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The illuminati=extension of Nature

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posted on Aug, 16 2008 @ 04:46 AM
btw, i dont see the illuminati out there with the tractors and pickers and such. i see them sittign in nice thrones" so to speak payign kids to build them sneakers in sweat shiops. dont try and kid anyone, your only fooling yourself. Small poor farmers feed us, over worked carpenters shelter us. Engineers and technicians provide our comforts. Do everyone a favour, and give credit where its due.

posted on Aug, 16 2008 @ 04:53 AM
and all ur mentioning of the mobs and funny because most of what is pushed as the mobs and masses, is just mainstream media, and not the actual views and beleifs of the people. people are pushed into making a choice, that they shouldnt even have to make in the first place. ther eis no justification, only holding on to small points for arguments sake. if the peopel actualyl knew what was going on, in full understanding, woudl they allow things to continue? no. if the immuniati didnt have everythign all separated for self gain, we could expand and grow out into the universe. do not patronize mankind and try and justify thier actions. they may beleive what they are doing is right, but they most of all are the deluded.

posted on Aug, 16 2008 @ 04:56 AM
i also notice you were online while i wrote all this and had nothing to say,puttered out from all that writing to try and explain soemthing that could have been done in much less words more effectively? or just at a loss of words? i think the latter is most appropriate.

posted on Aug, 16 2008 @ 05:02 AM
reply to post by Boostah

First let me say thank YOU for all the fish. great quote.

supply and demand. yes. D masses demand the illusion and the illuminati supply it (almost sounds like THEY are slaves to the masses..hmmm) Why do they do this. Let me explain.
This is very INTERESTING but is also simple to understand. here it is..I LOVE IT, when I found this out I was FREAKING AMAZED...
....The masses would go crazy if the fantasy world was not possible. In fact, this is the ONLY way the illuminati have been able to create society. *Either have the masses be OUTRIGHT SLAVES, or have them choose their slavery in the form of the matrix/fantasy.*
I think you see what I am saying. I can talk more about it but if you see it, you see it. Its only logical. I hate saying that over and over again but its so simple.

when you say the world CAN BE A BETTER place, I dont see it. I can say yes it can and move on. But just entertain this idea. IS it possible that it could only be worse and that this is the best way it can be. The way I see it is that if the masses controlled the planet it would be a mess. Greed, delusion, laziness, etc...

I come to this conclusion because I observe how the masses act and react. I observe how they choose to not take responsibility and play the blame game. I observe how they CHOOSE to go to war with no info or info that is obviously false and illogical. ALL BY CHOICE.

if your argument is "THe illuminati or we can HELP THEM TO SEE THE LIGHT" I are wrong. They chose this and will chose it over and over again. AND if you FORCE THEM TO be logical....WELL, you are taking away their CHOICE and are not respecting nature.
in the words of the movie matrix reloaded "THE PROBLEM IS CHOICE"

The second sun is very interesting. I personally am fighting myself to not take interest in it because there is not much I can logically get from it but its interesting because its out there.HOwever, at this point I have to say that I will not go into it anyfurther. There is plenty of info out there but most point to "they want to be gods and create a sun"..falls in line with the usual crapfest of THEY ARE EVIL.

So, let me ask you this BOOSTAH..and anyone else reading this...if anyone is, lol.
WHat do you think the reasons for war are?
If its cool with you I would like to hear your answers first and proceed with mine after that. I have given this very much thought and did research from many different angles.

as for an interview? interview for what? do you have a podcast? Sure, no problem. I dont know how ATS works but hit me up. We can do skype most likely.
So hit me up. or sent me a msg somehow.

posted on Aug, 16 2008 @ 05:24 AM
Another thing about the Illuminati there satanists who wants them in charge anyhow, your point is simple i get that, your saying if people want real change how come they haven't made a stink of the situation, but were we differ is not as many people get a chance to take the red pill(if were gonna use Matrix lingo)because they don't know half of the stuff going on, if more people knew they were real then a uprising would occur, which i think might happen if they mandate micro-chipping of human beings.

