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The first thing you should know about prophecy of scripture.

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posted on Aug, 19 2008 @ 08:03 AM
There are so many questions you could ask about prophecy and scripture.

But there are certain things that are vital for those who are going to focus on prophecy and scripture as a way of finding the truth.

Ideas paramount to achieving success or failure in interpretation must be resolved in your mind from the beginning, before you even try to settle on what you think the will of God is.

For instance ask yourself how are you going to "KNOW" that you have a correct interpretation, is there some test you can apply?

What makes an idea true or false, is there even such a thing as being correct or incorrect when it comes to thoughts?

What about people who don't believe in God and what they think about prophecy in the form of scripture, should it concern me?

Questions about the nature of prophecy and scripture are legion, but shouldn't a person be resolved to certain things before they start trying to make sense of it all?

Before alphabets and letters every idea possible was expressed in physical terms, images were pictured in the mind and associated with ideas and given symbols.

Envisioning ideas in the mind and symbolism were the original and purest form of prophesy.

Alphabets and using letters for words to describe ideas as a replacement for symbolism was invented for much the same reasons coins and paper money were invented.

People in power must be able to keep secrets to maintain their power, that is they must keep people darkened in their minds to some idea or ideas in order to stay relevant and necessary to the individuals over whom they exercise authority.

Without the power that comes from holding secrets being exerted over our minds, there could be true equality, with true equality there could be true independence, which could bring in practice the achieving of individual self governance and literal self sufficiency.

Without the dependance created by keeping the minds of others darkened to the true meaning and nature of certain ideas, the conspiracy which exists to control all things human would collapse.

Money for trade and letters for words are one and the same thing in effect, without money there could be no centralized control of our physical labor and resources, same as with letters for words there could be no centralized control of our mental labor and reassures.

Words are a key to how the rulers of this world are able to maintain their conspiracy of control over our minds, just as money is key to how they maintain their conspiracy of control over our bodies.

All the ideas I am discussing here hinge on how those of us who seek truth above all else view prophecy and scripture.

People who will not open their eyes to the possibilities of greater meaning and deeper understanding being available in all things, but will only accept the officially recognized and approved definitions of words and ideas, they are already lost.

Such people have reached their limits and can not be helped, their minds are darkened, they will never see the fuller light that burns on the subject of prophecy of scripture..

What are the first things those of us who still seek truth above all else should consider before we attempt to gain meaning from any prophecy of scripture.

What is the greater meaning of prophecy of scripture, is it more than what the dictionaries and experts say?

Is there any meaning to it at all, or is it just a trap for the mind to fall into?

What are your thoughts, what do you believe is fundamental to know before attempting to gain meaning from prophecy of scripture?

posted on Aug, 20 2008 @ 07:21 AM
No one wants to talk about prophecy of scripture?

I guess there are to few people left who believe or understand these ideas.

The conspiracy appears to be fully ensconced over the minds of people.

It is the same everywhere I go now.

Looks like humanity has lost before we got started.

All that remains is a single great deception to be cast over all of us like a net, then we are finished.

There is only one overarching truth that can be known and learned by observation alone, that is that the greatest force in life available for the hand of a man to reach for, is the power of death.

Darkness lays in wait on our right flank while the shadow is cast on our left.

In our vanity and fear we run to escape nothing nowhere..

We flee glory and everlasting life only to fall into the trap of oblivion and eternal destruction.

The truth which is known and learned by revelation, it is our only hope, and yet it is despised above all things, why?

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