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Can ATS Save the World?

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posted on Aug, 20 2008 @ 02:43 AM
well it is a science that requires some study to understand how it works concerning consciousness, and my explanation of that would be too lengthy and prolly poor because I am no scientist. But the effects can be seen in everyday life.

For instance: If you have ever seen Tony Robbins who has worked with very powerful men in business and politics or any other "positive thinking" guru you may have heard of or seen on TV; they teach variations of positive thinking that has a direct effect on many things like sales, relationship, getting that job etc.

They teach that "how" and "what" you think, can effect everything, even others.

have you ever gone into a pub that has a small band or even just one guy with a guitar? It isn't all that impressive until they play. When they play in person and in your proximity, you feel the energy of the players. Suddenly you find yourself enjoying a song you would have never enjoyed. Or a genre of music you hate even.
It is the proximity to the band that makes it more powerful. Were you listening to them 50 yards away through loud speaker, it would not have near the same effect on you. This is one of the reasons first row tickets (rock concerts etc) are so important to fans because they want to FEEL it. It is an emotional experience.

Once the song ends, the magic ends, but it does linger. Even if you buy their CD on your way out of the pub, chances are, you would only listen to it lightly, and it wouldn't feel at all like it did when you saw it live in the pub.

Bottom line, people give off energy. That energy effects others in proximity. All of our world religious figures gave off enough positive energy along with their positive message to change everything and the records of this phenomenon are in the sacred texts of the world.

Studies have shown that people can do this remotely through meditation and simple positive thinking with INTENT concerning themselves, those around them, and the world. This is called the mass-consciousness experiment. Art Bell tried it with his radio listeners and did something significant, a number of times.

If everyone in the world were to think positive thoughts and abide by them, then war would end along with starvation, and other terrible things. Look what your positive thinking and positive emotion has done for you. Imagine this world wide.

Some metaphysical ideology and New Age philosophy contends that not only do we each have our own consciousness, but so does humanity itself. Some call it the mass-consciousness, kind of like how mob mentality works but in a mental and spiritual way. Like the music in the pub, so to with the conscious intent towards others.

This is the power of the human consciousness, and with more people participating in the event, the power of the event grows exponentially. Thus only a small number of people can change the consciousness of many instantly if there is the right ratio according to the Hundredth Monkey Effect.

Now I have no clue if we could reach that kind of critical mass or start a chain reaction in planetary consciousness and I think that would be a little presumptuous to assume it could. That isn't the point of this mass-consciousness experiment.

The goal would be to raise the level of consciousness of a targeted group of people, to emotionally or spiritually move them, like millions of people singing at the same time to an audience in mental song through global meditation and good intent, instead of just the song sung by the one singer you were so moved by in the Pub.

Hope this helps


posted on Aug, 20 2008 @ 03:31 AM
reply to post by _Heretic

what i thought you meant

i have participated in a few of these 'mass-concious' efforts.
i do reiki and have been asked to do a few group distant healings and beleive it or not the receiver felt a differance.
i have also participated in a few world wide efforts to send peace and energy out to those in need.

these groups occur many times a year. i'm in the natural therapy field therefor are made aware of these meetings often.

what your implying is not new though well worth the effort. in saying that, you alone can make a differance with sending yr love and energy out to those in need. sure many people would highten the field though have faith that your not as helpless as you think.

posted on Aug, 20 2008 @ 03:46 AM
I think this is about mass change in perception of life and what people want out of it. Honestly, I've only recently began to think about what I want out of life and how it should be lived. I think this whole "project" \should be about people taking into perspective what is important in life and to make their lives revolve around what is meaningful rather than just plain existence. Life should be about experiences and the pursuit of knowledge rather than the acquisition of material things such as houses and cars. From what I can observe, the reason most everyone lives is just to work and buy #. What the # is with that? The "American Dream" is what? Work hard and waste away your life so you can buy "bigger and better" things? Like what? A bigger house, which in my opinion is just a space for you to store all the material items that you assume will make you happy. Maybe buying that nice new hummer will make you feel more important and popular, but in reality you're not paying for that 60000$ hunk of metal with money, you're paying for it with part of your life. You work all day, 5 days a week to earn money that in the American perspective of life will ultimately result happiness because you will be able to do what? Buy better stuff? No, no car will ever fill the void in your life and make you happy, no house will mean anything worthwhile to you. Take a look at what's important to you and then think about it logically. No material object will do anything for you but take up space, and that's what the world doesn't understand. I want the everyone to adopt this view and stop focusing on the mundane things of life and find what's "real" to them.

