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The Disappearance of the Universe

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posted on Aug, 18 2008 @ 10:54 PM
Why are we here? What in the world is this all about? If it is true that we are all pre-destined to live the lives we live, then to what end? Was the person who was shot by a stray bullet during a drive by born to die that way? For what purpose? Was it a lesson for the robber? His mother or father? For him? Was his time simply done...

If we all have a free will and are able to choose, then why do we not choose to be happy every single day? We seem to drown out the positive with the negative. Once a challenge is presented to us and we finally over come it, we are off onto the next one.

We worry about how we look, if we are accepted, if we are smart enough. The lonely guy sits in his home hoping for someone, yet only finds emptiness. What choice is he making or not making that prevents him from having what he wants? Why does it seem so hard?

The woman cries alone at night because her husband doesn't give her what she needs emotionally. Maybe she tries to connect but he does not respond. Is she choosing to be sad?

I suppose she is, as is the lonely guy. It isn't what they wanted, not at all how they had planned it, but there it is. I am continually disappointed in just about everything. It isn't what I want to be, however I always seem to end up that way.

Look at politics, pretty scary. Why is it that a “real” man (or woman) can't step up to the plate and lead us?

Look at Hollywood, why is it that these people who have been given the gift of performers, choose to act as if they are so much better than us? They can act, and fill our fantasies, give us relief from the boredom but why do we follow them, and feed their need? Put them on pedestals?

Look at the child molester, what in the world drives this kind of person? Why do they even exist? Are they choosing to be this way? Is it an uncontrollable thing or do they choose?

Is it by choice, or are we all predestined to a be who we are and what happens in our lives? Does everyone have a certain number of years to live and then you reach the magic number and lights out? Or can we do something to change it?

You meet someone, think you fall in love. You think that you know them, you connect on many levels. Marry them, have a pretty good thing going and all of a sudden you find out that they aren't who you thought they were. You've been living with a stranger. Is that a choice?

I read a couple books some time ago, that eluded to the fact that we are all “asleep”, that we are all trying to get back to “God”. God, as explained, is something we are all a part of. We are all little pieces of the “whole”. The world we live in has been created by us. Since we are all connected we all play a part in what happens, what we see. Big disasters are fabricated by us, a way to keep us focused on being “here” instead of “waking up” and coming back to the whole.

Our lives (yes live's plural) are determined by us so that we can learn what we need to learn. We choose before we are born (each time) to go to a certain place so that we can learn lessons that will enlighten us enough to go to the next level. There are many, many levels and it takes many lives to reach the highest level of existence. The highest level would be knowledge of who and what we actually are, therefore being set free from the bondage of this life, this body to be once again reunited with the “whole”.

Humanity continues to grow spiritually, each of us on a different level of existence. The ones that are on a higher plane of knowledge are further along on the journey. Possibly the Einstien's of the world are such people. Maybe the Jeffrey Dommers are on the lowest level. The rest of us are somewhere in between. Eventually, we will all rise above the muck and BAM the universe as we know it will cease to exist, we will all be re-joined and become whole....

Think that is why we get so lost in ourselves? Why we are so preoccupied with what we are, who we are? Why we lose ourselves in addictions? Are we making a choice to stay in this “sleep”, or can we choose to rise above it and come back to the whole.

It's been some time since I read them, one I know was called “The Disappearance of the Universe” the other I can't seem to recall. They both left me feeling a little bit strange but also opened my mind to the possibility of something more than what I had always believed in. I can't say I understood it all but certainly feel like I should revisit both.

posted on Aug, 18 2008 @ 11:27 PM
I wonder the same things. Sometimes, I'm wondering whether I should really know, or would I really want to know. Like you say, the obstacles in our lives are the things keeping us here... maybe by our unconscious desire to stay keeps us fearing death. Maybe it's not the end, but maybe it's closer... or maybe it's farther, or maybe it's just that nobody living can tell you what death is like. Maybe we'll all be surprised. Maybe death isn't so bad. Maybe we'll look down upon even something like a childhood trauma and laugh at how silly all our little characters were acting, all the little things we made ourselves victims of. It will all seem silly, maybe... and it will make the life worth living no matter what. Kind of like how even bad friendships, if you are like me you always remember the really good things about it, not the bitter. If you can't look back upon its beauty, the would be no reason to experience it. I assume that is the way it is with lives. We carry them with us forever, and maybe in between the me now and the me after this life, we can sit back with a multidimensional remote control and we can relive the certain really good moments, or spend a little more time with those we wish we'd gotten closer to...

