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Are science and religion one?

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posted on Aug, 26 2008 @ 10:52 AM

Originally posted by the13thdeceptionist
Apart from science and religion being, basically, the same thing I also feel that they will eventually prove/discover each other.

As stated in previous posts science and religion are pretty much looking at the same questions but from different view points.

As we progress in science, particularly in quantum mechanics, it seems as if science is getting closer and closer to "god." This reminds me of a quote i, unfortunately, don't remember well. It goes something like this: with atoms and their electrons god is the space between the two. (if you know that quote please post it

so yeah, just another short reply to my own thread lol

I like that quote too - the idea behind it

and, I agree with you - I've always thought it odd that science and religion fought each other - but maybe for the time being that separation is necessary to our evolution

whatever words we choose for either - however we go about describing the concepts - I see it as reason and intuition working towards a common goal

a previous poster mentioned ego and dogma as limiting us - and I have to agree

we spend so much time defending our beliefs and who we are - never realizing it's not a sin to use our minds, to question - or unscientific to wonder beyond what we can qualify and quantify

as they go further and further out in their respective searches for answers to all our questions - I see the gap - the disconnect - becoming smaller

posted on Aug, 26 2008 @ 11:25 AM
Science and religion are the same thing.

The problem becomes when you start labeling and defining reality in a static and immovable way. They both suffer from that, but they are both looking at trying to explain existence. So how in the world could they NOT be related if they are trying to explain the same thing?

Like if you're comparing an anarchist punk to a war veteran protesting a government action. In essence, they are both the same thing. They are both HUMANS looking for change. Science is not holier than religion, and they both pretend to be this way... just like different members of niches in society tend to think that they are more righteous than another.... but we're ALL looking for the same thing, and that is truth.

Truth is truth, no matter whether it is known or unknown. What's interesting is that 1000 years from now, most of our scientific "facts" will be replaced by other "facts", and many causes will be discovered as effects of something deeper. It is a problem, then, if you fill your head up with "facts", you will find it harder to get past the reality created by those "facts".

Spirituality and religion are not always based upon belief only. True knowledge can only come from direct experience, and even if you are a very smart and educated person... it could be quite possible that you truly know very little. Knowledge is power.... yet it seems then that scientists should be ruling the world, not this elite class of highly organized crime families.

What do they know that science as a whole doesn't? They obviously know something, or else they wouldn't have such vast power.

Maybe it has to do with the pieces that both science AND religion mostly choose to ignore.

posted on Aug, 26 2008 @ 12:14 PM
It's a hard question to answer.

Science is based on observable, repeatable, reviewable explanations of how phenomena operate. But it can also be based on faith in 'scientists' (who are human and prone to error and manipulation as much as anyone else) or belief in theories by the general populace.

Spirituality (which I personally tend to associate with religion, although I do understand the differences that have been pointed out in this thread) is based on personal experience, faith, and belief based around those experiences. As such it is not observable (save by the individual), repeatable, nor reviewable. It is a subjective understanding of why things happen. It can also become a methodology to promote control over individuals in the name of some 'god' (or many 'gods', depending on the religion).

Neither has a complete grasp on either the how or the why. Science cannot explain the existence of paranormal (ghosts, premonition, prophesy), although some scientific studies have shown a likelihood that such does exist. Religion cannot explain how the life process works, or the details of any of the physical sciences.

Both, however, operate in an attempt to understand reality. I firmly believe (by both religious belief and scientific inductive reasoning) that there is a single reality; therefore everything in this single reality must be bound by it. In that respect, both attempts to understand reality must also be attempting to understand the same reality, although using different methodology. By this reasoning, true science and true spirituality must, by definition, be parts of the same search for truth.

That would mean that, even though they may operate through different methodologies, they cannot be at odds ultimately. 'True' science and 'true' spirituality must be one and the same at the core. Thusly, in the end (should we survive long enough) they must eventually arrive at the same ultimate answer.

