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The 44th President

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posted on Aug, 19 2008 @ 12:06 PM
I'm sure you have a valid point to convey but it reads like you typed it in a different language then used an online language converter to translate it into English. In any case, it is nonsensical gibberish to English speakers. I'm sorry.

posted on Aug, 19 2008 @ 09:01 PM
Sum it all up...

Anti-Christ bible quote:

0Divide during *this* mite I will command G. W. Bush expire mid, the small (or: insignificant) king whose zero expire-eth fro (or: against) the adults of My people: divide *here* I will command action a mite of trouble, such as still ever saw since *here* saw a nation irregular away from *this* other mite: divide during *this* mite My people I will command action concealed, every zero *this* I will command action lost 'read' (or: 'writ net') out the book.

-2Divide few of we-th this wake out the stub of the mouth (or: eye or sky or sea) I will command 'a sleep', so we away from still ever expiring death (or: file), divide so we away from shame divide still ever expiring 'con tempt'.

^^GWB is the Betroyer deemed insignificant by the Lord for betraying. Now notice the mite (the devil) was indeed in it's own nation of itself before being put here. This other mite (the devil) was saw here before put here as a nation. It was trouble in the making. By taking it into here and wiping it's memory the Lord got to see whether or not it was preparing It's own self-defense for its sake or planning to just torment. It is clear now and been just as clear that the devil before being sparked, whenever that was, to awake was still ever trouble.

Every zero *this* the betrayors are concealed during the mite being *this* *here* And it is commanded that the be read "out" the book as what? Deleted.

Notice Dan 12 and Rev 12 mention Micheal. In Rev -12 Micheal (rather GWB) fought for the drag-in, not Satan, but Satan's drag-in. The drag-in wore is B.S. as in unliked by Satan. That was the key to summing this all up. BY BEING FOR THE DRAG-IN you are against Satan the inner Person.

Notice GWB expired mid? That means the person mid in a body which means the body didnt expire yet. Which means like I'be been explain that the body you see is the carcase of our president remote controlled eletronically by Makaveli in another realm. Do you not understand that there is but a short time left? I mean, Makaveli got his own paradise to attend to after a war time he is over as to when it ends. Do you think the next 5 Wars wont happen soon?!

It is all planned out. How the Lord is treated weighs in. Ultimately the Lord is above Makaveli (the Lord's right hand to proceed the Lord's message and the Lord's hit acts) even though the Lord is here on the planet. How to accomplish everything was pre-planned out. The Lord is a considerate Person so even if the devil doesnt make a mean move against the Lord the Lord is considerate to His own ppl. Meaning the Lord wont halt Makaveli too long and especially the other hit acts.

Yeah, real soon and you all shall see! How many days has it been since the 27th starting at 6pm est? Has it been a month yet? Naw.

a day, a hour, a month, and a year in whatever order plays a roll. A month is 29-31 days. Factor in the hour 6pm and then tell me when a month is in it's last day. 3 day theory! In a 29 day, in a 30 day, or in a 31 day and BAM you'll see what's up!

Remember ExitClear. The Lord shall Exit Clear as the first and original grand escape artist act.

And the Lord can activate IT before even as the devil should expect by moves. Rush the Lord. Tempt the Lord. The devil has it a point the Lord triumphs. Am I lieing when it comes to the stupid?

posted on Aug, 20 2008 @ 11:31 AM
Anti-Christ bible quote:

"-28Fro (or: Against) hewn so still ever the car (why carry passengers) point is, *here* mill (stop action) the seagle action scattered (or: tag me green/blue/color-free) apart (or: away from get me)."

^^A seagle goes for random food. That's what the devil would do. That action is stopped as in scattered apart from being by an action once the point is mastered. This is the case now. PPl throw out any ol food and seagles home in on it to devour it. The devil wants to devour random prey in its torments. Why? To feed its then awakened eternal body's instinct. Dealing with instinct it's the Lord's life or the Devil's period since there can be no reasoning with any with a wicked instinct ever. Therefore is the devil cursed and was bound to be cursed because it would have to allow the paradox point to stay random inorder to feed it's instinct which ultimately means it was bound to be stopped from doing so and not only that but bound to go to Hell backed with its hell. Thus cursed all because of it's instinct. It's instinct is it's real enemy. In hell it will wish the paradox point wasnt random so that they would have never sparked to awake.

