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Thornhill, Ontario, Canada UFO's Aug 15/08

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posted on Aug, 15 2008 @ 09:37 AM

Lived next to Toronto Airport for over 15 years until I moved to Thornhill in early 2008.
Read about UFO's and strange phenomena’s for many years.
Don't wear glasses. Don’t drink and quit smoking 2.5 years ago. Not on meds.
Work full time and am under no stress working as a Property/Operations Manager and others consider me technically inclined with a straight head on my shoulders.

Edit to add.. what type of camera or video recorder I used.. it was a Canon PowerShot SD400 5 Mega Pixels.

Only sightings I think I ever had was three years ago when I was smoking in the backyard. It lasted about 1.5 to 2 seconds.. this thing travelled from east to west and then made a ninety degree turn to go south. I would say it was about 45 degree in the sky. Happened so fast I still question what I saw. Have not told too many people of what I saw because I was also doubtful.

This morning I told my co-workers when I arrived at work. One co-worker said his cousin was a sceptic, in that he did not believe in UFO's. Until one day he saw some lights, bright green and white, in a farmer’s field that grows potatoes. After he did a doubt take and asked his wife due to not seeing the light again on his double take, she agreed that she saw something too. Then when they looked for the third time, the light was back but in another field. I was told the light was so bright and blinding. Is he a believer now? Mayhap... as he is perplexed as to what could have created the bright lights...

Me and my girlfriend’s experience this morning with UFO’s...

We were driving East in Thornhill, Ontario on our way to work. My girlfriend, in the front passenger seat, commented about a bright star she was looking at. I told her that there can't be any bright stars due to the sunrise. She insisted that she was looking at one. So I started looking for this “star”. The time was 6:44 am, winds where calm.

That’s when I saw something bright in the sky at about 10 degrees up from the horizon. This thing was above the clouds. I would surmise it was in orbit or beyond as it was round and very bright just like a star. I thought this strange.

This is when I slowed down and drove into the left hand turning lane to stop the car. This bright white light looked as thought it was reflecting the sun light which was on the lower left behind the clouds. The sun was low enough so that we were not blinded and could see in an easterly direction.

I thought this was an optune time to pull out my camera and take a picture of this for later observation. As I started to lean out of the car window to take the picture, my girlfriend said it went away. I looked for it with my head out the window and sure enough did not see it. When I got back in the car I asked her how it went away.. did it fade or what? Using her hand outstretched she would point to where she saw it and then with a quick motion moved her arm from left to lower right quickly. I then asked if it faded away or did it move away.. she said it moved away quickly just as I leaned out to take the picture!

Picture of what the sky looked like. This "star" was just slightly above the clouds on the right hand side of where you see the sun.

I put my camera away and we continued our way to work. I made my left hand turn which put us traveling north.

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posted on Aug, 15 2008 @ 09:37 AM
We talked about what we saw and she was commenting that she now believes in UFO’s. I told her that I always believed but never really had hard evidence to myself, with the exception of that sighting I had three years back that lasted a few seconds. Then she got all jumpy and said she saw the light again.. I tried to look but she said she lost it.. Now I’m wondering if she’s giddy and seeing things.

I saw a shiny object in the sky about a minute later after her sighting. 6:47am EST. She asked where and I was in the middle of driving and looking at this thing. I pulled over on the right hand side in a bus lane. I pointed to this object. She finally was able to see it too. I started to notice that it was oval like a plane and thought perhaps it was a plane reflecting the sun. As I kept looking at it I noticed there were no “wings” on the side. It still was far and I didn’t move until I was sure… It kept nagging me about how “odd” it looked in that there were no wings. It was about 80 degrees from the horizon.. so basically above us. This was NO plane!

Video of UFO

Video of UFO

The object is right above the pole.

This is a plane I saw later reflecting the sun. It was traveling west to east. I was north of its position. This is to show that one could distinguish a plane reflecting and this object.

As it got closer my girlfriend commented about how fast it was moving.. faster then a plane. Myself honestly.. it seemed to move as fast as a plane. When it was over us and I could see it better.. I saw NO wings.. and a dark or black band around the centre of this thing. It was silver metallic reflecting the suns light, I think. The centre at first I thought was a shadow of the wing.. but I saw NO wings and it was kind of blurry dark.. like pastel not reflective. Then it dawned on me that it was “cigar” in shape. It had NO back fins too! I watched it as it made its way from the north east going south west. It maybe took a whole 45 to 60 seconds. The sky was blue with no clouds and the wind was calm. If I was to guess the height I would guess 60000 feet or more.

After constant nagging from my girlfriend that I was going to be late for work, I got in the car. As I started to drive, she commented on the centre of this thing. I never said a word to her about my impression of what I saw. She said it looked like a black ribbon wrapped around the centre. I asked her what shape it looked like and she replied "It looked like a sausage shape."

