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Eagles Forums Locked, Something is "on the way"

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posted on Aug, 19 2008 @ 01:46 PM

As President of Eagles Disobey, Inc., on Saturday, August 16, 2008, at approximately 0200 Pacific Time, I ordered all active Boards/Threads on the Eagles Forum, locked. Forum Registrations have been likewise "locked." Those who are presently members of the Eagles Forum, are eligible to maintain that membership and use the forum's location to Private Message (PM). We will periodically make a post, or a "news update," in an effort to keep the forum from cancellation.

A few minutes prior to this order, I made the prudent decision that I should lock the Eagles Forum to be in legal compliance with certain extremely strict business contracts which were recently signed, to which Dr. Burisch and myself are parties. The Eagles Forum will remain in this state until further notice, but the public should be advised that it may be reopened for public posting in the future.

while this may not seem particularly interesting at first, If you read the whole post, near the end it states:

So, what upcoming reasons or kinds of contracts would cause me to make such decisions as these? Well, everyone, by now, knows that Dan and I do not “bluff.” Something is “on the way” and we’re not talking about Planet X, an asteroid, or any other way everyone could get out of paying their bills or being responsible in their lives! It’s something VERY POSITIVE.

This is extremly interesting to me and I am looking forward to see what they are talking about. Skepticism aside that is. I like the Burisch team and have been watching it for a while now. I have seen little to debunk the Burisch story other than opinion and speculation.

hmmm....something "very positive"

has anyone got any idea? anything like this happening on any other sites like this?


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posted on Aug, 19 2008 @ 02:04 PM
I didn't sign up on that forum, though I've read postings there a few times. There was interesting information, and facts to glean there. And despite my refusal to believe things about Jrods being future us, and a few things, I really believed in Dan and his wife for some reason. I felt they were really good people, with crucial information. Something she wrote about how food companies used top scientists to bypass the food regulator part of our brain to ensure we kept eating fattening, low nutrient food was the very reason for so many lower income Americans to experience unnecessary weight gain, not just because they were blatantly abusing fast food restaurants and eating every junk food in sight. It was a deliberate cooporate control of our food, and the fact that lower income families could not afford the higher nutritients. I've always known that, but really enjoyed the information I got there. But I never had the nerve to join, so much code seemed over my head. I thought it was really for people in the know, so to speak.
With all the bad news on the horizon, would something positive ever be welcomed! Right now the most positive thing I'm looking forward to is yet another prediction of the GFL showing up!
I'm childish enough to hope a little there! I wonder how long it will be, since September on has nothing short of some very negative predictions from martial law, to a total collapse of the economy, to an all out nuclear war, to an astroid hitting the atlantic ocean in November. It never seems to end. The GFL one was the only positive I could see.

posted on Aug, 19 2008 @ 02:15 PM
I also had to chew on Dan's story for a couple of years. I mean WOW time traveling humans considered now to be aliens....good story line for a sci fi movie. The J-Rod story I didn't have a problem with because it is just one step forward from crashed discs or captured aliens.

Stargates...well it has scientific validity as does looking glass.

but it sure is hell to try to take it all in at once and I am sure many reject it outright and prolly for the same reasons I did: it was way outside my box.

But Dan checks out. His credentials check out. His story is one of the more interesting ones.

he did speak at Caltech on his black project results, his name is on their site but few showed up I heard.

His relationship with majestic is a bombshell to the whole UFO community and he has seen little but backlash. I for one believe right now until I see ample evidence not too, but I wont be buying any bridges over it.

I remain hopeful and hope this message they sent out to us has some meat to it, although there is no time line mentioned on the site as when this "something" is to arrive.

Edit: many misspelled or missing Words (need coffee)


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posted on Aug, 19 2008 @ 02:42 PM
This is upsetting, i love to browse several sites before i head to bed and now ive lost one, i hope whatever it is, turns out to be golden and fantastic as i always had this feeling inside that Dan and those around him would bring good one day, i can't ever begin to explain it, its like the John Titor stories, ive always felt that underneath, something was ringing a bell, and i could never put my finger on it, almost like John had a secret he knew would start to fix the worlds ills, and he seemed to cherish the secret because he hated the way people are today, but it always felt like whatever it was, it actually meant something for everyone, and not in a selfish way, in which the world seems to have become accustom too, i get the exact same feeling about Dan Burisch.

I know there are a hell of a lot of people out there who will have a huge smile on their faces at this news, but to others who feel like i have done, and there are quite a few on here who i know for a fact like to listen and enjoy some of the things said, maybe its just the hope or the feeling there is a small amount of hope for Mankind, even with what we do to each other, that there will be a way out of this existence, where the evil seem to have it all, and the good get walked all over, the feeling that i get from believing one day everyone gets what they deserve, good or bad.

Maybe justice is coming finally, who knows

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