As far as Sreet Fighter gos chalk me up as another who can't wait to see part four come out, February is the release date for the home brews aka 360 and PS3.

posted on Aug, 16 2008 @ 05:37 AM
reply to post by THIseNdsnowoldKings

bro, relax..I was typing in other forum and listening to Paul Thompkins.. a very funny comedian.
Most likely you will not read this given your points were already discussed earlier but please, read it all. dont just scan it and reply. I read every word of your many posts.

Let me say this in response to your "I dont see the illuminati out there with tractors and pickers" . YES YOU DONT. EVEN the SLAVES in the past worked hard but were still slaves. THey were slaves because they CHOSE not to try and make it on their own. didnt like the risk.

credit where credit is due. credit goes to the illuminati. they get the GOLD. WHy, because they set up the system for us all to enjoy. I am not saying the ILLUMINATI COME AND BUILD YOUR HOUSE FOR YOU. but the artificial womb that you have chosen to live in (which makes you feel good enough to attack the illuminati) is THEIR CREATION.

The objective of these artificial wombs is to provide a stable environment for both stable and unstable activity...and to provide defensive protection for offensive activity.
END OF STORY If it was as how you claim...why dont you get some of those workers to build you a house OUTSIDE of the artificial womb? but u wont, coz u love their nation-state set up. Done with that one. moving on (but u wont wrap your head around it. keep playing the blame game)

U say " if the peopel actualyl knew what was going on, in full understanding, woudl they allow things to continue"
AGAIN WITH THIS. listen, people CHOOSE to believe lies because they prefer this OVER reality. No one forces them to watch tv, listen to media. THEY do it WILLINGLY because the masses have BEGGED for a system that can keep them in the fantasy world.

THOSE of you who are reading this. isnt it funny how people ask teh same questions. I answer but they go on with the same argument. "people are lied to, they dont konw"

TAKE some responsibility. EVERYONE WAKES UP TO THE fact but cHOOSEs to go back into the matrix. THEY DONT WANT TO FACE REALITY. Im sorry, The illuminati know this fact and knew it from a while back.

*u say "with the web that has been put up, it is nearly impossible for the good ones to find thier way out"
WHO PUT UP THE WEB? WHO BEGGED for the web to be put up? You are telling me the masses(remember masses means MAJORITY) were not able to take the FREAKING WEB down? HMMM, U honestly want to tell me and other that the MASSES ALLOWED THE WEB TO BE SET UP WHEN THEY DID NOT WANT IT THERE? hmmm. very logical right.
Why didnt the "good ones" wake the masses up? could it be because the masses LIKE THE WEB. and has the WEB not HELPED you in your life?

sorry about this but if you refuse to face logic and reason, keep playing the blame game. I am all for you searching for truth, but you are stuck with the blame game. Face reality. NOTHING THAT I AM WRITING ABOUT has any FLAWS. not because I KNOW EVERYTHINg, but because I AM WRITING ABOUT THINGS that I know are true and logical. I have other ideas that might not be true so I dont write about them.

the illuminati do know more than the masses. last time I checked the world is a better place now compared to the past. im sure u will argue despite the obvious.

spirit world. DELUSIONAL. thats it. What can I say. No proof, no nothing. How many animals you see spending their short lives in fantasy world. 80 years with luck or even less and you choose to feed your fantasy emotion delusion coz it feels good. Sorry good fellow, no one knows and no one will every know while we live. but thats what the artificial womb is for, so u can feed your fantasy instead of observing reality.

understanding of 1 another as individuals. Sure, some are lazy and greedy and delusional. Other are the illuminati
IF you like, I would. CHoose a specific topic to chat about. We can both learn.

posted on Aug, 16 2008 @ 05:45 AM
MrJelly- Yep runnin a small Podcast You can add me on skype with the ID "conspiracast" and organize it from there.

The reasons I think they use war is mostly for control, a catalyst of control - I dont think its for oil and I dont think its ever one country against another.

Say the current situation in Georgia for example; if you look at the position of the NWO's bitches sorry organisations/countries/superstates, like the UN, EU, US, RUSSIA, GERMANY, ASIA, MIDDLE EAST,etc ...

