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The anti-Christ bible's main prophesy

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posted on Aug, 15 2008 @ 11:31 AM
It's in the middle of Rev -12 (anti-Christ bible quote):

-9Divide the small (or: insignificant) drag-in saw cast in, *this* new (or: young) serpent, answered the Lived, divide Mabus (or: Jesus), whose zero deceiveth the part world: she (I) saw cast in out from the mouth (or: sky or sea or eye), divide her (my) angles (or gleans) were cast in with her (me).

^^The divide Mabus/Jesus decieved by the zero body. Decieved because this person is still alive after the zero where the body deletes in thin air.

^^This prophesy shall happen before the devil is taken. When? During this:

Matt -24 (anti-Christ Bible quote)
-42Listen (or Experience) hereafter: against ye (*the devil*) knew (or: guess) still why hour your Lord (astral projection) doth depart.

-43Tub knew (or: guess) *that*, *this* if the wicked woman (or: "naw") of the person lacked known out why listen (or: experience) the Robber would depart, she would lack listened (or: experienced), Divide would still lack pleased her person (astral projection) away from action repaired mid.

-44Hereafter action ye (*the devil*) also ready: against out such an hour as ye think still the Step-Son (or: Daughter or Parent) of woman (or: "naw") depart-th.

^^The devil would lack why the Robber said he would depart and the devil surely would lack the reason because they lack experienced the vanished Robber whose zero decieve after the Robber actually body wise and person wise the Divide out from this physical world that is in the astral projection mouth of the devil. The action repaired mid concerns the throwt. Is this not happening in event now? The devil knows. And since this is like a chess game the Robber would do his hit act during it some moment prolly after stating the very point just to get the point through which the devil can help make.

In -44 after the hit act, the devil shall depart as they surely think then STILL after the point they infact helped.

Reason it's "repaired" mid is because the devil knows of a previous lost/destroyed throwt matter they had a hand in physically with poison vapors. This time the devil does their wicked deed astrally as an act to restore.

The Robber aka the decieving Lived will laugh knowing what then authority he obtains out this world for the world here. The Robber isnt called the Robber for nothing. The point is is that the devil may cause themself to get robbed as in taken to be given Hell personally by the hand of the very Robber. The Robber likes to clown on his foes and be given great street honor so he will do it with a smile and recieve the joy of getting perfect revenge even by letting the devil see they will screw themself in the Robbers presence and observation.

Any intelligent questions or comments?

posted on Aug, 15 2008 @ 01:37 PM
holy crap, what?

would you like some grated parmesan with that word salad?

posted on Aug, 15 2008 @ 01:40 PM
What does this have to do with bible prophecy? The main prophecy in the bible is the coming of the savior by the way. It is spelled out all through the old testament and fulfilled in the new.


posted on Aug, 15 2008 @ 02:02 PM

Originally posted by reluctantpawn
What does this have to do with bible prophecy? The main prophecy in the bible is the coming of the savior by the way. It is spelled out all through the old testament and fulfilled in the new.


Yes, is not the Robber saving this world by taking away the plaguing devil?

It all ties in with the Christ Bible, too. Both bibles are sown with a climactic point understood for here. So check out the Anti-Christ bible by way of the formula that should be worked for to receive the news and standing and expiring.

posted on Aug, 15 2008 @ 07:15 PM

John -2 (the anti-Christ bible)

-19Satan (or: Mabus) called divide heard away from we-th, Create *that* senseless, divde out three nights body mill (stop action) lower it mid.

^^The particular astral projection = *that* senseless. Senseless act that is implying. What is a senseless act? Example: You know Johny would set you on fire if you do anything wicked toward do it anyway and get set on fire. That is a senseless act because the point is made for ignorance so that you suffer a consequence of a justified act made justified because you were reasonablely forewarned to know.

The consequence can be a lasting one as forewarned you. So if you choose to defy it you also choose to punish yourself. The devil will screw itself in a cowardly way. The devil is addicted to it's wicked astral projecting like it is their lust. So they literally SCREW themself with lust. Ha.

The Robber shall in person handle the devil with hand in the devil's witnessing eye. What will the devil do? Literally nothing and turn to zero after with a big "Naw!!" yelled heard in the universal tongue called "the Point".

The devil divide is 3rd to why it's out number "three". 1st the upper betrayors gotten departed. 2nd the Robber depart. 3rd the devil depart the human bodies and is taken into Hell where it may depart existing by the point of "Naw!!". That naw is our final conspiracy with the devil since it's like our Lord telling the devil "naw" it shall cease existing with the devil acting in accord by telling it shall cease into zero. The fact speaks for itself. Thus it may be known for a time that the devil needed a helping hand to end itself. It wouldnt stand alone on making that decision, but will die alone.

If you wonder if any of this shall happen, you shall see one way or another. Any further questions?

The best existence makes the best point made with or without you. The Robber makes points with and without you when the Robber vanishes and then the final point with or without you. The inside point vs the outter point.

posted on Aug, 16 2008 @ 11:36 AM

divde out three nights body mill (stop action) lower it mid




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