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Is education controled???

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posted on Aug, 20 2008 @ 07:51 PM
Of course our education system is controlled. What do you think the Department of Education does?? They regulate what is "taught" and then test students on how well they can regurgitate the information.

When I was married, my ex-wife had two daughters that were 12 and 14. Night after night, they came home and asked me for help with "homework" that was for the sole purpose of passing the state standardized tests. This went on for months. These girls were being required, for the most part, to memorize garbage that will not help them in life. They reported to me that they were told by their teachers that if they did poorly on the tests that they would fail the class and have to repeat the grade.

If you are unfamiliar with standardized testing before the SAT and ACT, know this: The school receives state funding based on how well its students perform on the tests, AND it reflects on the teachers. This highly discourages free thinking. The teacher wants a good record of students doing well on the test and the school wants more money. No where in this paragraph have I stated that anything was for the children.

The No Child Left Behind Act was just a another bane to our schools. This sort of policy is paramount to communism in the education system and breeds mediocrity. Not all children are the same, they are not copies of all other children that have come before them. Resources and attention should be applied most liberally to students who actually want to learn, want to be in school.

Every parent thinks that their little Johnny and Suzy is special. This is utter BS. Sorry folks, some kids are dumb. The world needs ditch diggers and janitors. I believe it is the Japanese that have school policy that a child as the choice to continue past the 5th grade but must prove himself that they can and will dedicate themselves. Not so here, all kids are "entitled" to a 12th grade education whether they want it or not. Those that don't are just clogging up the system for those children that actually want to make something of themselves.

Jeez, What a rant.

As far as the video goes, I think a lot of what the old guy says is correct about us putting our children when they are in their most maliable state into the hands of strangers with the belief that the state knows how to best educate them. This takes the responsibility off the shoulders of the parents. If you are a fan of this site, DO YOU TRUST THE GOVERNMENT??? DO you think that you should have no say in what your child learns?? All the BS that they pushed on us in HS and college, if you don't take steps to get other opinions, to educate yourself in matters of the world, and to just plain open your eyes to realities, you will be another drone. Another sheeple. Another taxpayer who has no idea where the money goes that he pays every month.

Yes, education is strictly controlled. Self and world awareness is discouraged. Free thinking is seen as disruptive.

Sorry for the long post. Peace.

posted on Aug, 20 2008 @ 08:45 PM
reply to post by computerwiz32

I am taking accounting in college and so far all the course I took and have heard people that completed the course saying they don't teach you how to run your own business but teach you how to do basic tasks like how to find a lawyer how do accounting but they teach you more towards to using software they teach only what your job expects from you and nothing more they don't teach how to start your own accounting business.

I'd like to address the original OP's question, and address your concern also.
For those that haven't seen any of my posts, let me first start by saying that I spent most of my career in the business world, first working for a large corporation, then running my own corporation, and finally teaching college for a decade. I will address the college/university environment, since that was where I taught.
Education is not controlled at any level outside the college or university by any "secret" or diabolical group. It is controlled at the department level, as far as individual courses are concerned. Core curriculum is decided at the school level for major core courses, and at the college level for universal core courses.
For those not familiar, let me explain. Let's say you go to a college or university that has 15 to 20 schools (such as School of Engineering, School of Liberal Arts, School of Business, etc). Each school decides, usually with a curriculum committee, how many credits are needed for each degree. For instance, for a BS, the number of credits may run from 124 to 138 credits. Of those credits, some are probably college level core courses. For example, the college or university may dictate that each bachelor degree candidate must take 20 credits of Liberal Arts, regardless of your major, and 8 credits of math. At the school level, the school may dictate an additional 4 credits of math, as an example. They CANNOT dictate less than the college requires, but they can dictate more. At the department level (the school of Engineering, for instance, may have several different departments, offering various degrees. They will probably dictate additional "major core" courses that each candidate must take for their degree. Some of those courses may be specific courses that are required, while the student may choose from a list of other courses that fit the category. The final category of courses are the elective courses.
That's the mechanics. Now let's look at what I think you're concerned with, whether there is some grand "conspiracy to indoctrinate the masses.
I can say categorically that there is not.
Here's why- If you get 15 members of a department together in a department meeting to discuss what courses a student must take, you will almost always get 15 different and conflicting answers. Getting everyone to agree on courses is almost impossible. So here's what happens- huge compromises. "I'll agree to your BUS301 course, if you agree to my BUS 325 course, etc.
Unfortunately, most professors are most concerned about making sure that their courses get off the ground, and draw enough students, so as not to get canceled. (Not all, but many.)
Professors also are adamant about not letting others tell them what to do. At almost all colleges & universities, the administration has virtually no say concerning what goes on within an individual classroom. (It's called academic freedom, and anyone attempting to violate that will run into major problems)

