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"Above my Pay Grade" Washington insider cop out?

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posted on Aug, 19 2008 @ 09:17 PM

Originally posted by marg6043
reply to post by EastCoastKid

Bingo!!!!!!!!! but we know that behind the abortion religious stance the selfrighteous appointed leaders seems to be the ones in close links with god and the only ones that can impose morality on others.

Still Mc/Bush played the right card for the eyes and ear of the religious right just like a littler good boy to suck up some votes.

Hey Marg, great to "see" you again.

I gave that stuff up (imposing morality on others) long ago, as you know. Its not very Jesus-like.

I'm nowhere near that level of consciousness; but apparently, those who bought McCain's act at Saddleback need to go home and spend some serious time in prayer and scripture reading.

McCain is the biggest hypocrite/charlatan in the world when it comes to the abortion debate, the role of faith and womens' issues. He is an absolute neandrathal.

posted on Aug, 20 2008 @ 09:24 AM
reply to post by EastCoastKid

For the more eschatologically-challenged among us, Sen. Obama was speaking in spiritual terms.

I hope that as a born again Christian, you realize by the zeal and devoutness clearly demonstrated on this thread, that politics is so obviously a religion. The problem is that the guidelines are not so "clearly" outlined for public consumption as is the Word. The real beliefs of a politician are so often concealed..hidden..esoteric...occult. We know this because of the number of interpreters needed when a politician makes a boneheaded statement like the one we are discussing here. So many interpreters needed.
The concern for much of the public in this coming up election is the question of what are the real beliefs of his (Obama's ) candidacy. He is obviously not able to make this "clear" to the satisfaction of much of the public who will be voting in this election.

What happened to " let your yes's be yes..and your no's meaning no.

Or the other way of saying it is Harry Truman's dictum

"The Buck Stops Here"

we now have the sophistication, education, and "clarity" of

"That's Above my Pay Grade"

This is a politician ..a US Senator...under public oath as he is ...trying out for a public office. The Highest office in the land. This man swore an oath as a Senator...a public oath ..not a private oath.

I take the liberty to remind the readers on this forum..that for years and years..the Democratic party used this issue ..abortion... with devout religious intimidate the offices of the land to their party by a sophisticated slight of hand with the same self righteousness that they now attribute to the people who asked this question and also now doubt Barrack Obama for his poor tack or "clarity" in answering it.
For those who remember the history it does not serve to cry wolf and foul when the party about which they are so zealously cheering has done the very same thing with a vengeance. It is obvious to those of us who can think, read, know, and recall history...that there is a very zealous and devout sense of entitlement among these adherents of this political religion.

I will also remind you and the readers on here... East Coast Kid...

That when a politician does not speak "clearly" ...their yes's will not mean yes..their no's will not mean no.

This is is much of politics by the very nature. IF this is you state..I am given to wondering asking what or whom is the spirit with which they are communing.

For as believers...we know the name of the Author of name.

What Barack Obama has done for us who given us the name of his god. He has done this by his failure to have his yes's mean yes and his no's mean no. This is also so obviously the name of the god of the political party supporting him and also the "legions" of media shilling for him. For you see..East Coast their attempt to damage control..the "legions" of media too has given us the name of their god in like manner.

It is just exactly that simple to those who are properly taught. This is what I mean when I stated earlier that he got away from his handlers.
This is an educated person ....he is not ignorant. What he is... is of another spirit than are we. I am given to ask in what spirit he was educated. It must be gnosticism..sophism...which is also of the author of confusion.

It is exactly that simple.

This is the other reason some people of Gnostic/Sophist religions want to keep Christianity out of politics....even to individuals from voting or expressing their own conscience...their own Faith.
Many of those on these threads of the Gnostic/Sophist religions/political persuasion...are so bold as to treat the Believers in Christianity as if they are something lesser, second or third hand, and not worthy of consideration or opinion. Only their positions/religions/Faith..the Gnostic/Sophist position... is worthy of playing through by default. This is quite clear on these threads. We should never be allowed to vote or think our conscience/faith. This is the entitlement of which I speak. It is obvious by the boldness on these threads.

We can see this fingerprint. Clearly.
And we tell/teach others of this knowledge.


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posted on Aug, 20 2008 @ 11:41 AM
reply to post by alkali

Unfortunately since if elected he will sign legislation, and pick justices that address this issue, his "above my pay grade" comment implies that the duties of the executive office related to this topic are also above his pay grade.

posted on Aug, 20 2008 @ 12:59 PM
While I have to agree with Andrew about what Obama meant by the "above my pay grade" comment, I think it was a lousy choice of words. For someone who is supposedly such an eloquent speaker and speech writer, I would have expected a clearer, easier to understand answer. I think a lot of people were confused by it.

posted on Aug, 21 2008 @ 12:18 PM

Originally posted by maybereal11

As for me I have had my fill of mind-numbing arrogance in the white house and am not looking to continue it.

So you won't be voting this election?? You certainly can't be voting for BHO if you've had your fill of "mind-numbing arrogance" in the Whitehouse.

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posted on Aug, 24 2008 @ 08:23 PM
"above my pay grade" means "not on my teleprompter"

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