I dunno. I think that is the best answer. You can never be wrong if you're never believing you are right. I have my theories, but I must admit that sometimes it is like an unintentional power trip and a reassurance to yourself that you know and you are firm amongst a sea of confusion... but then you remember at this level, that you can only give in and be part of the seemingly random chaos....and have faith that it all straightens out eventually.

posted on Aug, 18 2008 @ 11:32 PM
People are sown a path based on their freely chosen testament. That testament acts as a formula that after during the free-style pick would greatly influence them afterward to the point they are bound by/under what they picked. There were periods where people could be saved or damned by opening point tests. People are free to choose to be saved and are free to choose to be damned during those test snares. Also there is programs that run people that bypass their formulas but dont have anything to do with saving or damning them but asuring certain things happen or asuring certain things dont happen.

That's my two cents.

People get what the give. Especially after becoming rational persons fully aware of what you're doing to another.

The 2nd life is for the worthy of us. It's nothing but paradise to each their own kind seperate. This world here ajourns. Some shall delete. Some shall go to paradise (their 2nd life). One shall go to Hell backed with their own hell if they will leave it. One of the some going to paradise shall also head the magical command center how arranged and become fully awake back to rule the paradox point as its worthy keeper called the porter. This porter shall keep all things that offend away for sure by not letting it in in any way, shape, or form.

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posted on Aug, 19 2008 @ 12:03 AM
Every example you gave is from a "fear" based mentality. Most of the world lives in a fear based mentality. That's why things are they way they are.

If 1/4 of the world could stop for 5 seconds at the same time and think of nothing but loving, unselfish, unconditional thoughts it would be enough to start a chain reaction in consciousness around the world.

The end of misery.

It is so simple, yet so difficult. Getting that many people to give up their petty differences even for 5 seconds would be like trying to heard cats!

Don't get me wrong, I believe it will happen one day, but not until most people have had enough of the crap.

posted on Aug, 19 2008 @ 01:04 AM
reply to post by WatchNLearn

I have been extra conscious about what I say and what I think for the last couple of months - trying to stay on the positive no matter what. I thought I was getting somewhere with lots of good things happening; including a new love for the first time in 20 years. But in the end, love was so painful I couldn't take it anymore!
I opted out just to get relief.
The last couple of days has been like an elastic snapping - like all the positive thinking was artificial, and couldn't stand up to the trials of reality. A flood of nasties seem to be overwhelming my world at the moment.
Its real hard to figure out what lessons I am supposed to be learning or why I would have chosen this particularly convoluted and confusing life, lol, but I am not giving up on it, the positive thinking that is, just taking a breather.

posted on Aug, 19 2008 @ 01:54 AM
reply to post by wayno

I once contemplated happiness, I was a most miserable person.
I ran from my loneliness, I ran from my misery. It followed me everywhere. I could not escape it, because I carried it with me everywhere I went.

There was no place in the world I could hide from it. I tried. It is not easy, but you can slowly become happier by appreciating what you can in life.

As you do this you gradually become more appreciative, and your appreciation follows you wherever you go. You become happier, when you understand it comes from the inside.

I am not saying that after all these years I have mastered this. But I am happier now. I laugh and smile inappropriately in other peoples eyes, sometimes. I think this is a positive sign. I smile inigmatically at them when they do, wishing they could understand the joy and pain of walking in the two worlds at the same time.

The poorest people in the worst conditions may be the happiest you meet along the world wide road. They see the joy they have in one another, and every little generosity the universe allows them. While others around them see only hell.

I learned joy from people who have surlely long ago died from the brutality of their paradise.

"Hell hath no limit, nor is it circumscribed in one self place! It is where we are, and where we are, therefore hell must ever be!"
Christopher Marlowe's Faust.