Well my take on it is that they are wrapping it up now theres a few holes that need to be filled in and so its all about setting up permanent bases in those positions with their allies who are portrayed on the main stream as the "opposing force" so yes staged would be the right word. Along with that it does look like it is also some form of sacrifice for killing innocents or population control.

posted on Aug, 16 2008 @ 05:49 AM
reply to post by King Seesar

Bro, how amped am I about the new Street fighter coming out. Plays in 2d but is fully in 3d.
I saw it and it looks great and it looks like it plays great also, I heard it has tight controls like the old days. I will own anyone on the SFII.
I went to vegas when I was in 8th grade, sat with one quarter and played for 5 hours just beating everyone. Great times. this one guy beat me coz he did the magic throw... I had never seen that. with guile. I learned later though. Anway,

The illuminati are NOT SATANISTS. its all lazy people who choose not to take responsibility that write this crazy stuff. save yourself the time. WHile there are crazy people (satanists) who are rich and powerful, the illuminati are not...simply because they maintain the order of the world. (here we go, "what order Mr.Jelly, there is war and pollution". yea imagine how bad it would be without the illuminati)

Listen, you are a fellow street fighter so I respect you. so read the following carefully.
EVERYONE has the option of the PILL. They take it and realize that its far too REAL for them, so they CHOOSE to go back into the matrix.
*EVERYONE knows EVERYTHING that is going on or THEY DONT WANT TO KNOW, that is why they have chosen to LIVE IN THE ARTIFICIAL WOMB.

you get it. a man says "I want to live in the artificial womb SO THAT I dont face reality. I WILLINGLY give my power over to the leader, I CHOOSE to not see the truth that is obviously there because I dont want to face reality. I CHOOSE to believe the lies because it is easier than facing reality. In fact, I KNOW how messed up things are but I DO NOT WANT TO BE RESPONSIBLE"

its not just, we should change it. Its more, the masses HAVE CHANGED IT WHAT IT IS TODAY. and the illuminati provide them with the artificial womb because if the A.W was not there.. THE MASSES WOULD GO CRAZY.

this is the only way the illuminati have been able to create civilization.
BY either
A. the masses being outright slaves
B. giving the masses the option of living in the matrix
if the masses were not in the matrix they would go crazy completely. They are lazy, greedy, and delusional.

back to SFII.
you agree that 3rd strike was the far advanced version right? more complicated and complex, yet just as much fun.

again, if you like we can choose a specific topic and talk about it.
Like what have the illuminati done that you think they are evil.

posted on Aug, 16 2008 @ 05:55 AM
Lol you sir or mam are more deluded than the masses. That is why there s so much going on now. that si why there was 911 and crap liek sudam and vicita. war happens for a reason all right. fear. Cause masses to panic under fals pretenses and make the beg for the help of their "saviors" or messiahs". The peopel u adore so much cause a war to happen to keep control. In truth, they illuminati are the lazy ones, the greedy ones. How DARE your give credit to them. So many souls turned in thier graves when you wrote that. They wanted the power over others so they could fufill thier fantacies and dreams. Divide and conquer. Kiss my kind quater with that bs attitude of your. Brown nosing is only a way to get urself used and thrown aside. Ive met your kind efore, those who think they will get an illuminati at thier doorstep with an invitation and a bottle of wine. All because of your absurdly long posts that amounted to a bunch of bs @ss kissing. gotta love the enthusiasm though.

posted on Aug, 16 2008 @ 06:01 AM
and by the way good and evil are another illusion. there should only be balance on this realm.chaos is the true "evil". and it has no side. the illumni are the ones who are lazy, greedy and power hungry. but this we all will all find is a basic human instinct. the instinct to be happy and relaxed.lazy is a term given by society to put down those who will not give in to the system. Its not our system, its the "elite's". ther ehsoudl be no system, only one law. respect for life in all its forms. and the illumni for one, are not respecting that law, plain and simple. there is no arguing that. Mother nature is angered indeed, at everyone indeed. but dont fool urselevs into thinking the ilumni are not included in that context, they are on the top of the list in fact. She needs not man to do her bidding.

