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nwo in progress

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posted on Jan, 10 2003 @ 09:44 AM
changes among the U.S.

Are the Boxcars the things Schneider mentioned?

Quote: Recently, I knew someone who lived near where I live in Portland, Oregon. He worked at Gunderson Steel Fabrication, where they make railroad cars. Now, I knew this fellow for the better part of 30 years, and he was kind of a quiet type. He came in to see me one day, excited, and he told me "they're building prisoner cars." He was nervous. Gunderson, he said, had a contract with the federal government to build 107,200 full length railroad cars, each with 143 pairs of shackles. There are 11 sub-contractors in this giant project. Supposedly, Gunderson got over 2 billion dollars for the contract. Bethlehem Steel and other steel outfits are involved. He showed me one of the cars in the rail yards in North Portland. He was right. If you multiply 107,200 times 143 times 11, you come up with about 15,000,000. This is probably the number of people who disagree with the federal government. No more can you vote any of these people out of office. Our present structure of government is "technocracy", not democracy, and it is a form of feudalism. It has nothing to do with the republic of the United States. These people are god-less, and have legislated out prayer in public schools. You can get fined up to $100,000 and two years in prison for praying in school. I believe we can do better. I also believe that the federal government is running the gambit of enslaving the people of the United States. I am not a very good speaker, but I'll keep shooting my mouth off until somebody puts a bullet in me, because it's worth it to talk to a group like this about these atrocities.

Things can get real sh*tty folks.

posted on Jan, 10 2003 @ 04:11 PM
Well, they can when some hoaxer is lying out of his left elbow at you!

This page and others like it got circulated during the Y2K scare and lots of people got scared. Eventually (after Fema and the National Guard DIDN'T come along and pull people out of their beds late at night and railroad them somewhere), others started looking into it.

It was just someone who put together a lot of unconnected things, got hysterical, put up a webpage... and started shrieking that the NWO was coming Any Second Now.

I live right near the "concentration camp" in Ft. Worth Texas. Oh, it's a prison, all right. A women's prison. And it's full... not with right-wingers or politically incorrect people. It's full of female felons. And I just LOVE the designation of the "concentration camp" at Ft. Hood. That one's hysterically funny! I'm sure the GIs find Ft. Hood fairly unpleasant... but not THAT bad!

The "nuke" looks like a movie prop or collection of old junk. Notice that none of the components will fit together and the cable in the lower left hand side is simply an old 10-base-T Ethernet wire. What are they proposing to do -- wire the bomb for email??

Other items stand out... the man and his kid hunting on bombing range... having grown up in the Army, I can tell you that bombing ranges are full of unexploded ordinances and we keep the civilians out because they're likely to trip on something or try to trigger somethiing and blow their silly heads off. And then there'll be lawyers around.

And the Latvian troops. Those poor things have been there since 1999 and haven't taken over a hamburger stand.

This one's foo-foo... it fools lots of folks, though, until you notice the dates and take a look at the facilities in person. Then it falls apart.

posted on Jan, 10 2003 @ 04:23 PM
Oh. The railway cars. 15,000,000 you say.

Tell ya what. 15,000,000 cars each at 100 feet long means that somewhere there's 1,500,000,000 feet of railway cars lying around.

(they're about 115 feet, actually, in length)

Dividing the footage by 5,280 (number of miles in a foot) means that there's some 284,100 miles of boxcars (give or take 10 miles) lying around somewhere in the US.

The U.S. has 230,000 miles of railroad track:

This means that there ought to be one of those boxcars lined up every .9 miles in the US. Now, I work near a train station and I'm quite sure that in the past 3 years (although I've been stopped at the train crossings many times) I've never seen a single one of those boxcars parked anywhere or moving anywhere. There's even a lay-by near my work where they have railway cars sitting around for weeks and more.

Now, if there really were that many of those around, they'd be jamming up the transportation system... in fact, you couldn't even make trains out of them because there's just too many cars. You'd have a massive traffic jam along the whole railway system.

So you don't need to fret about that one... more important issues to worry about include road rage, social problems, global warming, and whether or not we're going to be pushed into war.

posted on Jan, 10 2003 @ 04:29 PM
It would be "ironic" if the whole world except for the United States and I suppose Britain and anyone else on this board from anywhere else (U_P
) is a spy of the NWO...and the whole world but a few places are completely ingulfed in the flames of conquest and war, and we ignorant americans are sitting here never travelling now because of "terrorists" so no one is bringing back the news of a "big bad NWO coming to power".

I could really see that turning out to be the truth, and one day more ships hit LA beach than did in normandy and millions of soldiers wearing NWO on their helmets raid the US

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posted on Jan, 10 2003 @ 08:57 PM
Frankly, I don't think they can muster enough armies anywhere to march in and take over the US. There's too much land, too many people, too many resources.

It's the same reason why Russia was never successfully conquered (that and their miserable winters.) You could never get enough of an army in there to take over more than a portion of it, and the united people themselves could drive you out.

History taught us that. Small nations are easy to conquer. Large ones are impossible until they fall apart into smaller bickering nation-states.

posted on Jan, 11 2003 @ 01:52 PM
Ok, the site can be fake, but what if it isn't.
And I don't underestimate Schneiders words.

So don't blame me not warning you when you've got a one way ticket on a train like that.

No, just consider the fact that maybe you are brainwashed in a way that you don't see/realize what is happening.
It may sound silly, the more it does, the more you are into it.
And with all the secrets they keep you haven't got a clue of what's going on.

In such conditions the government can do what they want without getting negative responses from their slaves.

posted on Jan, 11 2003 @ 02:38 PM
here also pro and contra

Edit: P.S. First link that showed up when I entered Gunder Steel Fabrication Contracts

Edit: related ..
[Edited on 11-1-2003 by alienaddicted]

[Edited on 11-1-2003 by alienaddicted]

posted on Jan, 11 2003 @ 03:02 PM
@FM it'd be quit ironic if the nwo invaded the usa they'd prolly always wanna kidnap GWB while they're at it

[Edited on 11-1-2003 by f16falcon]

posted on Jan, 11 2003 @ 08:59 PM

Answer to the post originally posted by FreeMason

It would be "ironic" if the USA is the NWO...and the whole NWO threads being posted here are no more than bull# to disguise USA real intentions, as USA is actually ingulfed in the flames of conquest and war, and we ignorant world citizens are sitting here never travelling to USA because the bigotry against anyone not-from-the-USA, so no one is bringing back the news of a "big bad NWO coming to power".

I could really see that turning out to be the truth, and one day more ships hit Europe, middle-Orient and Eastern-Asia beaches than did in normandy and millions of soldiers wearing USMC on their helmets raid the whole world


P.S.: The whole thing about USA citizen believing themselves the saviors of the world and they thinking the whole world is a mess allways get me

Affortunately, not all USA citizens think that way, you The Great Conspiranoic. :p

[Edited on 2003-1-12 by MakodFilu]

posted on Jan, 12 2003 @ 08:22 AM
We just get antsy when we have to pay $1.50 a gallon for gas, instead of $1.20....
Then, we gotta stomp some heads...

"Frankly, I don't think they can muster enough armies anywhere to march in and take over the US. There's too much land, too many people, too many resources."

There's no need to take over that which you already control... No "invasion" needed, just a show of force.

posted on Feb, 11 2003 @ 06:28 AM
MakodFilu is right. The most likely candidate for the control center of the nwo is america. I thought that was pretty obvious...

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