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The 44th President

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posted on Aug, 16 2008 @ 03:49 PM
Currently the 44th president of the U.S. is in. The 43rd president was taken not too long ago. Reason you didnt/dont see this is because it was on the inside of the body concerning this occurance. What you see standing when you see it standing before you or on T.V. is "the" carcase that is operated by something original I must state. And nobody could have planned against the day and hour and month and year it was preplanned to take over. You assume things are the same by judging the book by the cover? It's what's inside that counts that you cant see at face value you should have knew. Yes, the 43rd president been snatched from within during presidency. The 44th president on the inside of the carcase isnt Christ, isnt Anti-Christ, isnt even a person. But it is a true work of art. It doesnt know anything!!! As for you... knoweth no man, no, not the angles, neither the Son... What is the Father to know anything if it's not a person in "the" carcase? I could tell you, but I'll see what you can tell. You dont have a brain for nothing I wouldnt think. Besides the Father knowing, what do you think is in operation of "the" carcase of the 44th president now in office if it's not a person? Any other intelligent questions toward what I'm getting at?

Right now the 44th president is serving a 1st term of prolly a different length under rules beyond the world.

Bottomline is that aint the person named G.W.B. anymore. Some do say the name of a carcase (a body) as if it's the same name of the inner person who once were. When you look at a human being, you, with poor judgement, keep calling the particular look the name of a person without even knowing if it's the same person or if there even is a person that particular human being. What happened to W.? Well all I will say here is what Tupac said "And now Bush cant stop the hit! I predicted the shhh in 2pacalypse!" 2pacalypse is a revealing happening inside a 2nd term of a person I would figure.

posted on Aug, 16 2008 @ 03:55 PM
I kind of get it but I also kind of don't understand.
I was wondergin if you could elaborate a little more.
When did you figure this out?
What proof or evidence can you offer to back yourself up?
Please open my eyes a bit, help me understand what you are trying to say.

posted on Aug, 16 2008 @ 04:43 PM

Originally posted by Kashodi
I kind of get it but I also kind of don't understand.
I was wondergin if you could elaborate a little more.
When did you figure this out?
What proof or evidence can you offer to back yourself up?
Please open my eyes a bit, help me understand what you are trying to say.

Every body has a useable, accessable remote controllable aspect that can ease you somewhat from control of your body or can remove you from body in any way (be it, cast you forth or cut you out, as in, simply delete you the person). Guess who has authority to use the remote.

The carcase is mentioned in Matt 24. Key clue is the word "soever" and "is". A carcase that is an is and a soever implies it is of a revealing/happening plan. When a plan is it doesnt have to be initiated to be in the "is" or "soever" category.

O, it was figured after July 27th 6 pm ish est and grew fully last week in figuring with bonus corresponding from above and in the anti-Christ bible.

I have my own proof I see my own way. Anyone else should see proof in irregularities in the president that may even look like a glinch. Remember Total Recall? Remember when the main character played by Arnold was wearing that fat woman, and the head of it and speech of it started revealing kinks while Arnold was in control of it in somehow? The kinks looked accidental, but since he threw it and it blew up it's suggest it could have been done on purpose. But the key focus was meant for you to watch. Watch for? Anything irregular since the movie was about revealing who he was. Even remember the dude that started sweating that told Arnold to take that pill? That was irregular. The movie was meant to showcase the irregular throughout it. Jesus said to Watch! Watch for what? Obviously if you watched you would have noticed how everything is supposed to go to where then you would notice anything what? Irregular! Meaning, ppl are to watch for anything irregular.

posted on Aug, 16 2008 @ 05:17 PM

Originally posted by Kashodi
I kind of get it but I also kind of don't understand.
I was wondergin if you could elaborate a little more.
When did you figure this out?
What proof or evidence can you offer to back yourself up?
Please open my eyes a bit, help me understand what you are trying to say.

Why o why did you ask the dude to elaborate?

