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Fake QLD Libs/Nationals site angers Aussie pollies

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posted on Aug, 14 2008 @ 03:40 AM
I wasn't sure where to put this one, but this absolutely classic. I'm sure it'll be in the wider news soon enough.

The site -

Cybersquatter taunting politicians

When alerted to the website on Tuesday, the LNP began investigating what action it could take.
It prompted Mr Smith to taunt the party on the website today.

"If you are unhappy about my buying those domain names then I'm afraid it's a case of tough luck," he writes.

"You should have had the foresight to buy them yourselves if you wanted them.

For the uninitiated, a new political party was recently formed in the state of Queensland where the larger Liberal party (the party of former PM John Howard) merged with the National Party - which a minor party that shares much of the same values of the Liberals, but represents more of the country folk.

For our American friends, the Liberal party in Australia is the 'right' of politics.

Someone has registered the above domain name before the new party itself did - now a legal flurry is on to have it taken down.

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