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the everythings related conspiracy

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posted on Aug, 14 2008 @ 12:34 PM
Ill start by saying that this is from mere observance. That everything in our stupid small relaity we consider so great, yet falling to pieces, is a lie, a scam, sold to you by profiteers of flesh and blood. And now they are training there inbred children to rape the world in an orgy of destructive mockery of the average and good hearted.

In the bible it says to obey the government and those over you, while christians claim the bible was a work inpired by God, but i have a question. How can a work written by man, be inspired by something that hasnt appeared to anyone yet? And if corrupt jews, and other normal jews are all following by coercion and force of a lie a liar, from another liar, thinking that force or war or murder will bring them justification with this God they love, i doubt it 102%

Im not against anyone,, just against a shadow we as humanity adopted onto our psyches we call evil which includes many other meanings and words..

if i could change the metaphorical satan i would at least try to. But since people are unmovable rocks in general i will do my best to convey how I see myself on the template of modern stupid apes..i mean mankind.

So heres a quick gist of my minds eye and history of why i think the way i do..

I started out in my youth free and loved life and learning. For some reason early in school i was singled out and attacked daily for 6 years in the beginning of my life by kids who were made to be trash when they got older, many did become trash. Interesting sync by the way, my first day of kindergarden, i had a tranformer stolen from me, as if a preminition from god or something towards what i would learn of today. I understand God now.

When i was 14-15 i got jumped by 2 odd looking gangsters right in front of an undercover cop, a fat bald headed oafish man who asked in an interesting tone "would you like to press charges" we asked where he was in all the fighting that had just occured-oddly his excuse was monitoring traffic but i think it was a psy-op on me by masonic piglets, who we wouldnt have seen hadnt i ran across the street in my wise cowardice, sadly unwittingly leaving my friend to be beaten by these ignorant nazi thief loser rapping wanna-be morons.

Later i met a group of fun people, we all syncromysticly found meaning and God together and partied every oddity we found worthy of trying, then comicly in hindsight together left those beliefs because well, most people who do some research learn God isnt christian, muslim, hindu, budist or otherwise, he would disassociate from you all before he let you tag some narrow view label on him/her.

Remember now the books written by man, are misinterpreted and followed by fools of a later

That is why we have idiotic former cokehead christian pretenders running comletely unjust wars and lying. Same with Bin Laden, another false figurehead of a polar opposite falsehood of existence. What?! im supposed to wear a sheet from my bed to invoke the ancient civilisation of warmongering idiots when people are making the highest levels of technology and leaving you in there dust..? Uh nuh no way

All I want to convey is that the legislations from the last 100+ years, combined with land grabs, mixed with the peanuts gang in power lying obviously 99.9% of the time, I deduce that its all a giant cou by communist insurgents, Red Dawn is here people. They use your beliefs to justify there manipulative crimes of the human soul, because they use you, to insult someone you should allow to be free, say like people who enjoy things other than beer that are constitutionaly allowed, but modern communist insurgent policy has stifled free thought, free action in rational minds. And allowed irrational action to flourish, hence street crime, corporate crime, political crime. policy crime. Its a giant 5 pointed star of control by these losers who know they are otherwise they would live a normal life.

If you have any direct facts from history to edify my general beliefs to share please post them below.

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posted on Aug, 14 2008 @ 12:40 PM
hell yeah bro, word up.

"they" feed us beliefs and then use those beliefs to justify their actions. Like the belief that muslims are terrorists. and that Jihad is a physical holy war.

Jihad - This is a struggle or effort in god's cause. The great jihad is the inward struggle against the passions. The lesser jihad is a defensive or legal war, to protect the interest of Islam. It is mistakenly called holy war. ...


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