Understand that statement of Marlowe and you will learn to turn it on it's head. Some of us at least must discover heaven within a single flower in hell.

posted on Aug, 19 2008 @ 11:42 AM
reply to post by Cyberbian

wow, profound response
I re-read your post several times - there is so much there to digest.

indeed, the foulest smelling compost sometimes produces the best flowers
on the otherhand, however, the lone neglected flower stretching out from a crack in the pavement by some derelict warehouse can be the most intriguing and inspiring

my life without love, lust and hate was safe but boring. hardly worthwhile.
with all those things the emotional highs and lows are almost unbearable

some suggest that we can create a reality for ourselves that is all positive all the time. I don't think this is either possible or desirable. I want to learn to embrace both the ups and downs as legitimate and worthwhile, if painful.
now there's a lesson ...
thanks for sharing your insights

posted on Aug, 19 2008 @ 04:26 PM
I know, what if it is the evil forces that are keeping us on this physical plane of existence? Think about it! There are people who claim to be religious leaders and they tell us that to be with god we can't kill ourselves or we goto hell. What if they are lying? What if they are part of the evilness that is keeping us here and in order for us to achieve full one-ness, we have to FREELY give ourselves up to it! We know the only way to get to the higher planes is through shedding our physical bodies, but if we listen to the lies of the evil ones and we don't give ourselves freely, they can take our souls because we chose them over one-ness!!~!!oneone!!111ONE

posted on Aug, 19 2008 @ 05:13 PM
Wow I didn't mean to sound so negative...just wondering what it truly is all about? I wonder why we do, as humans seem to concentrate on the negative?

I hear you and realize that to be happy you simply have to make a choice. I'm actually not sure I want to "wake up" and leave this world. I do like my life, even with all of it's ups and downs.

Sometimes it just seems your riding along the river and don't have much of a choice as to whats coming next.

posted on Aug, 19 2008 @ 05:26 PM
When I die, the universe ends. That's pretty much all. It'll be just like being unconscious during surgery, except that it'll never end, which is not like it will last a billion years or anything and I'll see that billion years zoom by. It will be infinity with no sense of time passing. No sense of anything. So the universe will be gone.

Will the universe continue without me? I don't see how.

posted on Aug, 19 2008 @ 07:28 PM

Originally posted by sirnex
I know, what if it is the evil forces that are keeping us on this physical plane of existence? Think about it! There are people who claim to be religious leaders and they tell us that to be with god we can't kill ourselves or we goto hell. What if they are lying? What if they are part of the evilness that is keeping us here and in order for us to achieve full one-ness, we have to FREELY give ourselves up to it! We know the only way to get to the higher planes is through shedding our physical bodies, but if we listen to the lies of the evil ones and we don't give ourselves freely, they can take our souls because we chose them over one-ness!!~!!oneone!!111ONE

I have mostly done it for myself. You can too. Here is an exercise. I don't know if it is the one you need but it helped me.

When someone brings unhappiness into your life, ask yourself this question. "Who is this person, that I give them the power to control my emotions."

Your feelings are your own. Refuse to give those who would pull you down power over you. At first you will be hiding the emotional response, suppressing it. In time you will not have it.

There is an amazing snapback effect in doing this. Manipulators simply explode when they cannot push your buttons. It makes them powerless and weak, they fly off into tantrums. You grow in personal power and self confidence and in your sense of well being blossoms, empowering you to skip the negative emotions.

The emotional ride was too much for you Wayno, because you were being riden. When they are your own spontaneous and genuine emotions, and not the result of leach craft, it levels the ride to something genuine and worthy of sustaining.

Be strong, be well. I hope this is for you.

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posted on Aug, 19 2008 @ 07:47 PM
Ones happiness and joy are never external despite what the eyes, ears, nose, tongue and hands may sense to your brain which then you interpret accordingly.
Everything is however projected from deep within your internal self to the external self like a vortex of energy.
Thats why some emotional moods can be so fleeting and superficial and ebb and flow despite how much money you have in your pocket.
Consciously choosing to not to let the, "# hit the fan" when things get tough. Takes "tough" effort indeed

posted on Aug, 19 2008 @ 07:48 PM
reply to post by Cyberbian

I think you got confused; I was poking fun at this thread and topic discussion. I got bored, saw something that was obviously way out there and decided to have some fun. I am sorry if you took it as a serious reply, truly.

