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A Predictions

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posted on Aug, 19 2008 @ 03:57 AM
These are just some random predictions I will make:

1. In 2009 we will not see Planet X at all!
2. In 2009 gas prices will reach above $5.00

3. In 2010 a huge amount of ice is going to break from the arctic shelves.
4. In 2010 the war will not be getting better it will be getting worse.

5. In 2011 NASA will find life forms on another planet(be it bacteria or what not).
6. In 2011 There will be 4000threads on 2012.

7. In 2012 someone will kill him/her self thinking the world is going to end.
8. In 2012 there will be no planet X that pass'.

9. In 2013 we will have a new "Doomsday Date".
10. In 2013 someone will finally get a clear shot of a real UFO.

These are just a few fun predictions of some of the things that I think might happen and who knows I should get a few of the easy ones right.

I in no way study much nor am I a prophet
but I just thought I would try and predict a few things that seam easy to predict.

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