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Scariest ghost stories ever. Do.Not.Miss.

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posted on Aug, 17 2008 @ 03:43 AM
PLEASE NOTE, the story below is DISTURBING. DO NOT READ IT if you are easily offended, scare easy and are about to go to bed, etc...You've been warned!

Ghost stories from nurses. Make sure to go past the first page! In my first sitting I was hooked all the way to page eleven!

Teaser (not the best one, but not bad either) :

.....She proceeded to tell me that there was a young gentleman who had been in that room who had died a rather gruesome death...evidently this man was slated to go home, but one night (around 4) the nurses heard a thump...the sound of someone falling...they rushed in the room, and this man was in the bathroom, central line out, and blood everywhere. They coded him, but he died right there in the bathroom. No one is sure why he pulled his line, or what had happened, but evidently the scene was a bloodbath. Horrible, here comes the scary part. A few weeks later, a sweet little old lady is in that room and asks the nurse if someone had died in there. The nurse explained that this is a hospital, and it was likely that someone could have died. Well, the lady says, well, i think a young guy died in here....the nurses asks why, the lady responds "cuz he's talking to me." Aghhh!! Ok, I'm not making this up....this lady has a central line, triple lumen. The nurse goes in there and there is blood everywhere. One of her lines is cut. Not pulled out, but cut. There are no scissors in the room. The lady says "he did it.".....

BTW, I'm not a religious person, don't believe in heaven/hell etc but something is obviously going on after death.

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