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The truth unravels about false intel re:Kosovo & the bombing of Serbia

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posted on Aug, 19 2008 @ 06:29 PM
Hello all,

Like many of you that have had concerns in the past over the precedent set by the International Community regarding the autonomy of Kosovo, I too have been following what has happened there and the whole unfortunate unravelling of the former Yugoslavia.

Just like the False Fabrication of evidence used at the UN/NATO to justify the invasion of Iraq, so too was the information fabricated to justify the bombing of Serbia, a 78 day illegal bombing campaign that resulted in hundreds of deaths in hospitals, schools, churches, parks and tele vision studios, and destroyed economic infrastructure.

Milosevic knew about this, and no I am not supporting all his actions, but he did have a case against NATO and he was about to open the can of worms when he (conviniently) passed away.

Former Chief Prosecutor at the Hauge, Carla Del Ponte, this year published her memoir The Hunt: Me and War Criminals. Largely ignored in Britain, the book reveals unpalatable truths about the west's intervention in Kosovo, which has echoes in the Caucasus.

Here's some of what she says regarding the NATO bombings of Serbia-

The tribunal was set up and bankrolled principally by the United States. Del Ponte's role was to investigate the crimes committed as Yugoslavia was dismembered in the 1990s. She insisted that this include Nato's 78-day bombing of Serbia and Kosovo in 1999, which killed hundreds of people in hospitals, schools, churches, parks and television studios, and destroyed economic infrastructure. "If I am not willing to [prosecute Nato personnel]," said Del Ponte, "I must give up my mission." It was a sham. Under pressure from Washington and London, an investigation into Nato war crimes was scrapped.

Readers will recall that the justification for the Nato bombing was that the Serbs were committing "genocide" in the secessionist province of Kosovo against ethnic Albanians. David Scheffer, US ambassador-at-large for war crimes, announced that as many as "225,000 ethnic Albanian men aged between 14 and 59" may have been murdered. Tony Blair invoked the Holocaust and "the spirit of the Second World War". The west's heroic allies were the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), whose murderous record was set aside. The British foreign secretary, Robin Cook, told them to call him any time on his mobile phone.

Not the first time the US has supported murderous regimes and/or criminal leaders is it.

With the Nato bombing over, international teams descended upon Kosovo to exhume the "holocaust". The FBI failed to find a single mass grave and went home. The Spanish forensic team did the same, its leader angrily denouncing "a semantic pirouette by the war propaganda machines". A year later, Del Ponte's tribunal announced the final count of the dead in Kosovo: 2,788. This included combatants on both sides and Serbs and Roma murdered by the KLA. There was no genocide in Kosovo. The "holocaust" was a lie. The Nato attack had been fraudulent.

That was not all, says Del Ponte in her book: the KLA kidnapped hundreds of Serbs and transported them to Albania, where their kidneys and other body parts were removed; these were then sold for transplant in other countries. She also says there was sufficient evidence to prosecute the Kosovar Albanians for war crimes, but the investigation "was nipped in the bud" so that the tribunal's focus would be on "crimes committed by Serbia". She says the Hague judges were terrified of the Kosovar Albanians - the very people in whose name Nato had attacked Serbia.

Indeed, even as Blair the war leader was on a triumphant tour of "liberated" Kosovo, the KLA was ethnically cleansing more than 200,000 Serbs and Roma from the province. Last February the "international community", led by the US, recognised Kosovo, which has no formal economy and is run, in effect, by criminal gangs that traffic in drugs, contraband and women. But it has one valuable asset: the US military base Camp Bondsteel, described by the Council of Europe's human rights commissioner as "a smaller version of Guantanamo"

Funny huh? The West turns a blind eye to attrocities committed by their new found "allies" (the Kosovars) all because it enables them a place to build a new base within the heart of Europe.

Divide and Conquer continues.

This kind of also ties in with the Neo-Con policy of surrounding Russia with military bases, missile shield and the like.

It is obvious that American foreign policy, with its goal of ringing Russia with US military bases, is leading directly to nuclear war. Every American needs to realize this fact. The US government's insane hegemonic foreign policy is a direct threat to life on the planet.

Russia has made no threats against America. The post-Soviet Russian government has sought to cooperate with the US and Europe. Russia has made it clear over and over that it is prepared to obey international law and treaties. It is the Americans who have thrown international law and treaties into the trash can, not the Russians.

Are all the western leaders that complicit with criminal action in the international community, that nobody really cares anymore?

What is the point of the UN? wasnt it setup to ensure nothing like the WW2 holocaust would evr happen again?

Or to ensure that it does happen but under their own watchful eyes when it suits their geo-political motivations.

This world is going down the toilet in a bowl of double standards, illegal actions, freedoms curtailed, all in the name of "Democracy"

Some may disagree with what I have had to say but I wanted it to be known what happened regarding the Kosovo conflict, that has such large ramifications for other seperatists movements around world.

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