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Russia Threatens Nuclear War with Poland

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posted on Aug, 15 2008 @ 10:05 AM
My God, what are they thinking with issuing a statement like this!

So much for the Cold War being over with.... Welcome to Cold War II with a Vengence and penance to start the Third World War...

I know, the link is from the AP to get us in Fear of the Russian bear. It just seems to me that with the current state of World Affairs why make statements like the Russian General if they do not plan on using them.

This World and rat race we live in is bad enough, this just makes it worse.

I trained to fight the Russians in the 80's and in every scenario we won, except nuclear exchange... We all lose.

If there is a GOD in heaven, please stop this madness, lest the human race destroy itself over nothing.

Train for War, Pray for Peace.

God Bless,



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