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US Army awards laser contract to Boeing

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posted on Aug, 19 2008 @ 08:37 PM
The link says it better than I could.

posted on Aug, 19 2008 @ 09:13 PM
reply to post by Viking04

So it's basically the ground based version of the flying laser the Airforce is putting into action I guess.
I'm interested in the other uses for this. I would imagine they'd be trying to put this thing into action against enemy aircraft systems and not just projectiles and rockets.

Edit to add: A sort of AntiAircraft laser to put it simply, rather than relying on a rocket or a spray of bullets like in the old days of warfare.

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posted on Aug, 20 2008 @ 09:48 AM
Oh dear. Another case of shutting the door after the horses have bolted!

'Fraid those canny Ivans have had an operational laser defence system up and running since the middle 70's.

A couple of years ago they even 'tickled' the Challenger space shuttle and that was just to prove a point.

Imagine what they could do if they really got err......................upset!

posted on Aug, 20 2008 @ 11:33 AM
I have a nice photo of this ground based laser, but there is no option to upload when replying ananymously.

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