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Georgia possesses acoustic cannon weapons for crowd 'control'

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posted on Aug, 14 2008 @ 08:24 PM
Live Leak video

I knew that the USA and israel have played a pretty savvy game inside Georgia for some time, with some nice 'self defence' kit sold to them as well as drones an d armoured vehicles, but acoustic cannons?

I have been on the wrong end of one of those in a public order training session - it f####### hurts, badly.

To see them in a news clip from Georgia considering what is happening today stuns me.

posted on Aug, 15 2008 @ 05:22 AM
A private think tank called Stanford Research Institute International (SRII) invented "sub-sonic" cannons in the late '60s. They sold them for use in South Africa by the Whites to control the subject population.

The way they work is they make your internal organs convulse and explode.

An easy way to make one is to get a 12"-to-16" diameter plastic sewer pipe about 14-18 feet long, and at the other end mount a couple sparkplugs and a distributor and fuel injector -- the trick is to set the explosion rate to about 14 times a second.

Anyway, that's not the exact formula -- they showed it on tv a couple years ago. You'd have to fool around to find the correct diameter and correct length and correct number of explosions per second.

I asked a physics person to design one around a tuba, but the tuba wasn't long enough. The physics person said to use a candle flame that flickered at a certain rate per second, then amplify it.

The one they showed on TV used an aluminum cannon, 4 spark plugs, a distributer and a fuel injector. There you go.

Oh, the only problem in testing one is that they're omnidirectional ... which means, one would probably destroy their own internal organs while testing it.

Otherwise, it might be a good home do-it-yourself defense weapon to use against invasions of the NWO-criminals into neighborhoods.

Unfortunately, the same TV show that showed the aluminum sub-sonic cannon, also showed that speakers can be mounted on helicopters to achieve crowd immobilization basically the same way -- there are many new age weapons out there.

I think the most scary are the theories that nanowhatevers that are released in chemtrails from jetliners are inhaled in our breath and can be used as electronic receivers and/or detonators inside of us -- that are additionally stimulated by HAARP and cause Morgellons disease, or, wire-like strands to grow out of your skin.

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