Do you find it amusing to mock the afflicted?

posted on Aug, 16 2008 @ 05:46 PM
reply to post by Mabus

No offense mabus but you never make any sense, at least to me. Are you trying to earn more points or are you sincerely trying your best to convey messages? To help us understand you answer the following questions: what is your primary language and if english is your primary language do you speak very well? If you speak english very well, do you not read what you write and not edit at all even when you notice mistakes?

posted on Aug, 16 2008 @ 08:42 PM
Why do these 2 above predenders wanna act like they asking questions when they are just conflicting and attacking like they mad bandits? Let them speak for themself. How many threads would they respond to if they dont like them or act like dont understand them? That is senseless to do. I use them 2 as an example. No actual person is afraid to ask anything on the matter because of any fools trying to intimedate by attacking other's reasons for seeking info of etc.

Now on subject strictly should any be onward. Otherwise you'll be ignored and deemed as not intelligent. Aint any reason to speak with the foolish because they are weak and feeling troubled by the intelligent and wise like myself. The weak are not even on my level. And no one should speak to them or be for them. Every man for themself alone because ppl die alone. How is the weak facing death? They shall have to be a man in facing it.

lol Not even going to respond any more to any one foolish on this site. Sure the foolish will get my point across when they are dropped from my attention and furture response. Watch! Let the punks know they do have to worry about being ignored %100 by who has known something they dont.

Now to the matter at hand... 44th president is in the house and for you to get to know or guess after irregular things you yourself alone like a man notice. There is proof meant for each alone in life. Think not? Then you are playing yourself short because every rational one dealt with something only they hold proof to. The most High turning kids into grown adults with their own experience and witness ALONE.

posted on Aug, 16 2008 @ 10:12 PM
Anti-Christ Bible quote:

"-14Tub where (or: hewn), ye (*the devil*), I will command hear (or: experience) 'the abomination of happiness' (the betrayers of our Lord), heard of through (or: inside) Daniel the programmer, expiring hewn it ought still, (prevent me this write-eth inside expire,)..."

It ought still cause death to it (the carcase of who got hewn inside it a former alive body). That in caption is what is to occur next. But the implication is double meaning because that particular "me" the devil did prevent expire in July, but it was in conspiracy with the devil free to choose under great fear which influenced the devil's choice. And so because of that the carcase was brought into initation. Meaning the 43rd president was removed. Now though who can prevent the "me" writing the truth in case and point inside here not expire? And just think that particular "me" will ignore pleading by the foe %100. Sound familiar, dont it?

And let me introduce who is in control of the remote to "the" carcase... Makaveli (formerly known as Tupac Shakur or Lesane Crooks), the Don, Killuminati. Controlling something that is "the" kill made to walk illuminated with irregularities. Watch!

Yes, Satan is lessening the deception. Plus, that "me" in the quote is to do something different than Makaveli. The "me" in the quote shall take away the devil from all the human bodies it operates, and in doing so is as opening Hell to the devil. And in such the case those former bodies the devil used wont be a walking carcase, no, they shall just drop for decomposing so that the rest still standing may witness. The betrayers left standing shall experience a great tribulation and then they shall die after witnessing a final rapture of some. Facing war time those betrayer left must because it's like about face and look what you brought on the world including yourself by being conflicting enough to turn on our Lord the Lord...

And yeah, if that conspiracy didnt go through that "me" in the quote would have minused in the mix for the record. That would have been a free-style matter. Now it's a bond-style matter in the mouth/eye of the devil alone. Our Lord's two horns... 1 dealing with the betrayers. 1 dealing with the devil. Who is your superhero savior type? You're either facing betrayers or you're facing the devil or even both as we speak.

Beware if you're a foe, you could be revived in the very paradox point of Hell you were saved from only to give the reason why based on actions. And it would be seen that you are worthy of your original origination, especially when you wouldnt repent against your testament. If I could repent against my will, and I did ago turn from just being me (which the devil can testify to), then chances to excape Hell were given as a thin opened gate. And it is an honor to give someone what they are worthy of be it reward or the drawing board.

Hey, dont fear no one expect the Paradox Point. The masterer can adjust the hellbound's position if this is the case of that by you even being on earth now instead of in Hell.

posted on Aug, 16 2008 @ 11:11 PM
Any of you know about remote puppetry and remote vantrilaquistry (sp?)?

