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'Ard Boyz 2008

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posted on Aug, 16 2008 @ 11:20 PM
This thread is for any and all miniature war gamers out there, particularly those who play 40K...

This September 13th 2008 is the start of the 'Ard Boyz tournament, where players use 2,500 point armies (40K). However, there seems to be some bit of confusion I am hoping to clear up.

From what I have heard word-of-mouth, and from what I have read on various fan sites, in past 'Ard Boyz, they utilize the Apocalypse rules... mixed armies, with no unit caps.

However, from what I read on the Games Workshop site, they will be using the NEW 5th Edition rulebook, with no mention of Apocalypse anywhere.

Is this true? How would one go about constructing a 2,500 point army under normal codex force organization charts? Seems a near impossibility to me!

SO, if anyone has played this tourney before, or has any insight as to what is going on with this, please let me know.

For interested parties, here is the link to the official 'Ard Boyz rules.

'Ard Boyz

Lastly, for those concerned or interested, who all plays 40K here? What armies do you use? Entering the tourney, and if so, where?

I lead a Tau army (little over 3,100 points worth), and have a squad of Dark Angels, a squad of Tyranids (with one Carnifex and Lictor), two Necron squads (with one Lord).

I will be using my Tau force at Gnome Games in Green Bay Wisconsin.

Hope to see someone from ATS /BTS at the games!

posted on Aug, 17 2008 @ 01:20 AM
I play 40k, when I have the chance; since I left college, and they closed the Games Workshop store at the local mall (which I was super-fortunate to have nearby in the first place!) I don't know many people nearby with their own armies.

My armies of choice are the Necrons (of whom I have about 3500 points, all told, counting the massive costs of the Monolith and the Deciever) and the sadly discontinued Dark Eldar. The DE get a lot of flak, but I really enjoy the hit-and-run tactics at which they so excel.

I used to play against a lot of Tau back in the day; I had several friends who were devout Tau players, and I learned to hate their armies quickly. Tau are the only army (excepting the regular Eldar, actually) that give me a lot of trouble when I'm playing Necrons; those strength 10 tanks that can be upgraded not to require line of sight to fire pretty much tear the Monolith and the C'tan to bits.

Sadly, I won't be able to enter the tournament, as there isn't a licensed store within convenient driving distance of my town anymore. This thread definitely makes me want to call up one of my 40k buddies and get a game together, though... but i guess failing that i'll just play some Dawn of War or something.

Glad to meet another player on ATS, though... and I'm sorry I didn't/can't answer your primary question... good luck with that one!

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