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If we could go back in time and change one chapter in history what would it be?

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posted on Aug, 22 2008 @ 04:15 PM
If I could go back in time and change something it would indeed be the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ/ for surely he must be raging at the things that have been done in his name and by his 'Church'. 'By their deeds you will know them'.

This is going to sound morbid, but did you know that during the Inquisition they would pull off womens' nipples with red hot tongs until they 'confessed' to being witches ! I think I would confess to ANYTHING if someone did that to me, and that was just one of the many tortures devised by 'men of god' LOL ! ..... and..... they would poke sticks and other implements into their privates to look for 'the SIGN of the Devil'. This could be just a mole, anywhere, and you'd had it. Anyone 'defending' a supposed witch would be executed with her. Therefore not a good idea. Hundreds of thousands, of mainly women, were tortured and brutally executed by fire of sword, even children, throughout the Catholic kingdoms. And of course, the 'forced' conversions in the new lands, let's not forget those either. In the name of Jesus.

Did you know that Hitler got the idea of the 'yellow star' to identify Jewish prisoners from the Catholic church - they insisted the Cathar sect of the Middle Ages wear a 'yellow cross' on their clothing in public, so they would be readily identifiable. TPTB, monitoring undesirables! That's when the Cathars weren't being led straight to the 'funeral pyres' for their beliefs !

Yep - definitely do away with Jesus - after all he said he didn't come to change 1 iota of the LAW - just that we should love each other. Do we ? 2000 yrs later ? He NEVER said he was the Son of God - in fact he declared he was the Son of Man. Shame the church built on his name didn't follow his teachings, and 'it's' influence has LARGELY affected our whole A.D. history. Even Kings were subject to ROME.

Jesus must be turning in his grave....... wherever that may be !
Mass manipulation of a latter day cultural 'hero' by TPTB. Even Bush used his 'christianity' to justify action against Iraq. Shock and Awe over Baghdad anyone ??? Real 'christian-like' (but NOT Jesus like).... LOL ! WTF even B'liar wants to be a 'catholic'. That should tell you something.

I LOVE JESUS by the way....... just not the stinking 'church' using his INRI name, in order to commit their barbarous crimes - even to this day.


Sorry about the rant........ better out than in - so they say, LOL
< Vatican/Mafia Don guy
Notice they always wear those dark glasses you can't see through, as they pile into their stretched Merc limos. 'Princes' of the Church - yep they actually get that kind of 'reverence'. When d'ya see Jesus on anything bar a donkey (apart from his Blessed Cross) ! And people starving and thirsting to death, still!

NB. Guess who believes in Aliens now....? Why d'ya think they've got a whopping great astronomical telescope....are they 'watching' out for the 2nd Come-in ??? In order to run like the wind...??? LOLOLOL !
Sorry Jesus, but I think 'they' missed the 'signs' and don't realise You're already BACK. 'Satan get BEHIND me'.......Hehehe

Peace and LOVE to y'all

posted on Aug, 22 2008 @ 04:24 PM

Because of the loss of life.
Because of the subsequant wars.
Because of the distrust many have for their government.
Because it's pretty much screwed up the entire planet and the way it's inhabitants live.

.....and because I am SO sick of the childish bickering between Ultima and ThroatYogurt.

That's the day.


posted on Aug, 25 2008 @ 09:36 AM
reply to post by passenger

For those who commented on passenger's reply, I would recommend you read Orson Scott Card's book, titled "Pastwatch: The Redemption of Christopher Columbus". Here is Amazon's listing of this book:

Pastwatch: The Redemption of Christopher Columbus

I don't know how historically accurate this book was. But I enjoyed the story immensely. It does make you think "What-If" scenarios.

Book Summary:
Anyone who's read Lies My Teacher Told Me : Everything Your American History Textbook Got Wrong knows about the devastating consequences that Columbus's voyage and ensuing colonization had on the native people of the Americas and Africa. In a thought-provoking work that is part science fiction, part historical drama, Orson Scott Card writes about scientists in a fearful future who study that tragic past, then attempt to actually intervene and change it into something better.

Tagiri and Hassan are members of Pastwatch, an academic organization that uses machines to see into the past and record it. Their project focuses on slavery and its dreadful effects, and gradually evolves into a study of Christopher Columbus. They eventually marry and their daughter Diko joins them in their quest to discover what drove Columbus west.

Columbus, with whom readers become acquainted through both images in the Pastwatch machines and personal narrative, is portrayed as a religious man with both strengths and weaknesses, a charismatic leader who sometimes rose above but often fell beneath the mores of his times. As usual, Orson Scott Card uses his formidable writing skills to create likable, complex characters who face gripping problems; he also provides an entertaining and thoughtful history lesson in Pastwatch. --Bonnie Bouman

From Publishers Weekly
Playing with the time stream isn't new to science fiction, but Card (Ender's Game), who's won both a Hugo and a Nebula, gives the concept a new twist here-with mixed results. His angle is to make the temporal interference not accidental but intentional, as a group of scientists go back in time to alter Columbus's journey. Sponsored by the organization Pastwatch, which uses a machine called TruSite II to view the past in remarkable detail, the "Columbus Project" is headed by Tagiri, whose TruSite viewing of the horrors of slavery has prompted her to revise the famed explorer's agenda. Tagiri sends into the past her daughter, Diko, a Mayan descendent named Hunahpu and a man named Kemal, a prickly sort whose initial skepticism is transformed into a fierce commitment to change the past. Armed with devices from the future, the three return to 1492, determined to transform Columbus from a gold-seeking pirate into a proponent of world peace and global unity. Uniformly well-meaning, the trio is just too sanctified to believe, and in their hands, the complexities of temporal mechanics are boiled down to simplistic cause and effect. Some sparks are generated when the Pastwatchers finally meet Columbus, but even that encounter produces fewer surprises than you'd expect from a master like Card.

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