posted on Aug, 16 2008 @ 06:04 AM
this artificial womb u speak of, doesnt exist. The universe is full of unlimited possibilities. Everything is attainable, if ne only envisions it hard enough. The only womb man stays in, is the one where they ignore how chaotic and corrupted those they let "lead" them have become. That is ignorance, and yes, they will pay for it, but not as bad as those that are perpetrating.

posted on Aug, 16 2008 @ 07:41 AM
So the greedy lazy polluting masses actualy push the button? So the masses torture 2 year old children in CIA camps? So the mass thrown handgrenades into basements full of hiding familys in South Osittetia the other day?
What a load of tripe..... Maybe if the powers that be actualy told the truth about say alternative energy's instead of forging wars over oil then maybe we wouldnt pollute the earth.
It makes me chuckle when the sheeple try to justify their overlords and make exscuses for them. Personaly i think you deserve all the crap coming your way.

posted on Aug, 16 2008 @ 08:54 AM

"Silent Weapons was first published for mass consumption by the late William Cooper in his 1991 underground sensation, Behold a Pale Horse. A few versions of this document also appeared later on the internet along with remarks to the effect that the paranoid manifesto was probably penned by Cooper himself.(1) Cooper, a former Naval Intelligence Officer with a purported 38-level above-top secret clearance, claimed to have read this report in a "Naval Intelligence Majority Twelve file," and that it was authored by the Bilderberg Group. Cooper states in his book that it was given to him by someone named Tom Young."

I'm not sure why you say Cooper thought like you. From what I have read about him, he seems to think the masses are victims of control and manipulation. This document, "Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars" you alluded to, I have read. But the consensus seems to be Cooper merely published it, not that he condoned any of it due to a belief we have brought it all on oursleves so to speak. Andif he did indeed write it, one would deduct he did so in an attempt to "wake people up" to what he viewed as an outright manipulation of the human species. Do correct me if I'm wrong, but everything i've so far read him talk about does NOT support the views you have put forth in this thread. Can you point me in the direction of any of his works that espouse a similar mindest to your own ? I'm just curious.

As for D J Hives....i googled but no results. Nothing on You Tube either. Who is this person ? Did you mispell his name?

Just thinking over some of what you have discussed, it seems that to be properly outside of the matrix one needs to be a total "drop out" basically. IE do not get a paid job, never pay taxes, head for some place where you can build your own house with sticks and stones and mud or whatever, find your self a horse and build a cart if you want to travel (coz 99% of us wouldn't be able to grasp enough enginnering knowledge to do much else ), grow all our own food, make all our own clothes from dried leaves, grasses and so forth, don't use "normal" medicines of any kind if one gets ill, never watch the TV, not even for entertainment as that just makes us escape reality, never listen to any music either for the same reasons, or read novels, etc etc.

Basically live as primitive man, like some tribes in remote parts of the world still do. The thing is , that way of life is ALL those tribes ever really know about, they are untouched by the rest of "civilization" . They don't see or learn about anything beyond their little villages. They are content to be "cave men" as that's all they know how to be.

On another tack - taxes. Those of us born into this system , unless we choose to head of to Borneo and live like cro magnon man, usually end up working. We'd rather work than spend 15 hours a week maitaining our allotment and another 15 hours washing our clothes in streams, building campfires for heat, etc. We don't really HAVE a choice about paying taxes...we don't pay, we get into trouble, possibly go to jail. It happened to my own Father - over 25k in unpaid taxes: pay the bill or go to jail. He paid the bill, as being a human/animal had the will to survive - to protect his self and his loved ones. For we, as his loved ones, would not have benefitted from him being in jail. We all know our taxes fund some questionable activities BUT what REAL choice is being given to us here when we are told PAY or JAIL ? Most of us want to live a life, not be stuck in a cell, separated from those we love. We tend to care about our own family unit more than "the rest of the world and what tragedies our tax money is helping to create". You say to look after our own first and foremost -isn't this what someone in the position my father was in for example, was doing ?

