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Could an i9/11 Lead to an iPatrioAct and Web 2.0 Censorship?

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posted on Aug, 19 2008 @ 12:57 PM
I came across this video today:

It was posted on

In a recent talk at the Fortune Brainstorm Tech event, Professor Lawrence Lessig predicted an "I9/11" event that would precipitate a restrictive "iPatriot Act" for the Internet.

The basic idea is that, at some point, there will be an exploit so intrusive that the security flaws of the Internet will be exposed to everyone. It is Lessig's belief that the government will respond with restrictions on Internet privacy that will be similar to those of the Patriot Act. The policy will probably be much more restrictive than the public might ordinarily approve; key issues like net neutrality might be renegotiated in ways that will benefit government agencies and corporations.

If there were to be an i9/11 in order to bring about an iPatrioAct, what would the purpose be? Could it be to push the new Web 2.0 into a position to be publicly accepted? I think maybe so.

Supposedly Google, Yahoo and other big name internet corporations are behind this push. Recently, Alex Jones released this video detailing how and other such Alternative News sites are being banned in the U.K. already:

Could ATS be the next site targeted for censorship? Will the public openly accept Web 2.0 after a major i9/11 attack?


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