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Poland accepts George's

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posted on Aug, 14 2008 @ 11:35 PM
I am a Combat Veteran of the Air Force and this idea is a very bad one. I only mention my Veteran status to emphasize that I know what I'm talking about.

If countries in Europe or the former Soviet Union want a missile shield then we should sell them one, teach them how to use it and then leave. But, once again, we're playing the role of World Police Force and sticking around to "help" Poland.

Mr Tusk said Washington had agreed to meet Warsaw's main demands in exchange for hosting the 10 interceptor missiles in a former military base near Poland's Baltic Sea coast.

In return, the US had agreed to help modernise the Polish armed forces and locate Patriot missiles and a garrison of US servicemen in Poland to beef up its air defences, Mr Tusk said.


There is no longer any need for the US Military to have bases in any other countries. The Cold War is over. We are able to launch missiles from our country into any other country in the world. And some are able to launch theirs into our country. But our borders are secure from all but illegal Mexican immigrants. We have more missile defense systems than any civilian realizes. Including air and space-based systems. Ever notice that Canadians never try to sneak over the border? That's because their country is run in a much more sensible way than ours.

We have troops in over 132 countries of the world, out of approximately 192 total. We're not spreading democracy. We're pushing our agendas. And that means oil and money, or whatever resource your country happens to have. We want it and we'll take it.

I happen to know that we no longer need bases in Germany or England. They're just not necessary. They've got their own firepower and I've seen it first-hand. They don't need us there like they did in WWII or during the Cold War. It's all a farce right now.

So much of our national budget is unaccounted for and misused. But nobody is ever held accountable. Can you imagine what we could do for America if we used that "mystery money" for research on cancer, AIDS, agriculture and renewable energies? We would make huge leaps that would benefit the entire world. But George would rather flex his phony muscles, because Cheney is the real President in my mind. George isn't smart enough to put on a decent barbecue at his ranch, much less run the country.

I'm sickened by the Presidential races that we have in our country now because it always adds up to picking the least-bad of two boobs. I was hoping that Ron Paul would make it a lot further. He seemed to be the only one with true common sense.

In conclusion I just want to say that our Constitution is under fire right now and needs to be protected. Please read some of the biographies of our Founding Fathers and remember some of their famous quotes. They show much more wisdom than you'll see in any present-day politician. The time to spill the blood of, "Tyrants and Politicians" is very near. Benjamin Franklin was right when he said, "Those who would give up Liberty for a little bit of security deserve neither Liberty nor security."

posted on Aug, 14 2008 @ 11:40 PM
This missile shield deal is just breathtaking. This situation is just spiraling out of control and before long, a stray bullet will find an unfortunate target - either a U.S. soldier or Russian soldier.

I feel like this is the beignning of a decades long confrontation with Russia. Some people will actually miss the Cold War and the old USSR during this time.


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