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Summer Telekinesis Developement (psiwheel)

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posted on Aug, 19 2008 @ 05:23 PM
Ok, I can finally move the psi wheel, after about 10-13 months of honing focus, practicing meditation, getting the "feel" for energy, learning to shut down or masking (still not sure) my own senses such as smell, taste, hearing, and sight, don't ask me how, it just kind of happens when I can calm down my body and mind. Learning to set every emotion, memory, likes, dislikes, past notions, future notions, and any other distractions in my mind to clear the path for the energy to flow in and out. And went back through it all again to find that my purpose for originally learning these disciplines was a hinderance to my further developement.

Before I continue on this is not about proving the existence of this ability. I'm just going to say that James Randi can keep his $1m, I have no use of such monetary value in my existence, I mearly seek enlightenment, for the sake of attaining enlightenment.

Both me and a friend had left off the school year both promising to get stronger and educate ourselves over the summer. My friend can see auras and gauge them to determine, overall mood, health, and if there is a spirit entity in the area, he has also been able to see and communicate with spirit entities, and has learned on how to perform banishment on demons.

I was just wondering though, if there are any telekinesis users that have developed, how can I further develope telekinesis? I have been able to keep it spinning in one direction for atleast 3 minutes but only at a moderate speed. There were no vents nearby at the time, and it was performed in the shade of a friends house that I had been over at. I kept my breathing almost to non-existant so as not to disturb the psiwheel, and everybody, excluding my sister who was sleeping on the bottom bunk, of the bunk bed was downstairs, so I was alone. Although my mom saw what had occured and she has finally dismissed me as insane now that she has seen it proven to her own eyes.

I am not sure what awakened this ability but my hunch was that, well to put it in a nutshell, my friend's house is on grounds where a portion of the civil war was fought. We (my friends and I) like to use my metal detector in the area and dig up various objects that are located in the 4 acre field. but the fact that the land could be deemed spiritual in a sense, it may have kicked my senses into activation.

I did not use a cover for the wheel, made of paper, but have learned to remain still, atleast until I free up my body and relax my arms and hands around the wheel and my hands start to vibrate slightly. I have to be in direct contact with physical matter to draw energy normally, (so I was laying down at the time). I then feel a ring of pressure either run up or down my arms and fingers and from there I begin to concentrate it and direct it, which causes the wheel to move in the direction I choose. I have also to a degree on a different day made the wheel stop when the wind was slightly blowing on it, trying to fight the wind to reverse the expected direction.

I do not have much of a range at best is about 3-5in in distance and I cannot get the speed up once it gets going. This post may have been long and rambling (I tend to ramble alot). But I was just wanted to ask a few questions to those that have developed this if they feel inclined to. Should I just continue my developement with paper alone or at a certain point should I switch to different/heavier materials (meaning to say, just because I can move paper doesn't mean I can move metal, skin, etc.)? And finally how do I increase my speed, just by practicing as stated above, or is there a visualization technique involved that I may not be performing correctly (I try to visualize a cord/bar/beam rushing past me on the side I want to, determining the direction). Any help would be appreciate, I do not seek these abilities for negative reasons, it's just that me and my friend have envisioned things and we are preparing in case what we see comes true.

posted on Aug, 19 2008 @ 06:06 PM
practice with a glass dome over top of it to eliminate any chance of wind, breathing, etc..

good luck with your practice.

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