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The Disappearance of the Universe

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posted on Aug, 20 2008 @ 05:30 PM

I understand completely. I don't know anything either. No one came and took me on a great space coaster to see the inner workings of the universe and to read the the book of Absolute Truth. It never happened and I'm pretty certain it never will.

But I do see patterns. If you look hard enough in science you will find certain things repeat. Circles are repeated a lot. There's the whole sacred geometry thing. And well, the universe works. Us little humans sitting on this little speck of a rock at the edge of some galaxy are proof that the universe works. Why are there stars? Why are there so many? Why are there planets? Science can explain all this as far as showing how it came about given the natural laws. And we can say that these natural laws just happened to have came about perfectly to allow all this to occur. Out of all the possible outcomes this is the one that happened and it just happened to work. Now given all I've read in science, astronomy, math, astrophysics, biology, and other such pursuits the universe certainly appears to be smart. In fact it appears to be highly intelligent. Patterns repeated at the macro level are repeated at the micro level. The physical governing laws are simply perfect for everything to be in balance. This is what I mean by the bigger picture.

It appears to all be designed. Sure it may not be. But the probability that this current balanced design came about from random chaos without intelligence is pretty improbable. The more probable answer is that the universe is intelligently designed. It's not a matter of belief. It's just a matter of what best fits the current reality. So what does it hurt me to realize the probabilities of intelligent design outweigh the probabilities of perfectly balanced systems coming about from random chaos? It doesn't hurt me at all. In fact it makes everything that much more beautiful. Which in turn makes my little human body happy. And if it's all wrong then I'm perfectly fine with that. If I die and that's it then obviously I won't care. But while I'm here the intelligent beauty in the dynamics playing out before my eyes fills my little human with all the good emotions. Is that wrong?

The Illuminati, NWO, aliens, etc and so forth can't bother me now. After logically thinking it all out and taking that with my current situation, no matter what the answers are these things have no lasting effect on me. If I just die and that's it then these conspiracies are meaningless. If I'm a spiritual being that's just living a physical life to experience and learn stuff then these conspiracies are meaningless. If I have a chance to grow my awareness to the point it can exist without a physical body then these conspiracies are meaningless.

The only time these conspiracies hold any sway is when I willfully forget my station as a biological entity on this rock hurtling through space. They only bother me when I get caught up in the social dynamics and egotistical thought patterns that seem to occupy our society. If I remain realistic with true reality as my five little sense perceive it, then nothing can bother me. Death could happen as soon as I finish this post. It could happen tomorrow or in another 50 years. Either way this human life is just an infinitesimally small speck on the time table of the universe. It has the significance that a grain of sand would have to the black hole center of our galaxy. And with this truth there's only a few viable options. One is to be happy no matter what. To attempt to find the highest and deepest of emotions to fill this little human to overflowing. Two would be to do everything in my power to achieve some type of immortality so that my 'time' is less insignificant. Playing ego games with every nihilistic human that loves to wallow in their angst is not logical.

By ego I don't mean the personality. If I hint at losing the ego I don't mean to become some amorphous blob of nothing in particular. I'm speaking about egotistical thought patters that always seek to compare oneself to others either as above or below them. The ego, as I've just defined it, is illogical. Anyone that has studied Game Theory will realize that. Game Theory tells us that for every multi-player game (ie life) the best possible outcome is always achieved via cooperation. The egotistical mindset is a separatist objective. And therefore it will never achieve better results in the game of life than a cooperative (equalized) mindset. If there is an NWO or whatever and they have all this money and power there is still no way possible for them to be happier or more fulfilled than I am. I will have lived the better life. If death is the end then I would win. And if there's a chance for life after death I will have a better chance because I have created a denser awareness via cooperation with other minds. They will increasingly become more isolated and less dense in their awareness field thus giving them less probability for being able to hold their awareness without a physical body. And if this is a spiritual universe then I win again because I've grown my spirit and have attempted to help others do the same.

I wouldn't say to stop thinking and just live. I would say to realize the social dynamics that don't do you any good and drop them like they're hot. We don't have to have the absolute answers to be happy and fulfilled. We don't have to have the absolute answers to feel love and joy. Imagine you were taken away right now and someone gave you the Absolute Book of Truth. And you read it and came back. You'd be like "well, now what?". But not knowing gives us drive. It gives us motivation. It gives us fire as long as we don't allow stupid social dynamics to extinguish it. Screw what everyone else says this is YOUR life. It may be your one and only life. There are answers to all your questions but they may not be correct. But they are answers and they can be assigned probabilities based on what we see. What if you have the wrong answer to something? Does it really matter? What does it actually affect in reality if an answer is wrong? What if you have multiple possible answers to a question? Is that something so terrible that you're doomed and must live in a state of perpetual confusion? Or can you take those possible answers and say yea these work currently and if new information comes that makes them less probable then I'll revisit them and revise them as needed?

It doesn't have to be THE answer. You're not going to cease to exist in a poof of smoke if you temporarily accept an answer that seems to fit with your current knowledge base. You're not going to grow boils all over your body if you accept multiple possible answers to one question. What will happen though is you'll be happier. Life will seem brighter. Interactions will seem deeper. And your awareness will expand.

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posted on Aug, 20 2008 @ 07:54 PM
reply to post by OmniVersal

That was beautifully put and well said. If english is not your native language, I would not have known from reading your statement.