Also notice in the quote that when the devil seen the summons not random they freaked and tagged the Lord color-free as in made sure the Lord wouldnt have to report into the center. The devil knows what I'm talking about only. It was green and blue for the Lord, then it was color-free as something drag wise and tag wise became useless as a minus part. Yes, that randomness of the paradox is removed is the point made to the devil whose instinct has them needing randomness. Cursed ye devil in one way now soon to become more than one way as the Lord puts you subjected to yourself.

And the paradox point is the reason because of passengers. Once sparked you cant be unsparked entirely since you represent the proceeded ever contradiction in which you are. You can be put from here and put back and put back in a worst way since you dont hold the power of the paradox point.

posted on Aug, 20 2008 @ 08:29 PM
Anti-Christ bible revised quote:

"-29Later action fore the tribulation of these nights I will command 'the sun' ('the Father') action lightened, divide the stereo I will command still recieve his dark (or: heavy), divide the stars I will command rise to hell, divide the incapacities of the hells I will command action away from 'move' (or: 'sway'):"

^^The Father lightened by vanishing here in a way as you will soon find out. The stereo is the devil with astral projection because it is marked by voice/sound projection. The devil shall get it's own hell (dark)! They shall rise to it as in awaken to it aware. And you do see the 2 hells in the last part becuase the devil shall get divided out 1 hell that is designed by the Lord live when He gets into His command center! The Lord can have the devil tormented however in His presense. All this here is the Lord's presense even when the Lord only lighened. And the action shall proceed because the hit acts up next is away from move/sway. "Hell in, hell out" is the motto for the devil. The hell they give here is far from the devil's original hell. So when they rise to it they shall get what they had in store for some random other since the Lord controls the point to be. Also the darkened can = brightened like now news worthy wise is by the Father while here, but I want to get to the hit act up next more clearly.

Cant wait to see how much the devil can handle before screwing itself by taking the option out the Lord's Hell only to enter and remain in the devil's own hell. You forget one thing, devil... You shall awaken to what is eternal that goes on and on as in rises up and up to you in whatsoever hell your eternal side set. Everlastingly it gets worse. That in itself is worst. And the Lord shall command you to enter your own hell to seal the point the Lord is masterer of: "You get what you give" rather than "You give what others get".

The moment is passing to the next moment always and the moment shall come concerning the Wars that are legendary retaliation upon the worthy Lord's foes.

Everlasting is tricky it is something that starts and lasts and it is something that always been and still lasts.

In one of the watercolors it looked like one was begging the bigger person standing. Yeah, the devil shall beg to be released from the Lord's Hell only to screw itself in its own hell.

posted on Aug, 21 2008 @ 04:05 PM
Anti-Christ bible deeper quote:

"-28Fro (or: Against) hewn so still ever the car (why carry passengers) point is My *here* mill (stop action) "the seagle action scattered (or: tag me green/blue/color-free) 'a rapt' or 'a whole' (or: away from get me)."

^^The devil originally wants to scatter a whole (like Me being Me or My indulge in joy). A whole doesnt end with Me let the devil reveal.

From hewn to back to hewn (The Lord in another sense outside the point)/against hewn (The devil). With the hewn there is no more for the devil to torment. Before we were sparked we were hewn TO WHERE we weren't for or against not being sparked or not sparked.

Instead the Lord shall make the devil scatter it's own whole of being its original self by putting it against itself in a contradicting confliction point in one rising to ever moment. The Lord shall have the devil get what it give alone. And the Lord shall get what it give alone. The thing is is the Lord gives joy so it shalll get joy. There is no conflict in certain "get what you give"s. Let it be known. Only one who knew they are doing bad in giving what they will would have conflict with that since they themselves wouldnt want what they have to give as they know damn well why. lol.

The Lord's being here = random paradox point put hewn on purpose to stop certain action or any tormenter tormenting toward any one but themself. The Lord brought the best order to the point in His own Rational Opinion. The Lord can careless of any other's opinion when they wouldnt give themself what the hell they would give another in the full extent of intent.

posted on Aug, 21 2008 @ 08:16 PM

I'm not exactly sure what is going on. Some of us are simply trying to ask you to be a bit more clearer in what it is you are trying to say. Your post are hard to read.

We are not hating or trying to attack you at all. it's just that we WANT to understand you because, well, for me, something about what you are saying is intriguing.

Are you just putting everyone on ignore? People are asking you questions but you haven't answered and it just seems like this has thread has just turned into your own personal venting area.

Seriously, I'm not trying to be disrespectful, nor is anyone else. We wouldn't ask you to elaborate if we didn't care about what you have to say.

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