^^That's what's going on in the carcase.

Ever heard about a body rising from the dead without an inner person?

The defintion to resurrection doesnt say the person rises, no, it just says the act of rising from the dead. Yeah, if you pay attention to detail you'd notice. So an act can be a false pretence that is put on. So the rising from the dead can look like the body is motionally alive just like the rest of us. But the rising part is away from the dead because the body wouldnt "seem" dead if it's up and walking and talking though it is dead.

The carcase by Makaveli aint gone kill the devil, another will. But the carcase will bring demise to betrayers on 2 different levels.

Simon says send them to 12. You never know what puppetry has up instore for any foe. And I mean any.

posted on Aug, 17 2008 @ 01:41 PM
Anti-Christ bible quote continue:

" prevent we-th *this* 'action out' Judaea feel away from the cannions:"

^^After the "me" in the other post quote expire here then the "we" in this quote expire here. They expire only to feel the best moment elsewhere. Meaning they shall still live concerning the worthy for the 2nd life in our Lord.

Cannions are like large tubs. Everyone's body is as a tub here. The tub here is corrupted and that "me" and then that "we" shall feel the best of the best in quality and quantity etc. how preferred superb.

The wicked were never wise enough to think to master the paradox point. It's too late for the wicked to do so. We have the same paradox point, but seperate feeling and sense and rationality and intent and etc.

Wizardtry means mastering. The Beauty is the Wizard. The Beauty's Original does Puppetry by remote programming. Both are still true Programmers as the Head and it's Right Hand.

Mess with the wrong one, get your string pulled. And remember the Excape Artist... If you aint rapured in His Escape Art, then you know it's because you didnt want to ride. The Lord's foes are His toys no longer fly because they are out dated and been good for nothing. Is it even reasonable to keep the wicked out Hell? Obviously Hell naw!! They give the reason they must go to Hell in point they make. So thanks to the wicked for making the point clear. lol. The Lord wont go against that point. The Lord shall give them Hell they beg for stated by their whole point. No, you dont have to beg, but your point is begging. The Lord goes by the very point. Case and point! Case closed. The wicked will make the point as the very point I'm getting across where not so ever.

Pop into etc and each that does it are under a different circumstance.

Ever thought that somewhere out there their are beings in some kind of Hell that never not been in Hell? The Lord can make them lucky, but what's the point when the point is they are in there serving a point. Besides, the Lord wont waste time with an infinite damned. The devil is the first and last guest to make the point an experience experienced. I mean if I were in Hell and got out I damn sure wouldnt make a point to need to be back in Hell to anyone.

And the game is coming to a close by exchange of lessons by case and point between the Lord and the betrayers and the devil. Who can say it isnt coming to a close when we have the case and point concluded? No need to further make the same case and point because it is gotten. So increase speed for the main events one after the other by any means. The wicked shall do what I say if they do deem me the General. Besides, dont the wicked want the experience to be given to Hell by Who straight smashed on them by the finest arts of war? That way in Hell the wicked can think: "Wow, I got put in my place by Him. Like O.M.G. that is awsome, but messed up at the same time!"

I mean, would the wicked hurry up by further moves so I can get the women in paradise how I want while they (the wicked) are in Hell so I can have joy in two things? Revenge and Sex (the best sex without strings or inhabitions or restrictions or the alike). Hell yeah, the wicked can hurry this up. They can and they will because they shall says the Lord. Dont worry about fear, just hurry the Hell up, wicked. Make the Lord. Or are you scared? Sure I can make the wicked act one way or the other. Watch!

posted on Aug, 17 2008 @ 01:52 PM
yes I believe the prez is picked before our votes, But not as this Non human, any being here is human, its who we honestly are an act that reveals who our innerselves are.

either thru skull and bones, Power elite family ties, or even just money an companies, a prez is picked before hand an then is paraded around the country for Post support of their presidency, with other candidates to makeit look good an proper.