In fact I was surprised by the revelation. I have noticed fairly frequently that people with other primary languages seem to write more elegantly in English than native english speakers can these days. It is a curious phenomenon. It is not I think a matter of litteracy. But I have not figured out what it is a matter of.

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posted on Aug, 20 2008 @ 08:52 PM
Exactly, it is MY life and I intend to make the very best of it. Regardless of financial or physical constrants, or those around me.

Happiness is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich....mmmm think I'll have one now....

Thank you for your wonderful post...

posted on Aug, 20 2008 @ 09:28 PM
reply to post by Cyberbian

Thank you. English is my first and only language. Although I did do my best to ignore everything in English class I think I still absorbed it. My earlier sentence wasn't about my language. It was about trying to put my thoughts into words that would be interpreted the same for everyone reading. Of course, I can't know if that happens but I always try my best to do so. (Sorry I wasn't more clear on that before.)

The thing I think is at the root of non-native English speakers speaking clearer is that their study courses are meant to achieve succinctness in business. Whereas, here in the good ole USofA there appears to be an ongoing program to dumb kids down. Thankfully, I was in school in the 80's before it really got bad.

My only wish is to offer some logic to cut through all the muck we are bombarded with. I don't like seeing people struggling to make sense of things that don't always make sense. I want to be around deep down happy people and I'll offer whatever small things I can to help that along.

reply to post by hushpup

I've found that cold hard logic does lead to emotional happiness. I read something early on that said actions should beget emotions not the other way around. And I applied that in life. The result was being able to come to a balance with all topics that I encountered. And I know that each person has that same ability. I was pretty mucked up mentally from my childhood. So I know if I can get to a state of happiness through balance of ideas via logic, then anyone can.

I was reminded of the serenity prayer after I made my last post. I'll replace "God" with "Self" so it's more personal...

Self, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
The courage to change the things I can,
And the wisdom to know the difference.

This little thing has deep implications. For instance, I can't feed all the starving people in the world. If I could I would. But since reality dictates that I can't then the most logical conclusion is to accept that unless or until it's possible to do something different. It does not help me or the other people to constantly feel down about the plight of others in this world. To constantly feel down and wallow in the negative emotions from that is not to stand on some moral high ground. It's just an egotistical effort to make one feel better and to forget their own inability to effect the change many of us would like to see.

In other words, it's actually quite selfish although the individual probably won't admit to that. The least selfish thing we can do is work on ourselves to the point of achieving a level of knowledgeable bliss. Then we can actually be available emotionally to help others that we do have the power to help. And then they can help others and so on. If we are in a state of negative emotions and/or confusion we are no help to anyone.

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posted on Aug, 20 2008 @ 11:50 PM
Well said, and well recieved. The serenity prayer is something I work at, (I like the me the responsibility...nice.)

Your posts are terrific and do help. They say the things I am unable to put into words as well as you. I hope I don't sound lost, or completely drowning in the "muck". No doubt I have not figured out how to stay above it all with any consistency...and yes I was hoping for some insight or at least others who felt the same way..."I am not alone" can be a nice feeling...

Just seems so seldom that I find others who are actually working at it...that I can actually talk to about it.

I agree one hundred percent, you MUST be centered and have at least some degree of serenity before you are any good to others....incredible.

I have been touched by the gentle ripple...and forever changed...

posted on Aug, 21 2008 @ 02:33 AM
No, you don't sound lost or anything. I just let flow what comes to me. No matter what I see coming from someone else I also see it mirrored within. The struggle to erase my societal programming is ongoing but it does get easier the more I work on it.

You are not alone. The battle though is within and as such many don't share their struggles with others. So it can often seem we are alone in our thoughts. But once we take off our mask and let the light shine in the dark corners of our mind, we can see the struggle in the words of others. And we can see it mirrored in ourselves.

The internal human condition is a shared one. It takes many different shapes and forms. But once we can look at ourselves objectively we can then truly begin the work we see before us. Brutal self honesty is the quickest way. Anything less is just a bandaid to provide temporary relief from what we see in our internal mirror.

And anyone that can share their inner struggles on a public message board is already well on their way to achieving the mastery over self that they so desire.

posted on Aug, 24 2008 @ 03:58 AM
grant me the serenity.... man am i using that today...ha ha ha. life really is a strange thing. people confuse me, especially the ones im close to. i find it very difficult at times to concentrate on me. your comment about brutal honesty with ones self is something i use continually...i have said it many times and do my best to put it into practice.

when hit with a difficult situation, i turn it inward and see where i need to adjust. frustration holds me at the moment, i think i am dissapointed in what those around me are doing, there fore the honesty i thought i was applying to myself was a it possible that i only used it to manipulate the situation? damn...

such a bummer. i can see that a decision has to be made and im am afraid to make it...i want to close my eyes to it and pretend that it isnt there. but what good does that do me? none....

sorry i am rambling...thinking out loud. the search never ends does it? the battles are never won it seems...or maybe they are and it just moves on to the next....maybe i am trying to hard.

i read your thread on meditation and have done my best with that...but my mind never, ever stops...i will try again. i need it...

posted on Aug, 24 2008 @ 08:17 PM
I'm taking a little break from posting. I'm still available via u2u if you want to talk.

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