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Government Medical Experiments: Share your story

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posted on Aug, 14 2008 @ 02:46 PM
I'd firstly like to say that I am quite new to ATS, but it's as engaging a website as I've ever visited. I've been turning things over in my mind a good deal more than habit has permitted, and this brings me to my current problem. I'm suffering from a headache the likes of which I've never experienced before.

Several years ago, I was subjected to medical research involving an experimental "pneumonia vaccine" while undergoing basic training at the naval training center in Great Lakes, Illinois. In my teenaged naiveté, I believed I was doing my country a service by advancing the cause of disease prevention, never considering the potential for negative results, or the possibility that I was being lied to. I was told there was a fifty percent chance that I would be dosed with either the vaccine, or a placebo control group, both of which would be monitored for an unspecified period of time for the eventual contraction or prevention of the condition in question.

Six months following the inoculation, I was to be informed via mail in which test group I was placed. I graduated from basic without incident, and awaited notification while I attended technical school for the following six months. The letter never came.

I have made every considerable inquiry with regard to this test in the years that have since passed. No record of it appears in my medical history, which is a practically sacred document with a coinciding electronic file that mirrors every entry. In either case, there should be at least some mention of the experiment. According to the resources at my disposal, it never officially happened.

I was never given any scientific name for what I was injected with. I have never been diagnosed with pneumonia. My current symptoms may have nothing at all to do with these drugs, but as my pain grows, so does my anxiety. I'm reaching out to the only community I can think of where discussion of this topic could yield some answers. If not, I may at least hope for sympathetic stories from other government guinea pigs, some of whom may have valuable advice for my sort.

I am actively serving with the intention of separating within a year. If I don't get answers soon, I'll be forced to live with the consequences of this regrettable decision. Has my personality been affected? Will my mind slowly rot as these mystery chemicals slowly eat at my insides? Only time will tell.

Please feel free to share your stories and wisdom. Any discussion is a step in the right direction.

posted on Aug, 19 2008 @ 12:43 PM
I am a now medically retired Veteren.

Not sure if its' relevant, however, Just prior to my unit going to Iraq we were given all sorts of "Vaccinations" from the flu to pneumonia to anthrax. pretty standard. yet, myself and a few others in my unit had out records of the inoculations conveniently lost. Standard protocol in such a case stated that, no record of it meant i never got the shots. I was given a second dose of a few of the Vaccinations.

Within a few weeks, I was in the hospital with a severe case of Guillian Barre Syndrome, wich was later diagnosed as "CIDP" "Chronic Inflammatory Demyleneating Poly-neuropathy". a more or less but chronic form of Guillian Barre syndrome.

I was subsequently retired from the military(Temporaily) while I go every year for a medical review. Pretty standard TDRL stuff. but thought I would share the story


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