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Is the whole UFO thing a government initiated conspiracy?

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posted on Aug, 17 2008 @ 04:42 AM
There is a lot of talk in the UK at the moment of an impending "false flag alien invasion", and whether or not there is any truth in it, this got me thinking (Boy did THAT hurt!)

What if ALL the alleged UFO sightings were indeed black-ops military craft, or other more rational phenomena like Chinese lanterns, and that the government STARTED some of the conspiracies themselves?

After all, whilst we are all busy discussing the "alien threat" they could be working on something far more serious?

I know this is purely a thought, but I often wonder if we are led by people who post on here who are in fact working for government sources and starting threads to get us all going!

One jingle on my radio show actually has someone doing the voice of George Bush saying "no I don't wnat to be on Ross Hemsworth's Now THAT'S Weird, I'm far too busy here at the Whitehouse making up conspiracy theories, now about Project Serpo..." It was a tongue-in-cheek promo based on the fact that WHAT IF they were actually behind some of these conspiracies!

Ah well, something to chew over on a slow Sunday!



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