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Uncensored NASA Moon Images!!

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posted on Aug, 19 2008 @ 06:13 PM
reply to post by zorgon

Oh, I am well aware. I mentioned it on that post, before I expressed my perceptions on what I am seeing constantly. If I am penalized, then I will accept it.

I am not angry, just disappointed and I will not stand by quietly and not say something about behaviors I morally oppose. Let us get back on topic.

posted on Aug, 19 2008 @ 06:15 PM
reply to post by GideonHM

Let's not bring morals into it. Ethics will do just fine.

posted on Aug, 19 2008 @ 06:16 PM
wow, wow, wow, wow!
this is my personal favorite right up with the radar sigs from stephensville.
amazing mike. can i just send you some money?

posted on Aug, 19 2008 @ 06:17 PM
reply to post by thrashee

THERE IS NO REAL PROOF OF ANYTHING. Proof? what is proof? logic? ha! what the hell is that? NUmerous, and count them, How many times in history has Logic ever won over the human mind? HELLO...if we were logically thinking humans, would we ever have even thought about landing on a surface 200,000 miles away? i dont think so. So yes, you can state your opinion. but dont just do it to be rude! its like your sitting trying to talk us all out of our own theories and opinions. Your entitled yours just as we are ours. so shut up and just deal with the fact that others dont always think the same as you. =]]

posted on Aug, 19 2008 @ 06:17 PM

posted on Aug, 19 2008 @ 06:17 PM

Originally posted by MrPenny
reply to post by zorgon

First, why don't we correctly define what we're seeing......two parallel lines that appear to be on the surface of the moon. That's all they are at this point. The immediate jump to describing them as "tracks" is assumptive and in no way supported by what we see.

Second, why do the lines appear to abruptly end at the clearly artificial, horizontal line in the image? Something magically stopped making "tracks"?

while i understand the overall sentiment described here, there IS something to support it being tracks on the moon. Nothing to prove it, but the fact that we see something, anything, lends support to their being tracks on the moon.

Now, what would you say it is?

posted on Aug, 19 2008 @ 06:20 PM
reply to post by bigfatfurrytexan

How about a plethora of rovers? A fragmented meteorite that struck the ground and split in two?

posted on Aug, 19 2008 @ 06:29 PM

Originally posted by mikesingh
Bring it on guys before that site goes up in smoke!!

That site will NOT go up in smoke Mike... because if you will recall it was Mark Robinson while at North Western University before moving to ASU gave us the 4 week advance leak on the Color Clementine images that are also at this site

What IS wrong though is missing image numbers

I really love all the people who are saying "Oh yeah those are the rover tracks"

WHAT rover...? I know where Lunokhod 1 is...
Lunokhod 1 toured the lunar Mare Imbrium (Sea of Rains) for 11 months.
The spacecraft soft-landed on the Moon in the Sea of Rains on November 17 at 03:47 UTC. The lander had dual ramps from which the payload, Lunokhod 1, could descend to the lunar surface. At 06:28 UT the rover moved onto the moon's surface.

Only problem is that Lunokhod 1 landed in


So would all you ROVER DOVERS please explain to me how it is the tracks show up on Lunar Orbiter when Five Lunar Orbiter missions were launched in 1966 through 1967

So call me crazy but I think you need to reevaluate your position

posted on Aug, 19 2008 @ 06:32 PM
Hey, been reading posts but not sure if ive seen any about this one picture. it looks pretty simple, but can you explain to me how everything is lit up excpet the object or rock in the middle. It kind of looks like its eminating light from the bottom.

i thought at first it was sun light but wouldnt that only make it shine from one side and cause a shadow on only one side and wouldnt the odject in the middle be lit as well?

someone help me out with this. Most of you seem pretty educated about this. im still a novice at this..

here is the link. you might have to zoom in the upper left hand corner.

posted on Aug, 19 2008 @ 06:35 PM

Originally posted by antar
I wanted to ask this same question but thought it was too out there... If they were domed, it would have had to have been for hundreds or even thousands of years right?

Or not...

Lunar and Martian Fiberglass as a Versatile Family of ISRU Value-Added Products
by Gary "ROD" Rodriguez, Systems Architect, sysRAND Corporation

Lunar Regolith consists principally of silicates, in some cases as volcanic or impact glasses. We continue to contend that silicon is more versatile in application than all of the other Lunar available elements combined and shouldn't end up in Lunar slag heaps and instead should be the fundamental building block for a wide range of value-added products in a CisLunar economy. Fabrication of silicate glasses are conventional industrial processes and anticipated tensile strength of glass made under hard vacuum is an order of magnitude greater than glass produced in atmosphere containing water vapor.

The logic employed in our reasoning includes the fact that any In Situ Resource Utilization (ISRU) effort is going to yield copious masses of silicon oxides which can be used in bulk as conventional glass products or, after further separation, can be synthesized as Silicon and Silicon- Carbide Fullerenes for more exotic applications. Additionally, mechanical wrapping of Silicon Webbing could prove to be more practical and durable and a lot less brittle than attempting large scale hot glass molding of structural components.

Identified fuel production ISRU efforts yield partially heated masses of metal oxides as waste byproduct – rich in silicates and metal oxides useful in bulk as conventional glass products. Fiberglass manufacturing increases effectiveness of prior ISRU fuel production by taking advantage of mineral benefaction and elevated process exit temperatures. The resulting structures would be spheres and cylinders with various configurations that could apply to human support systems, along with structures useable as storage tanks for the very Oxygen liberated in ISRU applications.