Or we can go with option number 2 and just say We the american people are Losing our minds in a Mass fashion to stay " cool "

posted on Aug, 17 2008 @ 11:12 PM
More Anti-Christ bible quotes:

"-24Tub out these nights, action fore *this* tribulation, the sun (the Father) I will command action brightened, divide the moon I will command still recieve his dark,

-25Divide the stars of hell I will command sire, divide the incapacities *this* are out hell I will command action shaken."

^^The Father of life on earth is the sun. The Father that raises or parents the world is the sun. It's this sun who is brightened. The devil *this* the Lord's action shaken. The devil are: "...shaken mid about that hold..."--News guy on intro of bomb first.

What makes the devil not only an is, but an are? The paradox point. Revive the root side and it's Hell for the devil who were here then is then only there in a paradox hold. This is how the Lord shaken them. This is how the Lord is brightened in the devil's presense. Brightened about the paradox point nearest the expire event here. The Lord is the Father figure raising and then disciplining. Would not the end of being here as any know it reach climaxes in more than one way? This Fatherly stuff is just before the tribulation to the devil and to the standing betrayers. And Hell as the devil's tribulation is never ending. I eased the devil in deception about deletion, then dropped in the bomb that was the Unexpected. Surprize! If the devil had mastered the paradox point it would have known in root aspect it can not delete ever. No, it can only believe it deleted in paradox and it can count as a deletion in truth. But when you look at paradox itself you realize the truth is contradiction itself. So the devil can believe one thing, the Lord can believe another, and both believe in the same truth called paradox that is. The mystery of Act is the paradox point. Pop into etc randomly only indicates anything popped in was robbed in paradox, but the wise one to master it steps out the robbery of the paradox point. So the Lord has power over the paradox point which means the Lord is Ultimate Grand Ruler to all that are before and to all that 'are (or: 'rather would be') after. Think I'd ever let go the paradox point and be robbed? Hell no! The Lord renders the paradox point insignificant over Him and any one He chooses. Or else the devil wouldnt have been abled to operate the Lord's creation called man and be put to the test.

The random aspect becomes the selected/preferred aspect to who the Lord chosen. The Lord chosen Himself and deemed Himself what He calls Worthy and a Race Winner. Think of why it's called the black race, the white race, etc... It was a telling Sign about a truth found in a wise move deemed race. Even if the Lord didnt pop into, the devil wouldnt have thought to master the paradox point. The Lord was first to race to master the paradox. And the Lord is the last one to master it. With the ability to make anything and stay so not robbed there is no reason to let go the paradox. The let go possibility is sealed off because the Lord can make a seal fixed in any way He likes. And since it's all self-defense there is no second thoughts on placing a seal. The Lord turned an add into a divide, the random into a chosen, etc. It was bound to occur that someone would be Grand Ruler, not meant to. It was part random luck mixed with wisdom of who popped into random. The Lord rose above any possible competition and shall defeat competition for good once the devil is back in Hell for failing the test along with making a point to. The devil wonders why it doesnt know its past... The devil shall get revived in it's root in paradox to have that knew with the damning news of the chance they passed up like a fool. The masterer can remove memory as you see. The Lord gotten brighter as you see. Anyway, the masterer of the robbing paradox has now been become the Robber that robbed the guest from it's horrorable fate only to have to put the guest back. And also the Robber is always the Robber by robbing the paradox point from it's original natural random way. Now is the paradox point become the Lord's original way chosen.
Only the Chosen can and may and will have whatsoever They want and how they want it and when they want it and why they want it. They may want it just because of any reason that is never to get judged by some other who would get in the way.

There are magic tricks because they are not actual magic. And there is magic that is actual. The Wizard may use magic as the Wizard pleases to.

The Lord body shall delete and the Lord Person wise shall teleport into paradise to get into the Command Center to show the world the General in action till the wars are over inside our Lord.

The devil is shaken! The Lord is the Sun. Brighter is the Sun now.