Now to address your concern. I did EXACTLY what you mentioned other students said professors did not do, namely teach students how to set up their own business. I went so far as to actually help them set up their own businesses, including giving them help in making sure that they stay on the right side of legal and ethical matters. To this day, former students still call me, and I gladly give them help with their businesses. At least one group of my students formed a corporation that now receives high six figure contracts for services.
Why and how could I do this? The answer is simple- I formed my own corporation, and did not have help, and I vowed that when I taught at the college level, I would make sure that students had an opportunity that I did not have, namely getting off to a great start. My corporation was very successful, but in the beginning, I made several mistakes, including "trusting" a client, providing them with services without a tight, written, legal contract. The client then took my work, and never paid me. It was a hard lesson to learn, but my students benefited, because all of them were given sample contracts by me, and believe me, they used them.
Now, why don't more professors teach that way?
The reason is simple. Most of them never started their own business, and probably never spent a single day in the business world. Many of the "pure academics" (those with PhD's right out of college and into teaching) only have "book knowledge", no hands-on experience. I can tell you that books only usually tell you what should happen, not what REALLY happens. There is no substitute for experience in the business world.
Anyway, I'm not very popular with the academics, but I can tell you that I was very well received by the students, because I did have the experience, and was willing to share all of it with those students.
I can also tell you that at the college/university level, there is no grand conspiracy of NWO, Illuminati, or whatever some may suggest.

posted on Aug, 20 2008 @ 10:00 PM
reply to post by ProfEmeritus

Great, solid, reality-based points, I couldn't agree with you more.

I remember working for my college during and well after graduating. It was good experience.

The overall tone of my stay working there was one of mainly chaos, much like in high school. Though, I'd have to say budget concerns were chief in the minds of faculty. Deciding what curriculum they could use to subvert their students and control them without notice is definitely not something they would even waste their scant amount of time on.

posted on Aug, 25 2008 @ 07:44 PM

Originally posted by computerwiz32I want to bring up a topic about is education really controled???


Is education nothing but a programming of your brain???

Not mine, no. Oh, and not my sons' either. That's what parents are for.

I have notice that teachers spend more time with people who get A'S and B's and I usally don't see effort of them trying to help the people who got lower grades.

You wouldn't happen to have been among those with the lower grades, would you?

I want to open a discussion about Is Education controled???


They are doing a FINE job in schools these days!!

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posted on Aug, 26 2008 @ 12:30 AM
reply to post by ProfEmeritus

If your a good teacher then you should come to my college and teach me I would be glad to see what you put on the table since I found many teachers not teaching well lecturing.

I had an ITCS class that this class was about programming databases I am going for a business degree so I had to take this.

This class was more towards business how to make databases and how to manage them and make backups ect ect.

The teacher had another job working at ford as an IT person.

I was the only one with an A everyone else got a C or below.

I notice he didn't teach at all really their was a black lady that couldn't even use the mouse so I had to go out my way and help her since I am a nice guy.

The class was a computer lab we had to show up and do our hw assingments and tests which we take online and it's a timed test.

this was a on campus class.

I know what you explain of how they pick the courses ect ect.

What we are saying is can we trust them??

I mean it's true their are 15 different people that create these courses but what I am saying can these 15 people be feed with 15 different branwash junk??

I mean I just took a class that teaches me excel word ect, then I take another class that teaches excel word and slideshow these were on accounting side of things.

I mean I get frustrated since I already know excel I had to take a class to learn excel even though I already know it and then take another class that puts a twise that would teach me the accounting side of excel.

I am just saying I notice people always ask what degree you have even at businesses.

I mean it's more like if you have a degree your sombody but if you don't then your nothing even if you don't have a degree but you know what the degree holders know they still won't accept you as a sombody.

My dad told me one time my sister was in middle school and she had to write an essay about what your parents do for a living ect.

My dad later on found out it was the governement trying to get information on parents ect.

I also don't get why since I am going into accounting why they told us the IRS and Reserve banks is a government agency when I learned on ATS that it's a private corp.

I mean knowing this what would you think???

I don't know about other scholls I am in the north of U.S.A and I have heard that south is different on state tests ect.

My experience of school since elementry all the way to now I would say was a bad experience.

If you seen what I had to go through. Their were some good teachers though I meet about 3 but they were old and after I had them they ended up retiring .

They were good teachers and learned alot.

Now I don't learn much I am more like a computer I read the book and then on the hw and tests I give the book answer but yet I won't fully understand the concept. I may get A's and B's ect but I won't be able to apply what I learned.

I am not the only one in where I live. I notice here teachers don't really lecture they would give you the book and tell you what hw you have and they would answer questions and if they don't know it themselves they would then give you a smart answer saying read pages so and so .

I never experienced the south or other areas in schooling. I just only experience my area.

So I can't say all America is that way but I know that my area is.

I really am frustrated with the school system.

I mean we have the resources like books ect but we now are lacking teachers who cares.

I see more and more teachers that don't care they would do minimum work.

I also on the other hand don't want laws or harsh rules to force teachers to do more which would make the situation even worse.

I mean I remeber teachers who in the winter time would open the windows when it's like freezing outside. My band teacher in middle school took my bank book at the end of the year I didn't really like him he was weird.

Later on in our local news paper I find my band teacher and a highschool teacher arrested for doing sexual acts to studnets ect well female studnets.