posted on Aug, 20 2008 @ 09:16 PM
Hello Everybody. I've tuned into ATS for a long time, but was always too busy surfing through the interesting material to sign up and become a user. I've been digging deeper and deeper into the unknown, and was feeling.... Strange to say the least.. I just want to know the truth. I want to be aware. Although I'm young, (17), I continuesly ponder about many things... Aliens, Bad Technologies, The constant control on we the people, Our Country, and many other different subjects. I'm still learning about the different features on ATS, I'm assuming you can get friends and whatnot?...haha. Anyway, just a short introduction. I'm on often. Oh yeah, this is a thread reply also... I really liked it. It really makes me feel good that I'm not the only one out there. Basically that is what I'm trying to say. It's awesome to know that there are many more like me-as I have been learning. KEEP IT UP ATS!

posted on Aug, 20 2008 @ 09:18 PM
NO ATS is not going to save the world.

What I notice is the difference between what I read here and what Granny says.

Shes way ahead of you guys and she doesnt publish.

Maybe being psychic helps more than we knew.


posted on Aug, 21 2008 @ 02:17 AM
People still dont see it and i dont think people ever will and i will post another topic on this.
People cannot account for their differences enough to want to listen. But i will try.

There are communities out there who are able to get out of the system or matrix as its called. We just never look or know about them because we would think they are crazy, socially different from us or wont believe them.

Im in a system i know i can get out of. The problem is that people's survival techniques have been taken away and we are more domesticated then ever and we even domesticate those who were already happen in their tribes.

The raw food movement is one such movement that can move out of the system. It is simple. Nature has been there for us this whole time and it provides us the medicine we need and we are able to sustain ourselves within it. Except for the fact that what we live in is the illusion and not nature. We are off the earth and so its only logical that we are supported by it with everything it provides us and the plants and fruits it feeds us.
Now nature is not silly it knows our different wants and needs and thats why we have different types of raw food lifestyles from fruitarians to paleo to vegan etc.
This is why the government now is trying to own nature so that we cannot go back to nature and cannot sustain ourselves within it. People will need to find out about the raw food movement before its too late and study everything about it.
We are actually at a time where we can learn more about it, we have enough tools to do so such as info on comp etc. If enough of us educate ourselves on these survival techniques and sustainability growing our own food etc its a way and way we can unite.

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posted on Sep, 13 2008 @ 02:57 AM
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posted on Jul, 26 2010 @ 11:26 PM

Originally posted by _Heretic
I guess you guys are right *sigh*
ATS can NOT save the world...

I know this is an old post but I have some points that may be beneficial for others, well at least I hope so. Of course this is from my own point of view and I wish not to force it on any – I’m just giving my thoughts.

1. ‘Heightened’ awareness reaching critical mass is part of a natural cycle as I understand it (or cycle/s creating synergies), we can ride the wave, observe and enjoy for best results.

2. To wish to save the world is actually your own consciousness telling you to save yourself – I’ll explain

I think you're on a point along the path that many reach Heretic; the next step is to go a little deeper into your own self and ask the question what you are really trying to say and to whom? From my studies and own personal experience, I reached this point too. I can tell you where I arrived but the “getting it” is the whole point of the lesson – for one to really care about others, they must allow them to learn their own lessons (of course you can offer a non-forceful guiding hand which is what I am trying to achieve here)

From my perception, one can only ‘save’ themselves, as long as one is willing to understand that this world is inside us (it is not 'we' who are inside the world); finding the path to our own inner happiness is all that one can do. I’ve heard this a thousand times but the question is “how” do we achieve this?

Ponder this: if we understand that the macrocosm and microcosm are just different scales of the same basic principles, and these basic principles come from your own inner psyche, and at this point if you can see what's happening within the world as a reflection of yourself. When you observe your emotions and behavioural reactions to what you are seeing, you tend to see parts that you do not like, hence parts of the self you are not completely happy with. Hypothetical: If you see the government manipulating people and not liking it, then you should also be able to observe how you manipulate people around you – usually these traits are very unconscious and until you are aware of them most people do not even know they exist – a lovely in built denial mechanism! (the scale of how strong the force of manipulation is between the macro and micro examples can completely differ – but the scale or ratio should not necessarily be where our focus lies).

So back to the point – how to save the world? Save yourself by willingness to change the parts of yourself you do not like or accept yourself for who you are, leave the rest to the natural cycle which will play out over (what we perceive as) time. Those that are a little more open minded can show others the 'door' to more knowledge and understanding but if others are not willing to learn than you’ve done what you can to help. Leave them to find their own path.

Hope this helps in some way and that this post is not too outdated.

– if you have already came to this outcome than that’s great!

Edit- just after writing this - I saw you more current posts....

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