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Addicted to Chaos? What would you do?

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posted on Aug, 15 2008 @ 11:25 PM
Im a learner by nature and in no way am I implying I am a smarter than others but after spending one single day alone in my home and going for a walk outside without worrying about my job its become clear to me just how far off the game we all are if it can be called a game that is.

Its easy to see but so little of us stop and take a second to see. If you work, live in or travel through a city just have a little look at the other people around you.

People talk to themselves for crying out loud, constantly drumming the beat of what they have to do into them and reassuring themselves with words because they fear its not gonna be alright. The worrying thing is that I know people reading this might notice that they do this now.

You go home and put the box on and all you see during the day is bombs being dropped on helpless people. Murders, rapes, kidnappings and arguments. Even soaps on tv at dinner time are all arguments.

Go for a drive in the car and you cannot get peace for some nutjob tailgating your car in a hurry to get somewhere when in reality we are all going nowhere really.

Try public transport and all you can hear is the never ending beat of music in headphones keeping the pulse of everyday life going where most would just give it up.

You cant speak your mind anymore without fear of being some sort of threat to society.

The police are extremely hostile. I cant even smoke a cigarette without being followed and questioned. (Glasgow)

I have other things that im not really wanting to go into right now but its nothing huge.

To give you an idea of the kinda guy I am, I dont give a crap who I speak with in terms of power. I called the Whitehouse when they were seconds away from hanging suddam huissein to tell Mr Bush he was a plonker and he was commiting an act of murder, naturally he wasnt at his desk of course, to busy getting wall street drunk, so i left a msg lol.

I see what I need to do but I fear it ends with a bullet........
to my head.
I have always wanted to go into politics and I have the relevant connections and education but im a bit of a renegade in terms of following the sheep and wouldnt submit to corruption.

It seems we all got addicted to chaos along the way. We crave it every single day to keep our lives interesting.

The consequences if I do not, I simply work hard and try my damnest to pay my bills and taxes. Seems the ignorance is the bliss here apart from the fact that my bills go up and up.

One thing I am curious of is that this time period is one of the darkest in human history or rather what is coming. Im not a doomsday maniac but I dont feel anything good when I think about the future and there must be some reason for so many people being on the planet at this time other than slaughter like the mainsteam conspirators will all tell you. Im not gonna go any further as its dangerous.

If you had a chance to do one important thing to help everyone, would you risk your life and your family?

Im interested to see the response here.

posted on Aug, 16 2008 @ 12:16 AM
An interesting read.

Short answer: Yes. I would do one important thing if I indeed knew it would help everybody. Risking my life and my family is a collateral effect of my action.

Then again what the hell do I consider important? How do I know that my one action was the best action and it did far more good then bad?

As you can probably tell, I'm a "what if" person. I'm trying harder to be a "what is" thinker because dwelling in the "what ifs" leads to..


It may sound bleak but dealing with the "what is" leads to the same place. It is then I come to the realization that I am a biological machine run by hormones. What makes me feel good? Chocolate. And right now, that is the number one most important thing in my life, at least for the next 30 seconds.

Don't know if this was the kind of input you were expecting, but it is the input I gave in reaction to your post. Have a good day/night.

posted on Aug, 16 2008 @ 07:09 PM
At this point in time I would say YES. I have lived on this planet over one half a decade. My family is grown, with family of their own. If I had the means I would make sure they were out of harms way, or is that "cheating". Now the questions for the OP are:

1. Am I sure that in taking that risk, the outcome will indeed be of help?
2. Will I have to do it alone?
3. Do I indeed have the financial means to do it?

The answers to these questions may have me reconsider my answer... at another point in time.

posted on Aug, 17 2008 @ 01:20 AM
I would get more people interested in the life and works of:

"Is", "is." "is" — the idiocy of the word haunts me. If it were abolished, human thought might begin to make sense. I don't know what anything "is"; I only know how it seems to me at this moment.

Chaos in not always what it seems.

it could change the world, we could be free, and if the end came, we would not even be here, we would be creating Universes out of THOUGHT.

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posted on Oct, 4 2008 @ 06:57 PM
reply to post by XXXN3O

Anyone else care to give some viewpoints?

I expected much more views.

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