Then we saw a real plane.. I took a video for comparisons of what we were seeing in the sky this morning.


About a few a minute later I came up to an intersection to make a right turn where a Petro gas station is located. This is when I saw in the distance two white lights traveling east to west. The lights were below the clouds and I found this odd as the sun has not broken over the clouds yet. Someone at work said it could have been the planes lights. I disagree due to the direction they were flying. I would say they were about 5 degrees from the horizon at a great distance away just above the tree lines.


I was always a believer and my girlfriend is too now. After that Cigar/sausage sighting.. we saw a REAL plane 30 seconds later traveling over us travelling North West to south east, which I included a video. That was a plane. What a difference to what we saw a few seconds earlier.

I showed some co-workers and they said strange.. I was able to blow up the pics.. Their not concrete clear images.. but definitely show the shape and color of this thing.

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posted on Aug, 17 2008 @ 12:56 PM
Interesting! I live in Mississauga, on the 9th floor of an apartment building, and have seen something like this over Lake Ontario. It was early one winter morning. I know the flight paths planes take in to Pearson (from my balcony), and this thing was on a flight path I'd never ever seen until then, and still have not seen.

Where about was this footage taken from? Close to Steeles Ave and the 404? It looks close to there. One thing I can do is back up your footage from a climate point of view. I was on the 401E that morning, and then took the 400 North - this was about 6:45am, and I remember the sky looking exactly like that.

I'm always looking out at the sky when on the road - in the hope I'll see something like this. Guess I just wasn't looking close enough that morning....rats!

Thanks for posting

(BTW - I'm from South Africa - moved here last April - and never saw anything there - sometimes I wonder if these are Canadian military assets?)

posted on Aug, 18 2008 @ 10:15 AM
It was west of the 400 and north of 407, around Bathurst and Major Mackenzie Dr W.

Thats where I took the photos and video. I had my cheap Canon Powershot on me as I use it at work. My good camera at the time was at home.

Only reason we spotted the second object was due to my girlfriend commenting on the "Star" This was at Bathurst and Centre, again west of 400 and just south of 407. We were driving East and I was just in the process of making a left hand turn.

I asked my girlfriend again on the weekend after showing her the pictures on the tv as to how the first object went away.. I asked her if it faded.. or blink out or what.. she said it moved from stationary to "zooming" right.. thats going south from it's position. She said it went very fast.. no blinking out or fading out.. it moved.

Bah.. just as I was going to take a pic. of this "Star" when I was in park mode in that left hand turning lane..

That second sighting last week was so odd.. I felt relaxed and perplexed as to what was keeping that thing up there.. no wings what so ever.. and there where planes flying around that morning which I took shots off.. even those that were reflecting the sun.

Oh well.. now she and I keep looking up.. well mostly she does when I'm driving...

We went and did some stargazing this past weekend.. nothing to report other then lots of clouds and bugs!!!

I recall a few months ago that someone here commented on seeing something in the Thornhill area and just brushed it off as them perhaps seeing a plane turning or at an angle as to warp ones perception of what they were seeing. Now.. I need to re evaluate what others are seeing in the area as I'm a witness now to something odd

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posted on Nov, 22 2011 @ 11:39 PM
I too live in Thornhill and one day either earlier this year or last I too had noticed something strange in the sky. I was sitting down in front of my house facing east looking up at my two friends who were standing and talking in front of me when in between their faces in the background I started paying attention to this moving star. It was a clear day, probably early afternoon, so I had a good uninhibited view of this flying object. It appeared to be making its way slowly south east to north west maybe but overall appeared south to north (I'd say if it was over anywhere, it was over Markham south of hwy7, north of steeles). This 'star', which I hadn't thought much of because of the numerous planes I see daily en route to or from Pearson/Buttonville, and also due to the conversation I was still engaged in, stopped and started to get brighter. At this point I had completely lost track of the conversation and began to question myself what could cause such a brightness at such heights during the day. The brightness then faded and the object appeared to shoot out of the atmosphere. It went north east and up on outta here, quite quickly and by the time I could gather myself to point it out to my friends, it had gone with only the slightest trail left behind.

Just a few days ago I had asked a friend of mine if he had ever experienced a UFO and he mentioned two occasions. The first occasion was an experience similar to mine with an object resembling what I described and what's in your video and the second was a much more unambiguous black oval/circle (I can't remember exactly). Well, hearing a story similar to mine prompted me to see if there were more stories out there regionally.

Anyway let me know what you think because I have a feeling these sitings are all connected and all originate from the same source. It'd be neat to hear some more similar stories and try and to figure out what's happening around us. Maybe their working on something around here that the aliens want to check out, who knows...

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