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What is 'You'? What is 'Me'? I?

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posted on Aug, 14 2008 @ 03:11 PM
Trying to make sense of this world is a big job!

You are not happy, you feel happiness.
You are not angry, you feel anger.
You are not envy, you feel envious.
You are not hungry, you feel hunger.

You are the observer. Everything else is thought derived from the observation, from all the senses and rich combinations thereof.

Everything that you think you are, your likes, dislikes, beliefs and everything else that makes up what you believe to be you, is in effect nothing more than a lens through which the real 'you' experiences 'now'.

The accumulated past and current experience builds this lens that distorts how you experience 'now'.

This cycle continues until you understand the cycle exists.

The lens is called the ego.

Most people are unaware of the ego in themselves and live AS the ego.

If you try and deny your ego, then this IS your ego.

By denying your ego you may feel a sense of superiority as you have finally separated from your ego and others have not. You feel 'I am enlightened'. This IS your ego.

Simply, live KNOWING that you have an ego that distorts how you perceive reality (and more importantly how you perceive other people). This is enough.

Do not fight or pre-empt any decisions you must make in your life TRYING to balance how you perceive the ego to be working in yourself.

Do not TRY to do anything. TRYING is the ego.

JUST UNDERSTAND and ACCEPT what the ego does and you have one.

Put simply it is 'humility'.

You can KNOW NOTHING for sure as YOUR present experience is tainted by YOUR OWN past.

The longer you live believing that you ARE your ego the further away the truth you will be.

Sit quietly for a moment, YOU are aware of all the aspects of YOU.

YOU are not what you THINK you are.

Thinking is thought, nothing more.

You are the one that knows you can think!

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