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What if we do beat global tyranny..where to go next

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posted on Aug, 14 2008 @ 02:47 PM
So what's next - what i mean by that is, what system if any would *we* the new rulers put in place do- our current governmental systems clearly do not work for us the masses.

I think it was Jordan Maxwell that said in one of his amazing lectures that "what we need is a spiritual renaissance".

I feel he is right but the problem is, is the world ready for such a thing whereby we all have to take responsibility for not just our own lives but also for how the world would/should be run without war, without corruption, without prejudice and without people being deprived of food or medicines etc.etc..

I just don't think that at present there is no plausible way of doing this without a raising of consciousness because at this point in time i think its safe to say that at least 99% of us are spiritually retarded (myself included).

If you could read all of this post before posting a reply i would really appreciate it.

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