ISRU can manufacture more than fuels: even spacecraft are feasibly and affordably manufactured on Moon based upon fiberglass "tankage" integrated with fiberglass keels. Second generation structural components may take advantage of Silicon Nanotubes for additional composite strength. Diverse products for human systems support are manufacturable in-situ using glass fibers and fabrics, and CNC-type programmable manufacturing delivering state-of-the-art flexibility of remote design and parts manufacture. These concepts suggest extensibility and evolutionary capability derived when machining tool parts from fiberglass.

Contemporary Terrestrial industrial composite fiber products range from pressure vessels to lightweight sporting goods. A large number of products related to human systems support can similarly be manufactured in-situ using fiber fabric made from lunar silicate glass. Building structures using spun glass would be similar to those currently employed by Raytheon Aircraft or Scaled Composites to build composite aircraft. Pressure containers, structural components, woven fiberglass fabrics, molded and machined solid objects, glass fiber and filament are each large classes of value-added products.

This file is in the public domain available on CD from LPI

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posted on Aug, 19 2008 @ 06:41 PM
reply to post by GideonHM

First off, great Pics mikesingh, as usual you have a well sourced post with a fresh and new perspective on these things. I always look forward to your posts. Secondly GideonHM, I agree completely. And I want to add that I often fear that these kinds of harsh rebuttals from insulting skeptics will discourage people from contributing to these posts in a positive fashion OR even result in people like MS becoming discouraged and not posting at all.
I for one could never do the research and put in the time that guys like
mikesingh do. I follow their links and research hints and in my own way plod away to some sort of increased understanding of these things. It is not hard to tell those skeptics who are honest and respectful of others opinions and those that just want to disrupt and derail a good thread. I find myself using the ignore user button more and more these days.
More to the point of the topic, I agree that these anomalies are well worth looking closer into, a particularly since they are not doctored. Although towers and cubic structures do occur naturally, there is enough here to continue to tweak my interest.

posted on Aug, 19 2008 @ 06:43 PM

Originally posted by mikesingh
Yep! And if there were glass structures there, some at least would probably have had sunlight glinting off them.

Yup kinda like this one...

posted on Aug, 19 2008 @ 06:50 PM

Originally posted by bigfatfurrytexan As well, i believe that large amounts of carbon may be needed to aid in the chemistry involved in reducing the lime so that the water can carry it.

Nope no carbon required... most of the Cave formations are calcium dissolved by slightly acidic water seeping through the limestone, which is predominately calcite from sea shells etc settling to the bottom of a lake etc

Some are gypsum and these are the pretty ones... This one is epsomite in the process of forming in a cave in New York

posted on Aug, 19 2008 @ 06:52 PM
ive been doing some thinking about the whole line its just a pile of rocks and its just just natural geology so as a counter point to that

if you take a look at petra just south of Jordan via a satalite photo your see a rather large run of mountains and rocky terrain even much closer that the orbiter pictures get it still looks like a bunch of rocks

but this
is there as well as some othere structures

now that means there is a posability there can be things on the surface that you may not be able to easily find or look as most people say piles of rocks

as for people building them it also possible we know very little about the bodies that float around us in space for all we know at some point the moon could have supported life billions of years ago and they are from that time again its a possability just statng its a pile of rocks doesnt realy help anyone further dicover more about the moon
it may very well be a huge gray dust ball when all is said and done but if we write it off without propper exploration of its surface we will never know

considering the moon is the closest and easiest of them to get to we realy a have not had a good look around it and douge a little bit deeper ...or have we

im sorry if i have posted alot here today but i find this subject very intresting and im still pretty new here so if ive stepped on anyones toes i apologise

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posted on Aug, 19 2008 @ 06:54 PM

Originally posted by Anonymous ATS
One who instinctively or habitually doubts, questions, or disagrees with assertions or generally accepted conclusions(isnt the generally accepted conclusion there is nothing there )

Without a doubt THE BEST Anonymous post I have EVER seen...

Hurry up and sign up

posted on Aug, 19 2008 @ 06:57 PM
reply to post by zorgon

i did i just forgot to sign in when i type that one was half being nagged by the g/f

i wont be making that mistake again and almost ended up with a one liner ooops

[edit on 19-8-2008 by Amitsumikaboshi]

posted on Aug, 19 2008 @ 06:58 PM

Originally posted by estar
What the hell is this?



Its developer fluid on the negative... which I am sure some one has pointed out since page five...

posted on Aug, 19 2008 @ 07:04 PM
To the OP:

Can you please list the actual file names (as found on the ASU website) for the photos containing the tracks? Unfortunately you've renamed the posted ones.

posted on Aug, 19 2008 @ 07:07 PM

Originally posted by AntisepticSkeptic
Who took the pictures?

Hey try loosing the attitude... there is no call for that

The 1600 pictures captured in total by the five Lunar Orbiters using the ITT photographic system enabled photogrammetrists at NASA and the U.S. Government's Defense Mapping Agency to create accurate maps of the Moon's surface.

The images went to the DoD FIRST... DoD runs NASA... both are funded by OUR tax dollars and thus are our pictures

The DoD has finally released some image numbers and the WORK being done is by Mark Robinson at Arizona State University (ASU) who are the ones hosting the images. One of Marks Team Members is Michael Malin from Malin Space Science Systems

ITT is a DEFENSE CONTRACTOR who made the equipment that took the photos and did the processing

Now get off your NASA high horse and actually research something rather than throwing temper tantrums like a little kid

[edit on 19-8-2008 by zorgon]

posted on Aug, 19 2008 @ 07:08 PM
reply to post by MrPenny

The 'two parallel lines' stop at where the images intersect because those images were taken on different orbits. There fore a different time. So on one pass they were there, and on another they were not. So they were made during the time it took for the camera to orbit.

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