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Begin the Peace

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posted on Aug, 14 2008 @ 01:12 PM
I see it frequently:

"Stop the War", but how effective is that? It's just putting war out there in the consciousness of others.

Be a beginner:

It takes less energy to begin something, than it takes to stop something. To begin is to create, by taking a stand. To stop is to go against, which is resistance. That which you resist, shall persist.

Begin with me:

In what ways can the peace begin?

I will Begin...

Being aware of limitations in the media, society, and the self. Such as consciousness harming propaganda that keeps us in a survival mode of operation.

Being aware of harmful activities accepted by society such as being over critical of others, and enabling poor behavior.

Being aware of limiting thoughts, habits, and actions.

Begin with me... co-create, brainstorm, create an open space for peace.


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