I knew he was one of thoe weirdows after he was one time during class telling us about his sons poo I was like what the heck.

posted on Aug, 26 2008 @ 12:58 AM
reply to post by justamomma

no I am average I had some A's B's and C's.

I did in some grade did get F's before not on a report card but a proggress report.

but still, I felt more of a prisionior in my years from 1st grade to 12th.

I mean in highschool and also middle school I would have the runs... to go to the bathroom and some teachers didn't allow me and some did.

I think it's just my location.

I know the schools have control on what courses they offer.

I just didn't agree with most of them.

I always wanted to have a chem class and also a physics class to get in.

I tried in highschool but was denied by my counsilors they told me that I can't take those classes because I am taking eletronics which is a science credit and I can't have so many science credits.

So I thought that was a legit thing. So I agreed. Then in my eletronics class I found a friend that I knew for a long time. I told him about how I was upset not getting in chem ect and he lol and said they bs you he told me he is taking chem and he had to yell at them to put him in there.

He is black and I told him omg wow and I got even more upset.

I had to instead of going for chem I had to take a socialolgy class which the teacher admitted to us he can't teach this class becuse he is a business teacher i knew him and he was a good teacher i had him for business skills class.

So i knew when I saw his name that he can't teach this class he even told us he told the admin he can't teach this class and they told him that it's just a babysitting job.

So in that class we didn't learn anything and we had current events every day like we just raise our hand and share what we saw on the news.

and if we didn't have anything he would make us do worksheets about the book .

he never lectured at all and we just had to wing it.

I know their are good teachers out their I have met a few but I see a majority here where I live that are lazy or jsut dosen't care because every semester they have new kids they won't care if someone falls behind because it's like a repeat and they seem to think it's a waste of their time.

one subsitute was fired she stole a tv from the school and was caught at it.

just wanted to show my crazy experiences in school.

I am just woundering that for me just knowning that my college class told me that the IRS is a government agency and the finding out on ATS that it's a corp.

I wounder if the education content is brainwash material??

my sister is in med school. My dad and me been looking up herbs my dad has alot of experience since he is born from pakistan.

He told me alot of stories where people were sick and they would eat certain foods and then feel better.

now everyday or so.. I get fights in the house my dad fighting with my sister about medical treatment.

my dad just complained about achs and pains of his shoulder and he has high blood pressure so I notice when I googled the medicine I found side effects which my dad has, I told him about it and he then stopped taking the pills he felt better.

My sister found out and yelled at my dad to take it . so my dad after a big fight he then took it. He then makes me every night massage his aching areas.

My point was my sister wouldn't listen to what my dad had to say like the pain and aches.

I am just saying I notice that what you learn in college and in school is filtered.

I mean I have heard their goal is to provide the best education and teach the true stuff.

But knowing I just was told the IRS is a government agency and finding out now that it's a private corp kinda made me think and made me started this thread.

I am really here looking at this to educate myself. I mean I maybe wrong and maybe the schools are really trying to do the best they can.

But my experiences makes me question that.

I mean my dad tells me that in Pakistan they used to learn addition subtraction and their times tables and division by 1st and 2nd grade and much more.

I started to learn my times table in 3rd grade and also Division.

I don't know about the Rest of the U.S but here in my location is what I know does this.

I would like to see others opinions. At Least we now got a inside opinion.

Thanks for the post hopefully we can learn from this in some way...

posted on Aug, 26 2008 @ 01:05 AM
reply to post by ProfEmeritus

I agree with you about colleges ect they can't really be controled to an extent.

but mostly only 12th grade and under.

I will also give you :
I like hearing that someone out their does really teach. Keep on doing what your doing.

I also do notice alot of my teachers don't have experience and do specialized in teaching like they went to college to become a teacher and then they go hired in.

I do get good teachers but it's a rare sight in my location.

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posted on Aug, 26 2008 @ 01:19 AM
reply to post by computerwiz32

eh, I can understand. I was always too curious for my own good in school. I failed quite a few subjects on report cards (although I managed to bring them up right in time except for Algebra
which I had to take 3 times to finally make it through).. but I mostly failed because I ended up in the hallway due to asking questions the teachers didn't like answering (or couldn't answer, take your pick)

Like in government (even took it in college).. the constitution (which we were required to learn and understand the original) did not sit well in my head considering that there were many rights that were being infringed upon. Teachers would say that they added stipulations which would make me question if that was ethical considering that if they could do that and even worse continued to do that, would we not end up under a completely different governing system?

*out in the hall*

Or in Bible class.. boy, those teachers HATED me. My hand went up every two sentences that came out of their mouths.

I would constantly engage my computer science teacher in religious debates during the middle of class (he believed in the rapture and hell, I figured if he had to throw that in during a class that it served no relevence, I had the right to tell him he was wrong... my fellow students loved me for the disruption, but generally those debates ended up with me in the principals office where I was assigned detention for "being disrespectful" to the teacher and interupting the class ~ was always my fault somehow hehe).

So, even in a private school, thinking your own thoughts were discouraged quite often... although I was never one to let anyone tell me I couldn't.

edited to add: and I teach my sons to question as well.. EVERYTHING (except for *my* orders)

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