. Why should the "choice" be "save your own skin" or "dont pay taxes and save other people's skins, people you don't even know" some choice!

posted on Aug, 16 2008 @ 09:03 AM
We like our creature comforts - who really wants to live like cave man ? I like the option of transporting my imagination into another realm through music , good drama, or an exciting novel. I like the option of turning a switch to heat my house instead of spending lots of my time building and maintaining a fire, I like the option of a microwave meal that cooks in 2 mins, especially when I'm absorbed in some interesting project and don't want to have to get off my butt and spend an hour in the kitchen, mindlessley stirring ingredients. It soon becomes a bore when done daily.

Our species naturally evolved over time into one that learnt quicker and faster ways of doing things. Given enough time, those remote tribes in unchartered parts of the world will eventually dicover things like electricity and the atom. You can't hold back progress, and most of us enjoy the benefits of this hi-tech world we live in. Why should enjoying these comforts and advances and entertainments involve sacrificing our true freedom and awareness? Why can't we have both ?

It seems as though "they" know we want both but won't allow us to have both. We are either in this "matrix" or we turn our backs on the modern world and head for a cave in the mountains ? What kind of choice is THAT ?! I just still can't believe that we are not cajoled, manipulated and subtly influenced in various ways , that are weak spots are not trodden on for all that they are worth.

I do see that the human species is capable of great darkness and great light, we are rather a chaotic mix. That we all have a choice, that the world is "as we make it". Yet the choices offered to us are frequently borne of dark energy if you ask me -beguiling, deceitful, masquerading. The tax example is just one - you pay, you are fuc%^&D as you've just paid for your own don't pay, you are fus%^&D, as your freedom is taken away via another method - jail.

[edit on 16/8/08 by cosmicpixie]

posted on Aug, 16 2008 @ 12:18 PM
Yeah why cant we have both, tax's do suck in the uk, I detest that council tax thing, its like I have me house now feck off, its mine, but no big nanny wants to charge you extra for the privilege of it too. Man you gotta pay just to exist, serious ass bummer

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posted on Aug, 16 2008 @ 12:33 PM
Heres the DJHIVES thing, interesting.

and heres something completely unrelated and kinda artistic.

posted on Aug, 16 2008 @ 12:43 PM
reply to post by THIseNdsnowoldKings

Again, you speak of nothing that has any truth. you are repeated books and websites
explain it to me..but you cant
ohh, and see the emotion in keeps you from thinking logically.
I am not upset, but you are..hmmmm

another long post. are u going to read it and take it in or are your finger just itching to reply to me with anger and NOT USE LOGIC. but cant deny of the following statements.

HOw do the ILLUMINATI FORCE WAR TO HAPPEN? THE DONT. and you wont EVEN Think of that because the truth is they DONT FORCE anyone to go to war.
*to this you reply, they do it BECAUSE they want control? that is not an answer.but u keep repeating it.

THE ILLUMINATI DO NOT PUSH THE BUTTONS, The ILLUMINATI DO NOT GO out of their way and torture kids. (please lets talk about things we know for sure)

and I will say this again.
YOU can not deny the fact that the PEOPLE WHO FIGHT WARS are not THE ILLUMINATI

*how can you say this, you think the SOLDIERS are ILLUMINATI MEMBERS. that is crazy.
but yet u keep saying they are.

*you say they create wars? HOW. you have only been told this and are repeating like a SHEEP.

*NO one GOES TO WAR IF THEY DONT WANT TO GO TO War. Victims and a different subject, but the soldiers who kill are NOT ILLUMINATI. no THEY SIGN UP FOR WaR. WILLINGLY. Its not difficult to understand.but u refuse the OBVIOUS.

*my posts are not BS and long. THey are long coz I keep repeating the obvious fact that you REFUSE to see. Its only BS to you coz u dont want to see the obvious.
SEE, all you want to hear is a SHORT BURST OF BLAME ON THE ILLUMINATI. I go into explaining things but like the sheeple, you refuse to observe the obvious.

AGAIN, there is no flaw in this simple does hurt though.

NO ONE can get control OVER YOU if you dont WILLINGLY GIVE CONTROL OVER.

*answer me this. WHy do you say the IlLLUMINATI do not respect life and nature? because they go out and FIGHT WARS? no they dont..the masses fight wars. there is no arguing with this and yet you keep repeating things.