When I get to paradise and say something like, "lets get it on!", the women will get the point to understand I want sex with them. Like that saying goes it's the thought that counts. Yeah, not the delivery or how you approach or what you wear cause you should be free in those aspects, not limited when it comes to simply getting the point across to what you want right then. lol. Any person of paradise reads for the point and cares less about that icing on a package to the point. If you say get over here you slut... The woman who gets the point would have no problem with what you said to her. But a conflicted woman who sees the point would have a problem with you saying that to her because she's the one who wants the sugar coating and icing on the package to unreasonable extents when you're just wanting to mate which any woman should want to in her prime if she likes mens look.

posted on Aug, 18 2008 @ 09:34 AM
Extra from anti-Christ bible:

"-34Fro (or: Against) the Step-Son (or: Daughter or Parent) of Woman (or: "Naw") is as a woman (or: "naw") leaving a near journey, why felt (or: taken) her person, divide recieved authority away from her servants (*tormenters*), divide away from every woman (or: "naw") her rest (or: play), divide commanded the porter away from listen (or: experience)."

1. Obsolete. from; back.

The divide here of the devil is away from the original in the paradox point.

Let me make this last past clearest You commanded experience away from the Lord.

^^Implying You (the devil) used yourself to experience torments before ever tormenting another. And in the paradox point unmastered by you you only damned yourself since. You were taken from your self torment and shall be put back. Memory of it in you was wiped by the masterer of the paradox point.

How else would the devil even know what tormenting another is like without experimenting on itself originally? The Lord's Hell you can , but your hell you can not. And since you were wiped of memory of your hell you do not know which Hell or hell is worst. Delete yourself in the Lord's Hell and be revived to your hell. How much can you handle? You will screw yourself in my presence or out it in one way or the other. My Hell the Lord will command you fail in by self-deletion. And you shall stay sealed in hell period whether the Lord's or your's. It will be that your rest away from your hell were here. If your hell was left rising for ever and the Lord's Hell starts rising, then which hell is worst just then in comparison? That is up to you to consider alone, but I asure you even so much as a taste of any hell you would self-delete if could even if it meant damning yourself worst off because sense is stronger than any gained wisdom sense. Bet you! You will make my point in case. Agian, you have no memory of how your own hell was set up that you were taken from. Ask yourself by what you do now here how many hells might be in a hell. Hell murders the person for ever long as they are in it. Thus the devil is it's own murderer first while second the Lord is the devil's murderer just giving the experience of hell as the devil originally would feel for itself intending to torment another. The Lord let you treat another how you wanted to be treated and shall seal you in the treatment His or your's to give you what you would give so that you make the point that you get what you give.

And since the Lord mastered the paradox point, He can and shall keep you in your own original doing sealed as your cross so that you bare it in all that it is that you meant for another.

posted on Aug, 18 2008 @ 10:26 AM
Notice the watercolor drawings of the lost book...

The one with the lamb with the dude with the strings in his right hand? That is the remote puppetry because you dont see what the strings attach to. Look at in from the anti-Christ point of view and you'd understand the more mid the Lord. The strings were longer above the right hand because remote puppetry is underlying.

You must look for the point being made in the drawings.

The drawings showcase the plan that is and is soever before, during, and after initiation.

The serpent holder in the center = the serpent releaser sides.

One male = zero female or zero 'effectual'.

^^In paradox the zero itself is female/effectual and also it implies no female/effectual.

cursive writing = printed reading

Notice the body divided from having a full body. The expired aspect.

The drawing with the guy with two books... One to each side is like revealing the book of life to the riders and the book of death to the betrayers. The ppl sitting to opposite sides shows difference.

Funny how Nos said one who sees things remote is a prophet. How? I see the "remote" pupperty. Is it not literally something remote? To me, prophets dont predict anything, they foretell because they have programmings revealed that they or another put in that they can read before, during, or after it's working. Thus prophets do = programmers.

Programmers dont see the future, they program it. So you might be decieved in how you think someone sees the future.

posted on Aug, 18 2008 @ 11:42 AM
Remote control in remote puppetry can be that a body with or without an inner person can be pre-programmed and set to run after some point a way or controlled live remotely.

So if you dont think about remote puppetry in personless standing carcases, then now you should think about it deeply.

