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Re-Introducing Myself, ATS Blackwater Expert, and A Welcome To All New Members

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posted on Aug, 22 2008 @ 10:17 PM

Originally posted by John Q
Actually a competition thread would be a good idea to resolve this..

Great idea, how ever some clarity may be needed. Earlier, it was stated that SKL came up with the idea for the tag/title.

This is not the case, after reading through his compilations of material based on BW I saw that he has contributed a large amount of info specifically based on that subject.

What he did, as I mentioned earlier in this thread, as those who read it from the start would know. As I stated-please see page one, post six.

SKL did a great job in compileing a vast resource about Blackwater, and I felt someone that dedicated deserved a unique reward.

Now, as it appears, I seem to have created a "monster of sorts", perhaps this is an issue of D-ego, aka digital ego. Perhap not, but let each decide for themselves.

If my trying to reward a member with ouside the box rewards is causeing conflict within the community, I have no issue, resolving it with alternative options.

Let myself and other staff continue to hash this out. You all have done your part, by bringing it to our and my attention. This may have been prevented, but keep this last peice in mind.

The tag, that I came up with and suggested to both SKL and staff, was strictly my idea. Thus I take full responcibilty, absolute and 100% on myself, the task of correcting it.

On that note, please refrain from continueing the off topic posts, and allow the staff and myself to do our part in finding the right thing to do reguarding this situation.

Thank you, for your time and patience.


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posted on Aug, 22 2008 @ 11:13 PM
I know I have not been on here for the past week almost, but due to tropical storm Fay, I felt it best to stay offline because I did not want a repeat of the last time when my router got fried by lightning. I've been online just enough to check e-mails and U2U's but I hope all the newer members are enjoying their adventure here on ATS. It's been an interesting week for me being offline, working, as well as voluteering to assist storm victims around town in picking up pieces of their lives. I think the most rewarding feeling came from some of the people who had the look like I had saved their lives, when all I did was help when that's what they needed.

This is why I created this particular thread since I thought some of the newer members might need a friendly welcome from someone who has had struggles here on ATS but learned the ropes with the help of other friendly ATS'ers as well as made the occasional mistake but learned from them to have the fortitude to understand when making a mistake, that there are always friends you can make from it. I haven't had the time to read this thread as I'm sure there a lot of interesting replies but I felt it was necessary to just check in and drop a line or two since I only meant to check back in every other week on this particular thread and the tropical storm fit right into that schedule, it seems I found the proper schedule to work within for this one.

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