Yet, in response to your post; This is definitely something I already employ to some varying degree. Usually when things like this occur, rather than letting the person win, I will belittle and ridicule them in an attempt to show them that fake they are.

posted on Aug, 20 2008 @ 02:07 AM
reply to post by sirnex

More effective for you and them is to remain totally uneffected. Which is to say let it roll off you like it never happened.

It is decalwing a predator.
Many people when they bring you joy or misery are acting like emotional vampires. Mostly they seek control and superiority. It is a domination / submission game. They experience a feeling of helplessness in your presence when they cannot control your emotions. They like to make you dance like a puppet on a string.

With that failure to control you via your emotions, comes a simultaneous but not conscious realization that you are controlling their emotions, because you have effected them while they cannot effect you.

Berating someone is just another display of emotions. They got to you, once again.

The whole game is played below conscious awareness. Once you watch and observe detatched from the game, you become the master. You are aware while they remain mechanical and tied to emotion games they can no longer control the outcome of.

If you like to play the "game" you should try being a power player. The only way to win is to step out of the game. I truly prefer that you would consider stopping your manipulations, once you learn to disarm others. A genuine relationship is so much better. But for dealing with adversaries, few will be able to stand up to you. Do not do this with violent people. It can set them off into a murderous rage.

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posted on Aug, 20 2008 @ 07:10 AM

Originally posted by dunwichwitch
I have my theories, but I must admit that sometimes it is like an unintentional power trip and a reassurance to yourself that you know and you are firm amongst a sea of confusion...

This isn't directed at you or anyone else. It's kind of an explanation as to why I say what I say.

I know this thought well. I've thought through it from every angle I can conceive of. And at every turn logic dictates that I continue the path as I've currently set.

Let's say for instance that we are just some improbable event. That our consciousness is tied to these bodies and that when we die that's it. One life to live. If this is the case then the logical course of action would be to make this one life as enjoyable as possible. Now given our financial slavery the majority of us have a limited amount of physical freedom. So obviously, financial freedom is a valid direction to pursue. But what about the rest? What makes a more enjoyable life given our circumstances? Would it be to stay in a state of confusion and acting the victim of circumstances? Or would the more enjoyable outcome be to live in a state of absolute certainty about the patterns you see and the bigger picture you see and what they mean?

Is it more enjoyable to always take yourself back to square one in order to appease others that like to wallow in the negativity that confusion often brings? I've tested both out extensively. And the conclusion is obvious. I enjoy life so much more when I integrate the bigger picture that I see. I can see the intricate beauty and it all fits into a larger puzzle. What people say, think, and do no longer fazes me. Everything always fits and everything always makes perfect sense. All the questions are answered. There are no more "Why's". If I'm completely wrong and this is my only life then it doesn't matter. I will have enjoyed it much more than someone who stays in a state of confusion. I will have made the most of this one life. I will have lived the fullest life possible. I will have no regrets on my death bed.

What about the middle ground? What if there's a chance to achieve some type of immortality without a physical body? Given the overwhelming coolness of being aware I must say that such would be a valid pursuit and goal. So given that I have this awareness now then the optimal path would be to increase it while I still have it. If I have any chance of staying together when this physical body expires then my awareness must be dense enough to maintain itself in an unknown environment. Logic again dictates that confusion is not the optimal path to achieve this.

Absolute certainty does not mean that we believe any particular thing. It simply means that we have a purpose that we carry with us in each moment. The effects of this opens us up to allow for any possible outcome. And when we see patterns that fit into particular conclusions we can ascribe probabilities to those conclusions. We don't need to be married to them. In fact, the best probable outcome would be to be prepared for all probable outcomes. But confusion only muddies the water. It keeps our awareness at square one. This is logically not the best course of action. Absolute certainty in our analysis of probabilities attached to possibilities grows the density of our awareness. It allows for limitless outward expansion. It allows for all mindsets to be integrated without confusion. Everyone we meet and converse with becomes a part of us. There are more points of contact within our awareness field. There is more volume within our awareness field. There is a place for everything. We become legion. We become all we see. And this can't happen when we take our awareness back to confusion. It can't happen when we revert back to "I don't know" just because someone feels uncomfortable with our certainty.