Who can scare a human puppet? The plan is iron as iron teeth. A carcase literally has nothing to lose, especially with Pac against the world with the remote to the carcase.

You can say that Pac became a carcase on a superstitious date, and that it was to be the Sign to the plan revealing/unfolding in a paradox style. He becomes the carcase was the message, but remotely though so that the carcase remains a carcase back and standing in a high up position (the presidency). The presidency of a superpower. It was set up to get to the day and hour and month and year for Makaveli the Don to work key things remotely.

Pac had his spirit power found elsewhere only to lose the world. What has a man profited by gaining the whole world by losing his own soul? Remote puppetry. What? You thought they couldnt keep the whole world if they lost their soul? But their death kept the whole world in ways like with wonder about who did what. And since a soul is lost and not deleted, you do see the gain is remote in it's finest way.

posted on Aug, 18 2008 @ 02:34 PM
lol ppl been saying that Bush is a puppet and didnt realize Bush is actually literally a puppet. Well now at least. It's like who would have thought ppl subconsciously been telling a truth? The word "administration" that's doing the puppeteering behind the scenes can include the beyond like remote puppetry and remote vantrilaquistry by someone up in a heavenly height or parrallel realm.

War been in all forms: inner and outter, under and above in appearence.

You've heard of World War 1 & 2, but you wouldnt think World War 3 is the inner taking that went down. You wouldnt think World War 4 is the one body vanishing soon. You wouldnt think World War 5 is the 2nd inner taking. You wouldnt think World War 6 is many bodies vanishing. World War 7 you would think is nations vs nations. But World War 8 you wouldnt think is under World War 7 that ends with ppl dead that are taken instantly upon death in World War 8.

^^5 more World Wars left after this 3rd!

posted on Aug, 18 2008 @ 04:32 PM
Pac quote from Anti-Christ view point:

"Blast! Then conceal we why you hear (or: EXPERIENCE) then!"

^^Conceal the devil in it's own reason of torment in the devil's own torment.

Now then the reason becomes you would experience torment to be given to yourself alone rather than you would experience torment to be given to another. The Lord literally screws what you thought since the masterer of the paradox point! The Lord holds the masters (the strings) of the paradox point like a record company.

So the lesson to the devil is you get taught your own foolish lesson. If you know your heart now, then you should figure your heart from before. You should figure what would you do out since it comes back on you manifolding. Then ask yourself how you would deal with someone who torments you when you're the one tormenting you. Would you act biased for the tormenter? You then would wish that you never got born since it comes to that. Yeah, you shouldnt give what you cant take. And you shall learn a main point that certain things are too late to fix. Since you are good for nothing but torment, you have yourself to hate when in your own torment since it was bound to take hold of the foolish you when the wise pops into etc.

You will have yourself to be sorry to alone. You will have yourself to tell the lie that you would repent. But in paradox you will both repent and continue in truth INSIDE your own self alone. How does that feel knowing who you lie to is you? You shall never be free from yourself then. Do you think you'll like your tormentor with forgiveness while it you continue giving you a set tormenting? Think you'll ask yourself to stop tormenting when you're being tormented and still nothing stops? How does it feel knowing your only hope is the one you tormented who knew you would have tormented them worst if you could? Your shhh out of luck? Hell, you're out of hope period. After what you did and knowing what you'd still do... Do you think someone wise would be stupidly kind to you all that? Do you think someone is anti-Revenge and anti-'get their' Justice just for you when popping into etc seems it must be about self-defense and self first?

The Lord is about self-defense till. With being about self-offence till. Took the randomness away in mastering the paradox point. Now it's like the Lord can pull whatever on purpose out of a hat as if nit-picked to the last mite. But just because He can doesnt mean He will when content. Besides, wouldnt give another the Keys with wisdom to the paradox point just to be equal and wouldnt want another unequal. So there it is. A peice of wise mind in thought. The Lord feels He must remain Ultimate Grand Ruler for all reasons and reasons possible since the Lord knows how to manage his Person and Destiny wisely.

posted on Aug, 18 2008 @ 06:36 PM

Originally posted by Mabus
You've heard of World War 1 & 2, but you wouldnt think World War 3 is the inner taking that went down. You wouldnt think World War 4 is the one body vanishing soon. You wouldnt think World War 5 is the 2nd inner taking. You wouldnt think World War 6 is many bodies vanishing. World War 7 you would think is nations vs nations. But World War 8 you wouldnt think is under World War 7 that ends with ppl dead that are taken instantly upon death in World War 8.

