the Looking Glass technology has been used to identify future witnesses to future criminal investigations and by knowing who the key witnesses are in the future, they are killed in the present to prevent them from being witnesses in the future.

Could this be why there are so many reports of dead scientist, biologist, DNA experts, all types of doctoral experts and academic types that end up dead for no apparent reason? Could that Cheney assassination team have been a killer time travel team used to kill those that would threaten the elite in the future? The possibilities are endless but they all stem from abuse of the secret technology called “Looking Glass“ and from a DARPA Project Pegasus.

There are those that firmly believe that the secret technology is being used to commit time crimes. Not until the technology is reacquired from those that currently abuse it will we be able to use the same technology to solve all historical crimes and all future crimes.

It stands to reason that any technology that could be used to solve all historical crimes and future crimes is something those in criminal power do not want us to possess or use. Those that abuse such technology do not want to be discovered and will do what they must to achieve that goal.

To use the secret technology to solve and prevent all crime would identify all the actual criminals and all associates of any crime ever committed past present and future. This would benefit mankind immensely, but there are those that do not want us to know the truth and more importantly there are those that do not want us to know just how manipulated we really are and how guilty they really are in that manipulation by the misuse of such secret technology.

We can only hope that there are those internal to such intelligence agencies who are tasked with protecting the interests of the American public because this type of criminal behavior must be controlled and never allowed to threaten our time line as those that have done so continue to do so to achieve political and monetary objectives.

You decide, but do some video watching and get informed. It will benefit you whenever the subject of time travel comes up because to understand the time travel rumors on the Internet, you must first understand how they are doing it. Get familiar with the technology that allows for such capability and most of all spend some time listening to all the videos that have interviews with key witnesses.

If you will go to the link I am providing it will as an example reveal that 911 was known 30 years before the event that it was going to happen. In fact time travelers in the present were shown a video of the airliners hitting the Twin Towers. Since they had a video years before the event and many insiders and federal executives like Rumsfeld, Cheney, Bush Sr and Jr know of this secret technology and if they had control of this technology to achieve 911 then it also questions or perhaps explains why the video coverage from that fateful day of the second flight striking the South Tower is nothing but a recorded video that was taken years ago in the past of the future. This to me explains why anomalies in the forensics of the video of airliners hitting the Twin Towers shows anomalies but no conclusive editing or CGI manipulation.

Since there are differences in what eye witnesses saw and what was broadcast as live coverage, this use of a time travel video of 911 was used at the exact time that was time stamped on the video and the differences in what people witnessed vs. what was broadcast is because what we were told was live was pre-recorded. In such a way by showing the public what you want them to remember its best to show them what you want them to remember. What better way to match the time line event than by broadcasting a video from the future and call it a live broadcast in the present when in fact it was not. It was used merely to help deceive and confuse. It has done that hands down.

Take a look and do some video viewing. It will help you to make up your own mind. I hope this has been food for thought for you to consider in the larger scheme of things. While the CERN/LHC is also part of the time line abuse, it is all together another problem that stems from time line abuse. Read some of my LHC postings if you’re interested in what may be going on with CERN and the potential end of the world. It is not your average conspiracy babble, so good luck. Thanks again for the posting.

posted on Mar, 17 2010 @ 02:54 PM
In my haste I forgot to provide the link to the Andrew D. Basiago video interview stating that 911 was known and that a video was seen decades before 911. I recommend viewing the entire series, but video #9 of 16 is the video that reveals the 911 disclosure.


posted on Mar, 17 2010 @ 03:10 PM
All I`m going to say is that I find it suspicious that they have once again shut it down (am I wrong or did they not just release another statement within the past week saying that due to a "construction problem" the collider will be shut down for a year. OR... could it be that they have caused some major disaster so they freaked out "Uh, we gotta shut down for a year because of, uh, construction problems, yeah thats it!" Then the world gets destroyed before a year passes, they just wanted to buy time so they could get the hell away from ground zero of our time disaster... Haha just speculation but could be!

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posted on Mar, 17 2010 @ 03:39 PM
i think one day we'll wake up to the fact that the world wars never happened...... and we'll have just a few aware of that, can you imagine the ridicule? lol.... timeshift is true, we just can't understand it and don't know how it works, and few notice it in the first place, a tiny few.

posted on Mar, 17 2010 @ 06:08 PM

Originally posted by Bicent76
If we are going back in time altering time ahem don't you think the most logical thing we would be doing is changing history? Like assasinating Hitler, Stalin, preventing 911?

If you went back in time and assassinated Hitler and Stalin, their crimes would never have been committed, so you would never of heard about them in the future. So there would be no need to go back and prevent something that never happened in the first place, right??

Same with 9/11. If you prevented it, you wouldn't know about it now, so, no need to go back and stop it..

I'm confused

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