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Making the World a Better Place

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posted on Aug, 14 2008 @ 09:45 PM
Mods... Pretty sure this can go here, if not, please move it.

Well, I have seen more threads dealing with overpopulation, resource depltion, and 'elitism. We have also seen many other threads dealing with political curoption.

I have to say that I agree with much of it, that we are rapidly consuming perishable resources, leaders have been doing things behind our backs, and to suit all this, the Earth's population is exploding. Seven Billion. Soon. Its comming.

Well, this seems freight train picking up speed, but I have an idea about all this, as do many of you. I would like to share that idea.

Well, as I mentioned behind, many politicans truely do not care. In the United States, at the State, and mostly Federal level, that is true. At the local level, is different. At the local level, we are talking about people who truely do care, since its their home.

This world would be a better place if we all attended thoses sparsly attended city council meetings and contributed. An example,

I live in a suburb of 13,000 people north of St. Paul, Minnesota. Recently, the 'downtown' area Walmart was looking to expand into the huge empty parking lot. What happened:

A bunch of citizens, some of which I knew, got together and changed that. Now what is going in is a smaller Walmart, a park, and small local busnisses. It is a small step that will work for a better community.

I encourage everyone to activly particpiate on their local goverment. Because you CAN make the change. (jeeez, I sound like Obama), its true. If every 'intelligent' person made that hour and a half, this world would be a better place.

If the country started changing on a local level, it would work up. The local Ma and Pa communities are the backbone of the country, not 100 senators cooped up in a building a thousand miles away. People complain about things, little do they know, they can change them. Its starts out writing on the state or federal level. It takes 3 minutes, and I got a personal response from my senator on a very controversial issue: protesting the RNC.

Everyone is a ACTUAL person. These people on the campaign ads, or on the news are people you can talk to. There are a few who are different though, heads of state. But the people who do the work are people. It can be changed.

Anyone else have similar visions, goals, or are planning to? Anyone else would like to make a difference? Everything cannot be a conspiracy. Some things CAN be changed.



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