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Benjamin fulford - Where are the Ninja's ?

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posted on Aug, 19 2008 @ 08:39 AM

well we are coming in on the one Month Line of Fulfords disclosure...

what if we wake up one morning and 3,000 top bankers vanished over night.. think it would bring down the financial systems...

I think I know a few of their targets... Rothchild and his siblings would probably be at the top of the list - I would have to include several Royal families from england to danmark ... Rockefellers clan, Bush clan... CFR, Trilaterals, Skull and Bones members... but that only comes up with about 80 or so.... where is this 3,000 number coming from... Ben..?

posted on Aug, 19 2008 @ 09:03 AM
Im listening to it now....

the last one I watched was on Project Camelot -

posted on Aug, 19 2008 @ 10:52 AM
Fulford might be a pressure release valve against people rebelling against the NWO. This is much in the same veign as religious doctrine: God will save, you'll go to heaven, just be a nice person and let the elites trod on you here. Same with Fulford, just wait, ninjas will save you. Seems to be a bit of a slight of hand using popular culture against the average joe, an attempt from the elites to defuse rebellion. The sheer fact that Fulford got an interview with Rockefeller is dubious in itself, as is his potentially elitist upbringing.

I could be wrong of course, and 3000 bankers, businessmen, statesmen and royalty could drop dead tomorrow, but I really, honestly, doubt it.

Just live your own life people, make the difference locally, and don't waste time with pipe dreams. The NWO is about the destruction of communities, the counter is keeping them working, Corrupt excessivly centralized government systems, economic monopolies and corrupt legal system be damned.

I will repeat: BE DAMNED . People need to empower themselves. Wake up.

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posted on Aug, 19 2008 @ 11:44 AM
In the year that I've been aware of his message, the prank patrol show my kids watch always comes to mind: "Release the ninjas!"
But I've had a few thoughts myself. Considering the cloning capacities that have been disclosed with regards to the cabal, just how close would true agents be. I imagine those around key people wouldn't be human as we know it anymore. Thats just one of my thoughts anyway. I also think that some of the key players that we actually see may not be human as we know it either. These thoughts are way out there, but anythings possible.
Also, if the trump gets called, thats when things would get dangerous for some of the good guys. I've been waiting for some news here myself! Hasn't been forthcoming for a while. And while he says to be patient, so far things just keep getting worse, so it doesn't appear anyone is really listening.

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posted on Aug, 19 2008 @ 11:45 AM
God's speed to the death of these banking tyrants, (NWO Masons) for crimes against humanity. It is time for the People to retake Power of the Earth. We can then take our time, and establish Democracy and discover true prosperity around the world. I'm already on the side of the rebellion. And, we don't really need to do anything, except quit our jobs, and start volunteering our time to help those in need, and their empires will fall apart. All we have to do, is STOP considering GOLD & MONEYS as important (because, they are not as precious as we once thought), and START considering LIFE & TIME AS THE TRUE CURRENCY (because, we now know that life is the only thing with true value, meaning, and purpose).


If you are currently serving military and reading this. You have it on the Authority of the People of the United States (the highest authority in the land) to stop taking orders from your unlawful superiors, abandon your post, and join the People's Revolution for the Human Rights, Peace, Liberty, and Democracy.

So, in an effort to find justice:

I do, hereby, charge Vice President Richard Cheney, President George W. Bush, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, and prior Director of the Central Intelligence Agency George Tenet with High Treason against the People of the United States of America, and War Crimes.

I do, hereby, charge all the members of the Freemasons of the world with Treason against the United States of America and all of the countries of the world.

I do, hereby, charge the boards of the World Banks with conspiracy to commit murder, aiding and abetting criminals, accomplice to war crimes and crimes against humanity, and illegal management of Japanese overseas funds.

So help me, God.

posted on Aug, 19 2008 @ 12:10 PM
From the video, almost 2/3rds of world finance is controlled by asia (62%), and they are 65% of the world's population. This should be sobering thought that we aren't the center of the universe here, and shouldn't be acting as though we are.

posted on Aug, 19 2008 @ 12:54 PM
I found this interesting from part 2 :

Benjamin "cause they are the ones behind the holocaust, they are the ones behind the mass murders of the 20th century. This is a cabal that, as you know, has started world war 1, world war 2, the holocaust, they created HIV. They're evil people and they have this obsession to enslave humanity...they've been in this world for so long they just don't realize when its game over.

Interviewer: Their treatment of the Palestinian people, shooting little children,women blowing up families Some of the quotes from past Palestine leaders about Palestineans and Arabs are absolutely appalling. And if you folks think it will stop with Palestinians, you're wrong. That's the elitism that Ben is talking about, that's the arrogance, the chosen people syndrome...These aren't regular Jews...we were set up in WW2 and left to swing in the wind by Zionism. Read 10 questions to the Zionists thats up there in a featured story box at Do your homework. Nothing to do with Jewish people of good heart, good faith, Catholics, Protestants, none of that. This is a geopolitical ,secular. Godless, athiestic, greed driven cartel of butchery and evil...That's what we're talking about here, nothing less.

Benjamin: They asked me to join their ranks last year, I have the tape recordings and video recordings to prove it, the documents they gave me, and they gave me a map of their future planned world. They were going to break China into six countries and the map features a whole new country ... They were trying to create an Empire, rebuild the (not good with names...) empire in Afghanistan, central Asia...and they've been trying to build an entire country in the middle east (again, can't make out the names,sorry) and another one around Afghanistan, trying to create this whole new kingdom and rule the world from there. They are aggressors, they are murderers, they are war-monglers. They are the source of the world's problems

I knew they had this plan to break up China and Russia, it was talked about in various disclosures. It was also told they were bringing down the US, in their attempt to rule it from the middle east region. Of course there's oil there, but I also think they just love repressive controlling regimes. Why do you think Sharia law has suddenly reared its head in Canada, Uk and free democratic countries with attempts to make it co-exist with various laws of our own. Its not about multi-culturalism, as our consitutions protect all citizens of all ethnic origins regardless of their religions and sex with the same rights, therefore this is not constitutional. It was a toe-in to their future plans of control. And Commander X talking about a new form of Christianity emerging, more acceptable to muslims I believe, like Sharia Law, that would be the law of the land, based on the Old Testament, the highest laws in court, where adulterors and gay people would be hung. I connected all these dots immediately. And they all back up what he was shown.

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