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Is Obama Antichrist???

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posted on Aug, 19 2008 @ 03:00 PM
What Does the Holy Bible say in reference to Barrack Obama?

As the presidential race for nominee draws to a close, with Barrack Obama as the democrat, and John McCain representing the republicans, it is impossible not to question some of the many strange quirks about Obama.

Clearly, this man thinks he is a demigod. When he talks about global warming, he insistently says that "I will drive the seas back", etc. Is this mere posturing, or may there be a hidden meaning.

According to Reverend Wright, Mr. Obama's controversial pastor, "Obama is a bad man". When compared with the other comments about the presidential nominee's campaign, this seems slight and insignificant, but the way that he said it was flat and truthful sounding.

Barrack Obama is recieving millions of dollars to finance his campaign. While not a man of no extreme wealth, it seems strange to many Americans that Obama is receiving so much money from donations alone. It seems as if he is getting money from under the table. As he has spent a lot of time in the middle east, it is not inconcievable that he is getting financed by a foreign power or organization, such as Iran, or Al Qaeda.

The Holy Bible states that, before the second arrival of Jesus Christ, a terrible demon, a man will come to world power in a short time period. This man, who is referred to as "the beast", or as the "ant-Christ", will supposedly be extremely charismatic, and able to fool much of the world's population into thinking he is a savior, instead of the devil.

Barrack Obama is very charismatic, and, indeed; it does seem as though he has risen to a positon of power in a very short time. If he wins the presidential election, he will, in effect, be in charge of the world.

The anti-Christ is also said to have an aide, who is similar to him, but has none of the charisma and charm that the former has. Reverend Wright is certainly extremely similar in some of his political convictions although he lacks any form of appeal to the general public.

Although, Barrack Obama does seem to be a good, "honest" politician, is it just vaguely possible that he may be what the Bible refers to as the anti-Christ? Or may he be derranged, and believe that he is the embodiment of this prophecy?

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posted on Aug, 19 2008 @ 03:05 PM
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