And now to the other end of the spectrum from "we are just some a random coincidence in a vast chaotic universe". If we live multiple lives and do so in order to test ourselves and refine ourselves. If we are immortals that seek to experience mortality. If we have all access and seek to experience the lack thereof. If we already possess the ability to create anything but wish to experience the inability to create much at all. Then the logical course is the same.

No matter how I look at it. No matter who's theory of existence I try on. No matter what level of thought I allow my thought matrix to flow out from. Logic dictates that I continue this path. It's the most optimal course of action no matter what the outcome is. No matter what the truth is. No matter what the answers are. No matter if they're aren't any answers at all. It benefits me and it benefits those around me that are tired of going in circles with their confusion. For those that have grown comfortable with their confusion then that's where they wish to me and it's not my place to disturb that. They are already at where they wish to be so there's no help needed. There's no more benefit they can receive at that moment. Everything is still in place. Everything still fits where it fits.

I do hope that translation came out ok. It's difficult to put some things into words and have it's meaning interpreted the same for everyone reading.

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posted on Aug, 20 2008 @ 07:31 AM

Originally posted by hushpup
Why are we here?

I had to sign up for this. My response is: because we are. If you try and dig any further well, you will get lost.

Take care,


posted on Aug, 20 2008 @ 07:57 AM
reply to post by Cyberbian

I don’t usually reply to user that have reply to other users.
With your post i have to make an exception:
Every thing that you have wrote has very deep value and meaning if only one wants to see it as an experience rather then doctrine.
I see a will of awaken compassion in your words!



posted on Aug, 20 2008 @ 10:04 AM
reply to post by hushpup

Sometimes it just seems your riding along the river and don't have much of a choice as to whats coming next.

I used to feel that way a lot; except to me it was sometimes more like being swept away by a raging current or rapids.
Then I got into this positive thinking stuff and tried to be the master or controller of my own destiny. Somehow I don't think that is quite the way either.
Its like you can't learn from others if you keep talking. You have to shut up once in a while and just listen. Instead of exerting so much effort to try and control things, I think it might be better to some degree, to relax, and let life take us where we "need to go" to learn the lessons we need to learn.
Meditation is probably one of the best ways to ensure that we are as open as possible to the more profound lessons in store for us.

posted on Aug, 20 2008 @ 11:02 AM
HAppiness is a habit , read psycho-cybernetics. humans are insane and story telling creatures might as well train your bran to act as you want in stead of dreaming of what is cause im sure none of us can possibly fathom it.

posted on Aug, 20 2008 @ 04:19 PM
I love what omniversal wrote...very good indeed.

I do think that we get so "caught up" in the why's that we miss the big picture. (whatever that is....) Maybe that is the reason our growth is "stunted"...

Absolutely correct, it doesn't matter if I know...only what I do with myself at any given time. I get glimpses of the "freedom" of not allowing others or circumstances interfere with my serenity but it is something I have to work on continually.

I do not know if there is an after life, I do not know if we are reincarnated and try many times to "get it right"...I don't know a damn thing...I only know what is right for me and that changes constantly.

I have been looking into a lot about the illuminati and NWO and all of that. Watched some vid's on the three empires etc... wow, my mind went crazy with it...I mean it opened it up to all kinds of possibilities. All the things that we have been taught all these years kind of blown out of the water. I had read the Unseen Hand a year or so ago and that too opened up my mind to many things...that things aren't what they seem. Kind of freaky....

It goes along with all of this...what do you do with the knowledge? What do you believe? What CAN you do? It's way bigger than us... everything is.

Had a thought last night about turning all assets into gold and buying a four by four jeep, land somewhere away from everyone, growing my own food etc... to what end though?

Maybe I should just stop thinking and only be... Experience everything that comes my way, good or bad and actually feel it... I am sure I will find out the answers (if there are any) in due time...

Thanks for all the posts...

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