I have likened it this way: science is a search for knowledge; religion (spirituality) is a search for wisdom. Knowledge is akin to a forest of trees; wisdom is akin to having the tools and abilities to turn those trees into a house. Without the trees, all that ability in the world will not get you a house; without the ability to use them, all the trees in the world will never become a house. To have the house, you need both.

To seek science without spirituality, or to seek spirituality without science, is to abandon any attempt at complete understanding.


posted on Aug, 26 2008 @ 02:25 PM
Religion is the result of a denial of the power of God.

True spirituality starts with the power to shape ones reality literally.

Once the awareness of the holy is lost, it is no longer possible for a person to understand or receive anything from the spiritual; we are abridged to the natural way only, to relying on senses knowledge alone.

Religion seeks to deny spiritual power from the hand of the individual; if you practice your religion, that is if you make a religion your faith, it reduces you to powerlessness and dependence upon others.

Your power becomes the power of the system of worship that you have made yourself a part of, nothing more.

If your religion has no power then you will have none.

We are born knowing instinctively that there is power and might missing from within us; we feel that we should be able to do more than what we can, we are like the bird before it learns to fly it knows within itself it was born to be more.

We never stop looking to empower ourselves, that is where science comes from.

It is our feeble attempt to give ourselves power through natural means.

The power available for us to exercise through the spiritual is never fully developed, usually we don’t come to know it even exist, mainly because we give up on living and walking by faith surrendering ourselves rather to a religion and religious practices or to nature alone.

Science and religion are not the same things the way I see them, however they both are vain sense knowledge efforts at acquiring things that only exist in spirit.

Religion is a fleshly attempt to control, pacify, and prevent people from manifesting any real power in life, can’t have the lowly little folks exercising more power than the lofty ones, and rocking the boat if you know what I’m saying.

Science is greater than religion in my opinion, because it is an attempt to gain real power, but it is limited by the physical world which it looks to understand, for that reason it used against us like religion.

Science without the guidance of God can only give us the means to destroy ourselves, and religion without the power of God can only give us an excuse to exploit the means of science.

Together science and religion make the perfect trap for humanity to fall into.

This is a side note, but the way I interpret the bible, the son of perdition is born as a result of the mingling, the coming together sexually metaphorically speaking, of science and religion.

Science is the father of the bastard child of Moloch, science provides the seed of life, religion is its whore mother, religion provides the body from which it can be born, suckle, and grow.

Both religion and science are used to deceive us.

By focusing on them as the means to find truth outside of ourselves, we stay trapped in our natural mind, the mind which is of the flesh and of nature.

There is objective truth, and it cannot be hidden when we look, but it is of the inner mind the spiritual mind, the mind of the spirit and of God.

Religion and science are being exploited by Sabir from among the Ruwach, since after the flood.

Religion and science are used against us, they keep us continuously using our natural mind, we never look inward to find our spiritual mind so we are deceived by our five senses perceptions of things.

There is so much more to life that what we can see.

The Sabir posses the power to give men the spiritual mind of their God Moloch, by implanting his seed in a person, it is called the seed of eybah, the seed of enmity in the bible.

These men who are born of the seed of eybah to be the children of Moloch rise to positions of power and authority within all our systems of control, religious, political, cooperate, financial, all the governing systems of this world.

If we try and turn to the one side away from religion, because we don't believe it holds the truth, we end up looking to science to find the truth, and if we try and turn to the other side away from science we end up looking to religion.

We must turn to the inner mind to see what is true, the things of the spirit are spiritually discerned.

We cannot see the things of the spirit through the outer mind’s eye of the senses.

Only by turning to the inner eye to see the things of the spirit and of truth, can we free ourselves from Moloch, the Sabir, and the children of the seed of eybah.

The purpose of all the seed of eybah is to be stewards, to keep the world prepared for the return of Moloch, the god of the air, of all things material.

Once you see science and religion agree and become one, as a married couple becomes one flesh, then Moloch will soon return to rule over the world for a thousand years as God on earth.

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