^^5 more World Wars left after this 3rd!

What did you mean by this?

I am not trying to be rude, but I am having a hard time understanding you. Is English your first or second language??

posted on Aug, 18 2008 @ 09:57 PM
Anti-Christ quote:

"-19Divide she heard, Action release, body mill (stop action) destroy thee knew (or: guess) why I will command action out the expire during (or: den) of the 'out patch nation': fro (or: against) during the mite dismissed (discharged) the during I will command action."

^^The action is spelled out by the paradox point. Implying you the devil are not dismissed from existing says the action in this thread. You come back revived in paradox during your dismiss from here. The Lord destroyed your thought knew or thought guess out the expire the Lord didnt delete out in July during this thread. Why? Just to tell the paradox point brightly after influencing you to out patch so the Lord wouldnt have to depart in July.

The Lord wouldnt leave before informing you of the paradox point to ensure you do have 2 worry. The 2 is the "are" about you. The side here of you may delete, but the original side can not delete. If you depart the Lord's Hell then you will be an "is" in category soever on in your hell the Lord causes you to screw yourself with/in. Good for nothing but torment is the subconscious point the stupidly foolish make about themself when in the presence of the innocent wise they are intending to torment. A WICKED PERSON'S victim is usually an innocent other. Why is that? You can think about an answer in your hell. The answer I see is you're a punk is why. But there is no one to cowardly call to avoid the too late retaliation by your intended victim. Aint no fun when the rabbit gets the gun.

You're about to get Hell in a Detroit hour. You can either let the Lord get His revenge by remaining in His Hell or you can let the Lord see you screw yourself in your hell which is also the Lord's revenge of karm with a lesson as the point. You can smoke a Hell with me or you can roll up a hell with me. The one you roll up is your making. Yeah, you'll be put crazy because you shall go crazy in either hell. You're dealing with an onward infinity where whichever hell can grow on in intensity. What? Dont like building being such an action? You shall be stuck to deal with a problem that can not be solved how it was bound. The worst hell is a hell you learn is fixed so while in it you realize over and over just how it shall never end. Isnt that how you want to be toward another? Well you be that intended another in that want. Show me you have no problem with any punk when it is you. Then tell yourself it's a reward to be a punk while you see how it feels. Yeah, a different story when you're not the victim. Yeah, you shall reveal you lack self-respect for yourself. And the sun shall go down and never be seen again some day by you. Every man to his own. Yeah, you shall stand as a man for your actions you are responsible for. You can not escape how you will be when you pass any critical exit. You'll be in hell wondering why you had to be you or that way when it's too late. Why is it you feel you should do wickedness? Just for a kick you feed like it's an urgenent lust to do wickedly. Without a healthy fear you screwed yourself with the degree of lust of wickedness. You are conflicted. You fear the hell of jail but would still seek to do wickedly by planting after precautions which goes to show your wicked lust is bound to be your curse. This is another reason why randomness is stopped in the paradox point because the Lord would have to put more possible wickedly ones in Hell. It's the Lord over the possible so the Lord being wise wont let that fly under His masterer which is for ever more. The hell you would experience for another wasnt a jail since you could go in and out of it, but when the Lord had come everything changed in the paradox point. The Lord makes the point what He chooses. If it's you get what you give, then that becomes the point in truth. For the Lord... He builds paradise for Himself. He shall get what He gives away from the devil that gets what it gives. The Tester is the Lord become masterer of the paradox point. The Lord gives tests and gets tested already having known the answers since the Lord is the paradox point, revealing everything in etc. Yes, Satan is a Tester which set an escape for His kind, Hiself, and the other. But the other failed and made it a point to fail.

