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The Politics of Hate

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posted on Aug, 13 2008 @ 12:43 PM
We all know about the politics of fear an the creation of this monster we call Terrorism, but let's not forget the politics of Hate.

The americans more and more believe in a propaganda of painting the US rivals as vile regimes (China, Russia, Cuba, Venezuela...)
Over the years I noticed how most messages in the media speak negatively about these countries. Whenever China is in a sentence, some comments about human rights criticism are not far. Specially potent before and during the Olympics.
Is this normal? No. First of all, the people in Russia and China know more than FOX or CNN what its like and 'surprisingly' they are OK with this way of life. I mean in a broad term, people are proud and happy with their government. Notably visible in the russian georgian conflict, the russian and ossetian point of view disregarded Georgia painted as the victim and Russia as the aggressor.
No one made the rapprochement with the Lebanon war, the one Israel used over excessive force and reduced lebanon to rubbles for a handful of israeli deaths and a kidnapped soldier. Russia lost 2 jets, 10 peacekeepers and the south ossetians over 2000 civilians massacred. And of course the US never blamed Israel but was quick to do so with Russia.

Who are we to tell them which way is best for them?

The negative pictures carry on, not because the US cares about the freedom of Russians or Chinese - but because the US needs enemies.
The US govt is more afraid of the reaction of the American people than what it would be like having no 'enemies'. If the media downplayed the importance of human rights breach in some countries, showed the REAL picture of the happiness and prosperity of most russians (for example), then the people of America would turn their attention to the problems facing their own country.

The US is on an imperialistic agenda and often needs to do things very unpopular, like wars, corruption and meddling in forgein countries. If the people weren't brainwashed by the idea that the world is full of dictators, communists or liberals, terrorists desperately trying to blow them up in their homes...they would certainly demand the govt to fix health care, education, infrastructure, social and equality problems.

But thats not what the govt want, once you believe you are the lesser of evils in the world, it gives your leaders reasons to commit injustices and atrocities in the name of ideology.

A not so funny fact is that a lot of people in the world hate America. Not the american people but the actions taken by their govt, the meddling, double standards, bullying and disregard of international law and sovereignty. And the govt cleverly uses this hate to convert its citizen to a polar world.

Us against Them.

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posted on Aug, 13 2008 @ 12:53 PM
that's really something to think about,
good post..


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