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Open and Close Minded

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posted on Aug, 18 2008 @ 07:28 AM
Firstly, I've been thinking recently about the differences between open and close minded people and why it is that people end up the way they do. Many of our characteristics (physical mental and spiritual) by adulthood are due to experiences we've encountered, genetics and other such factors. All contribute to the person we are. What is it however that makes a person open to everything or open to nothing? I remember being five years old and going to the library to get books out on UFO's, long before I had any grasp on the way things are, the concepts of spirituality or anything else that would direct me this way. My father is very closed to this stuff, my mother is open a little but by no means a fanatic and both siblings won't hear of it. I have had very little family input at all that would contribute to my ideas today. Any reactions on this one? Any similar experiences that might point the finger to the reasons for this?

Lastly, what is the point of an open mind? When the journey of truth is such a personal thing, what drives an open mind to want to push a closed mind into a new way of thinking. I've come to the conclusion that open minds aren't meant to be 'waking up the rest of the world.' There are people so extremely ignorant out there, they will deny the very things before their eyes, let alone discuss anything. Its almost like we have to wait for each and every person to reach their own conclusions for this 'global conscious shift.' Lets be fair people, it would take a miracle or a catastrophic event for much of the people on this planet to question anything. I can only think that open minds are to answer the questions that come as and when they are asked. Whatever natural conscious shift might be coming, we won't see it anytime soon at this pace.



posted on Aug, 18 2008 @ 08:15 AM
I have no awnser to your questions, but I do have an opinion. I can image for a lack of input or understanding from your close family you feel the way you do. It is never nice to be not understood or maybe even completely misunderstood..

First of all I think having an open or less open mind comes for a start with what the parents give their kids within the years of growing up untill kids finally leave the parents home to 'dig deeper' in life for (other and new) experiences. Based on the experiences a person 'learns' or make, the brain and/or way of thinking will be influenced, based on those experiences.

I think that I am openminded, up to a certain point, then what is openminded to me maybe is not openminded to someone else (that claims be even more openminded).

I think it is important for people to look further then their nose is long and try to be open for other or different idears, as maybe people with a 'less openmind' (or narrowed view at things because of a lack of certain experience) can learn something from people with a more open view on things (in life or what ever).

Futher I do not want to push my (openminded) opinion to anyone, as long as I will be respected for what I think (also based on experiences I have made myself on MY life journey). In most cases I respect people for their opinion, even when it is different or completely opposite from mine.

Being openminded or less openminded also has to do with a certain level of respect, I mean that having a discussion with a person who has different opinion (being less openminded) will mostely end up in a verbal fight (or worse) if both parties are not willing to listen to eachother and try to understand another person's way of viewing up to things and/or situations.

posted on Aug, 18 2008 @ 08:37 AM
because a closed mind will stab or shoot me , lol

thats pretty much the bottom line, and why i try my best to help others facilitate open minds also. more open minds and critical thinkers is better for everyone in the long run, less pointless murders .

so yes, its because closed minds think indiscriminate killing is ok, so i try my best to open them, so they dont stab me or shoot me


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