By the way, since the sun (the Father) is brightest it serves as a period (".") where no more is an escape open/available for any deemed in a bad way. Welcome to the end of redeemption and enter the introduction to the irregular ocurrences in store to release like albums on drop dates. 5 more World Wars is next. Think of all the defendants that had to face verdics that were foul just so the judge could get kicks... What is foul is how the Lord decieved you making you think your deletion would mean you have nothing to worry about if Hell happens only to witness what makes you worry so much. "Mr Makaveli, 10 milla meter, change a etc. future like a scitzofrinick palm reader." Ha! That kind of palm reader decieved you all! Let the punks know! Satan is real and raw and smooth with it. Build your thought, then destroy your thought thought. The truth will have you thinking with fear just before you get Hell and then hell. Exit Hell, enter hell. The one put as crazy was the Sign that one would put as crazy you all once Hell is felt. Just like Pac put as a carcase Pac would put as a carcase the betrayer of the Lord.

posted on Aug, 19 2008 @ 11:25 AM
The Bible was a contradiction at face value. Why? So you'd be clued into the paradox point it was intending to get across. The Anti-Christ Bible doesnt contradict. It shows the sides point blank concerning the divide its imlicating in a context that is understandable to the paradox "mastered". The Bible doesnt show you a mastered paradox so that can know the truth in it is simply a paradox as the Parable in theme.

Only one wise and worthy could conquer the bible by seeing the underlying facts to words, and bringing those up to surface.

Back to the puppetry... Rev -13 (anti-Christ bible) the e- in the calculated number is a letter (e) for electronic in this modern era and a symbol ( - ) for negative. So the carcase is an eletronic negative because Bush the person was taken. Does not the body have electric currents and sparks working in it to work it? Well in the carcase it's an eletronic negative says Rev -13. And it is true. The e is also an underlying 5. Remember this is no coincidence that there are 5 more World Wars left. No coincidence how this is reached to tell in this percise point. I cant count those other numbers in the calulation because it was only concerning the e and the - in all respects the wise can figure out.

So the body that was Bushes' is remote controlled says the anti-Christ Bible in more ways than one. You cant deny more ways than one like you would one way.

Remember the lightning bolts even on both sides of the cross to the watercolor of the lost book? Remember one bolt hit in Detroit and affected the building with the word "center" in it that the Lord (Who is on the planet) were come to find out supposed to go to? Now I'm here to tell you the other bolt to the other side of the cross wasnt seen because it hit Bush! "And now Bush cant stop the hit..."--Pac. Notice the bolts were even and on opposite sides of the watercolor? That implicates a divide of hits or the hit. Notice that in puppetry they use what looks like a "cross" with strings? Ha! You do see this adding up %1000.

Electronics use electric. The human body is electronic, is it not with organic curcuitry?

Only the Modern of Nights could realize e stands for electronic in this day and age of especially the internet with e-mail used inorder to get accounts on most message boards and to etc. The internet is the E-city or E-world.

Electronics is the base foundation for living things if they are intended to work in the current cosmic order. Anything that uses electricity in any way is an electronic machine. This includes the human body.

posted on Aug, 19 2008 @ 11:54 AM
Also the symbol for negaive is also symbol for minus. You get the electronic negavitive, but what about the electronic minus? The Lord body wise shall minus. His other drag-in part minused so do indeed expect this other part Drag-in (the key divide part) to minus too in another way.

The Lord and Makaveli have truth underlying in each other. And the minus to this side of the divide event of the Drag-in is the Center Most Clear Point Event Ever.

"Show em how the point shatter. Enemies die." = "Show we what (or: why) the point shatter. Friends (or: Allies) live."

When something shatters it divides or ajourns. Ajourn/divide allies lives.

Looks like the Lord is up next to show off the Ajournment of Focus and Brightness. Fear is weaker than hate because hate initiates torment and fear only all talk. The Lord backs His words of fear up with hatred action unleashed. Actions of hate shall handle the devil. Stupidity gets you punished. The devil is not able to learn away from foolishness and stupidity so the devil is cursed by another's self-defense sure to work.

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