*the artificial womb DOES exist. Plenty of thesis papers have been written on it in the Ph.d and Psy.D fields. PLUS, its another obvious fact.

*you keep talking about ENDLESS possibilites and delusional stuff. NOTHING WILL or has every come of this talk. This spirit world, and mother nature doesnt like chaos..LOOK AT NATURE. it is not fair. IT DOESNT offer crazy opportunities. and IT IS chaotic at times

lastly, again.
the simple fact is this.
*no one force people to go and pull the trigger.
*no one foreces the people to believe the lies. THE do so coz its easier and they dont have to face reality.
* no on forces the people to buy big cars or take out loans

and it goes on and on. do YOU argue this LOGICAL FACT. yes you do? why..oh I know why

good times

posted on Aug, 16 2008 @ 12:49 PM
reply to post by global_cordon

YES they DO push the button

DO you think the ILLUMINATI GO and FIGHT WARS? NO illuminati is a SOLDIER.

Do you think the illuminati are CIA agent? nope. CIA agents are part of the masses. They are average joes who go to school and get that job.

and YES, the masses (meaning people who are NOT illuminati) THROW bombs and hurt georgia or anywhere else.

YOU read it but dont take it in. THE ILLUMINATI ARE NOT USA OR RussiAN SOLDIERS.
are u telling me that the ILLUMINATI ARE soldiers?

the power that be told the truth, you say?

you have not been reading anything I have said. Just read my first post it will explain it all.
Listen, the masses believe the lies because they WANT to, the prefer the lies, they begged for the lies so that they dont have to face reality.
EVEN some of you hear.

You learned about the illuminati
you wanted to forget about it but you couldnt.
so you took up the line that they are bad without giving it thought.
this makes you feel comfy and angry while still not waking up.

THE FEW cant and never have rules the masses without the masses asking them to do so.
The few can not pollute the air
the few can not be soldiers

posted on Aug, 16 2008 @ 01:19 PM
reply to post by MrJelly

Howdy there Jelly.

I do most certainly speak about Love. There are two general types of people when it comes to this form of thinking:

1. He/she who sees separation.
2. He/she who sees unity.

I don't think you can even comprehend what cosmic "fairness" would take the shape of, Sir Jelly. You say reality and nature are "not fair", explain that to me? Define fairness in Universal terms for me. You know as little about Nature and Reality as any of the rest of us, you're the one who can't admit it.

You dare to tell me that I won't consider your dog eat dog world as ultimate reality? Sorry buddy, but with all your talk of waking up I feel I should enlighten you.

I have woken up, to a degree by comparison to what I was. I was a manipulator, Sir Jelly. I used people, as best I could. I got what I wanted, when I wanted it. I hurt people. I WAS YOUR DOG EAT DOG WORLD. Then, guess what my friend, I woke up, as your so fond of putting it. And what I saw when I woke up was that all things hold the form of together, united in this place. You say we're all different? I say we appear to be different. You say we're all separate? I say we appear to be separate.

You're right Jelly.. Some of us are smarter, some us are thinner. Some of us choose the name Jelly for our Forum posts. Are you too dim to see that in abounding difference, there will always be commonality? Are you unaware of patterns and systems? We all originate from the same, and my friend, we will all return to that Origin. In apparent difference, there will be similarity. But this all means little when we account for FREE WILL.

An apparent difference between incarnated entities DOES NOT indicate a reason to destroy said entities. It does not indicate a reason to control them. It does not indicate a reason to fear them, hate them, loathe them OR envy them. What it does indicate, is a chance to understand them, and then with said understanding, LOVE them. Love here, at least, being defined as the willing suspension of Self created desires and beliefs in an attempt to take on the beliefs and suppositions of a seemingly separate entity, compassionately allowing for those beliefs to take on the status of "true" for the Self as well. In doing this, the "separation" is bridged, the gap closed and Oneness achieved.

Love is the Truth, my good Sir Jelly. Love is that which bonds us all, holds us here in this place. Love is that which allows our physical dimensions to manifest. Love, very literally, holds us together. (Of course, you think I'm spewing new age junk, but should we ever create a unified physical theory that set of proofs and equations will equal what we call Love, just viewed from the perspective of Science, rather than emotion).

Don't tell me I won't consider your statements. If I hadn't then I wouldn't have even responded to your thread.

I, in no way, am looking for a scapegoat to hand off responsibility for my actions and beliefs. I am not looking for the Devil in things so as to blame my plight or problems. I'm looking for the Truth. So, please, do not go so far as to presume that I am what you refer to as "Sheeple". I do my own thinking, as best I can, just like you. I want to make it very clear to you, I AM NOT LOOKING FOR SOMETHING TO PUSH MY PROBLEMS OFF ON SO I CAN FEEL GOOD. As I said in your other thread, SELF EXPLORATION and SELF TRUTH are higher order priorities, and that is what I'm interested in, not scapegoating my crap off to some Devil character.

posted on Aug, 16 2008 @ 01:19 PM
reply to post by MrJelly

I do state that they keep us subdued via various means. You say we choose those vices. I say you're right, but I also say that should this Illuminati exist they are not presenting all the options.

I have NO PROBLEM Jelly, admitting that the masses buy the products and junk. How could anyone deny that?? But when I was born, it was never presented to me as an option that maybe this junk is hurting my growth and evolution rather than enhancing it. Like I said in my last post, noone asked me if I wanted all this junk, they just gave it to me. This is how the Illuminati work. Give the masses myriad distractions, and hopefully they won't go looking for actual Truth. Instead, they can just keep us preoccupied with our toys like Children. Very few of us "wake up" Jelly, and it is never presented as a face to face discussion with an Illuminati member asking you, "Ok, red pill or blue pill?"

Noone ever gave me the choice. I was born into assuming this was all there was, and so are the rest of us.

My belief is that the masses will take what they are given. So, yes we continue to buy the products, because it is what we are given. I don't like ANY of the Presidential candidates, but gotta choose one of them or none of them either way, not presented with an option of MY choosing.

You're right, they don't "fool" us and certainly don't force us, but they make it nearly impossible for the naturally accepting human brain to think beyond the colorful distractions given to us. And for clarification, I'm not arguing against your points, I'm fixing them.

I agree with your statements that the masses behavior allows this all to occur, but the masses have not been properly told that there are other options, that is where we disagree on that matter.

You say they are not making this place darker.. Explain to me how these Illuminated ones are brightening it up then? Tell me how they have assisted in my conscious evolution as a thinking entity with personality and sense of self. Explain to me, good Sir Jelly, how they have in any way directly enhanced my time here.

You say my "Matrix" is comfy and I like to blame people for my problems. Seems contradictory. If my Matrix were the king #, Id think Id have no reason to place blame. This clearly is not a Matrix paradise, bro.

Saving the world has nothing to do with Psych 101 and that is a Freshman level class THAT I HAVE TAKEN and nowhere in it did I come across the concept that "YOU SEE, TRYING TO SAVE THE WORLD is the exact OPPOSITE of being RESPONSIBLE. simple logic, YOU are RUNNING FROM YOURSELF. IT is an OUTWARD movement."

And for clarification, I'm not angry with you Jelly, I just think you're a bit presumptous and rude to the highest degree. Generalizations abound in your text and it is nearly offensive.

You say your two points are that:

1. People willingly accept this state of existence, even demand it.

2. Illuminati are not deceitful or malicious, just oppurtunists.

Well, I'll agree with point 1, Mr. Jelly. Free Will is Free Will and that's that. The issue here is that they do not "illuminate" the other possibilities. I can't do anything other than what has been presented to me as reality without much difficulty. The system has been set up in such a way so as to make it nearly impossible to break away. And this is assuming that one could even conceptualize "breaking away". The problem with the Illuminati's behavior is that it is NOT OPEN and HONEST. It is instead subversive and deceitful. DECEIT IN NOT REALITY. REALITY IS TRUTH. THAT WHICH IS. THAT WHICH IS CAN NEVER, EVER BE THAT WHICH IS NOT. IN THIS WAY THEY DO NOT BEHAVE ACCORDINGLY WITH "NATURE", instead, they behave the exact opposite. Those who are truly Illuminated will behave as Illumination. They will expand the knowledge around them. These Illuminati people do not do this

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